Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Devina speaks well about Akhilesh, Pushpa and Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharda says I have no other option. I must listen to my husband or he will leave me. She runs away.

Ira wonders who would have taken out the fuse.

Devina comes out of the bathroom somehow. She crawls on the floor and shouts loudly for help. Ira hears her voice but Pushpa says she must be acting. She has been doing this since last 2 days to gain my attention. Ira is curious but Pushpa tells her to have kadha. Devian keeps crying for help. Akhilesh enters just then. He also hears Devina crying for help. Can you not hear mom shouting? Pushpa tells him not to fall in her trap. She is trying to fool us. He points at the smoke in Devina’s room. Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh run upstairs. They are stunned to see Devina’s condition. Pushpa apologizes to her. I dint know it was real. Devina points at the geyser. Akhilesh looks inside and coughs. Devina says steam was coming out of the geyser and the door got locked. Ira points out that they must take her to hospital. Akhilesh says the regulator was messed up. She shares that she put the fuse as someone had taken it out. He reprimands her but she points out that someone had taken it out. I was just putting it back as there was no electricity. She goes to call ambulance. Pushpa curses herself for Devina’s condition. World will think I did this intentionally as she is my soutan. She apologizes to Devina and cries profusely. Akhilesh and Ira try to calm her down. Sharda peeks at them.

Ambulances arrives. Akhilesh decides to go to hospital with Devina while Ira stays back with Pushpa. Akhilesh receives a call just then. Mishri has not returned to class since she went to the washroom. We checked everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. He decides against telling this to Ira in front of Pushpa. He informs ward boy to take Devina to hospital. I will join you there. He leaves hurriedly. Ira realises Akhilesh has gone somewhere else and decides to follow the ambulance. Pushpa requests her to take her along. I will feel better if I will be able to take care of her. Ira and Pushpa leave.

Sharda calls her husband. I did what you told me to. Devina has been taken to hospital. Poor Pushpa ji was blaming herself. You have taken your revenge. Let’s drop it now. I don’t like troubling these people at all. He tells her not to pity them. We have to make things worse for them now. Do as I say or I wont spare you. She agrees. He asks her to find the numbers of Devina’s friends from her diary. I will leave you if you will not listen to me. She agrees.

Akhilesh tells Principal to speak to the parents of the kid who had locked Mishri in the bathroom. I panicked when I heard about it. He ends the call. It is a very bad day today! Devina’s friends walk in just then. They call him and Pushpa murderers and blame them for Devina’s condition. You treated her like servant earlier and now you tried to kill her! Akhilesh calls it an accident but they refuse to believe him. People like you should be behind bars!

Pushpa and Ira are still waiting for taxi. Pushpa prays for Devina’s well-being. Ira assures her she will be fine. I will tell Akhilesh we are headed to police.

The ladies threaten to call police. He isn’t bothered. He receives Ira’s call but the ladies snatch his phone from him. They refuse to let him speak to anyone till police comes. Ira overhears it. Who was at home who was threatening Akhilesh? I cannot tell this to Moti Ba or she will be worried. She tells Pushpa to board the cab. Akhilesh needs me at home. Take care. Pushpa nods.

Akhilesh warns the ladies to stay in their limits. I am not misbehaving with you. They take it otherwise. Ira intervenes. You are highly mistaken. We respect and love Devina Mom very much. Akhilesh hasn’t harmed her at all. He asks her what she is doing here. where is Amma? She tells him that she came to be with him. Moti Ba is going to hospital. He reprimands her for leaving her alone. You know she has a weak heart. She offers to go back but Akhilesh offers to go instead. The ladies insist he cannot go anywhere till the time police comes. Akhilesh gives in. Ira should be with Amma. They don’t even allow Ira to go. Akhilesh’s pleas go unheard. No one was torturing Devina mom. Please understand. Ira receives a text. Devina is out of danger. Her treatment has started. She tells this to everyone. I can call at hospital and you can hear the conversation if you don’t trust us.

Nurse is applying ointment on Devina’s wounds. She winces in pain. Doc advises her to apply it on Devina’s face as well. Ira calls doctor. She asks about Devina’s health. Doc shares that her condition is stable now. Ira speaks to Devina. Devina’s friend Ramona snatches the phone out of Ira’s hands. They speak of the allegations. Devina calls it a lie. Akhilesh can never do this. In fact, he treats me better than my own son. Pushpa and Ira also love me very much. Doc says Akhilesh made me cancel my leave so I can take care of you. Devina asks Ramona who told her all that. Ramona says I got a call and someone told me that. Devina calls it a prank. Don’t trouble Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh. Doc tells Devina she will recover very soon. Ramona and her friends feel guilty. They apologize to Akhilesh. Akhilesh politely requests them to leave. They comply.

Ira tells Akhilesh to forget what has happened. Akhilesh wonders who would call mom’s friends. Ira too is clueless. He tells her to call Amma. We are also going to hospital. Ira calls Pushpa but gets no response. She calls doc who informs her that Pushpa hasn’t reached there yet.

Precap: Mishri calls Akhilesh. Come home asap. I am in a big danger. Sharda snatches the phone out of her hands. Akhilesh and Ira return home. They get a ransom call of 5 crore in return of Mishri.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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