Meri Saasu Maa 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu reprimands pari, as to how its because of her, that maasa was disrespected in the society. he utters that he can never believe that their milk was adulterated that she is accusing him and their company of, that they have been toiling for, to give it respect and fame in the society. he says that by this act, she not only tainted maasa, but her integrity, her honesty, their hard work and their prestige. she says that on some level adulteration has been done, and she needs to get to the bottom of it. he walks out in a huff. She is distraught. The bhabhis are amused as their plan works.

In her room, pari wonders whats going on, and why does sattu not understand her point of view. she then remembers the way sattu exclaimed about the hard work and toil that maasa has spent in putting dudh sagar at heights where it is today. she decides that she only wrongly interpreted maasa, and that she has accepted her with open arms, and then pari went on to do this herself. she is highly tensed. the bhabhis come in, amused, and then ask her why isnt she ready yet, while she talks about how she got late in the kitchen. they ask her to hurry up, and leave. she complies.

downstairs, pari comes with the others, as all gather for the mung dikhayi ceremony. they are praises galore for the beauty of pari. they ask her to exhibit some talent, ad then she goes onto light an earthen diya, and sing a famous bhajan, that wins everyone’ hearts. sattu comes and finds her tensed. Maasa finds that he is upset. he tries to enquire about it. the bhabhis instigate maasa by telling her about the court summon, and how pari defied sattu, and said that she shall go. this enrages maasa, and she goes to pari, and indirectly says that she gave a wonderful prize for her motherly affection towards her. pari tries to clarify but she is too angry, and then asking the guests to have food, she retires. while pari stands tensed. sattu is worried too.

in her room, maasa fumes that she wasted her good behaviour on this girl, who did nothing but tarnish ehr image, and even go on to suggest that their milk is adulterated. Meanwhile, as pari retires for the night in her room, sattu comes and retires in the room too. he resignedly finds that she is getting up on a stool to reach to the blanket at a height. As fate would have it, she slips, and inadvertently falls right into his arms, as dives into save her. A romantic eyelock follows. then they compose themselves. he reprimands her and asks her to be careful. she hesitates and then says that she wishes to speak about soemthing, and agaimn goes onto clarify as to how she doesnt mean harm for the family, but she needs to find the truth, and restore the faith of people on maasa and dudh sagar, that they have gained after much trust. he says that he can vouch that there is no adulteration, that maasa is doing. she says that she believes, but there is someone who is doing, and she shall get to the bottom of it. both eye each other tensedly, the screen freezes on pari’s tensed face.

Precap: In her room, maasa is enraged and fumes, at the allegations that pari is casting on her and her character, and her respect, as she has sworn on just one thing, that she wont ever adulterate milk. The husbands come and say that if this fire spreads then it shall burn them all. they are shocked to know that their own husbands have been mixing milk and tampering it, and if pari goes there, then their truth shall be exposed and they shall be in jail. They are distraught and wonder what to do now, as they have to handle it somehow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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