Beyhadh 2 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rudra Wins Race Against Maya

Beyhadh 2 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya writes that life takes them to a situation which they have already faced and its seed was sown long ago. Rudra angrily plays fencing when Ananya calls him and asks if he loves being viral. He says its his problem and disconnects call. Maya walks to Rudra and throw foil’s shine on his face. Rudra warns her to please stop it. Maya chants shloka and explains its meaning. Rudra says she wanted his 3 days and came to snatch even nights, if she is falling in his yes. Maya plays fencing with him, says she knows to snatch and not beg, writes 9 a.m. on glass and walks away asking him not to be late tomorrow.

Rishi wakes up in the morning and thinks about Maya. Maya reminisces Rishi trying to propose her. She sends a location to Rudra and messages him to be there on time. Rudra gets into car and leaves. Amir fixes tracker in Rudra’s car and informs MJ. MJ asks him to find out who is making Rudra dance on his/her tunes. Rudra reaches underconstruction building and thinks why did Maya called him. He sees Maya and asks if she wants him to sell construction material or this building, he can do anything. She delivers her one-liner and says she wants him to race with her till top floor and win. Rudra accepts challenge. Maya gets into lift and says let us start. Rudra says he didn’t know she will change rules and cheat. She says she wants to see if state level athlete can win and starts lift. Rudra runs on stairs. Amir reaches venue via tracker and informs MJ that he will find out everything soon. Rudra reaches top floor first and tells Maya that he won. Maya delivers one liner again and pulls lifts lever. Lifts falls speedily. Rudra runs to her and holds her hand. Maya reminisces someone touching her sensuously. Rudra pulls her up and asks what if she would have died. She shows rope around her and says she was testing him. Amir’s loses track. Maya’s aide breaks tracker saying control is in Maya’s hand now. Rudra confronts Maya and asks why she is bothering him. Maya warns him dare not to touch her again and walks away delivering one liner again.

Maya’s aide informs her that MJ’s dog had reached the spot visa tracker, but failed. Maya says as expected, MJ will try hard but will fail. She gets Rishi’s message that he has reached her home. Rishi reaches Maya’s house with bouquet and rings bell. Maya’s mother is about to open door when fire alarm rings. Rishi panics and runs out with others in the building. Maya lights cigarette and spreads smoke around fire detectors. She walks in front of Rishi, but he doesn’t notice her and is busy running down with others trying to save his life. Maya’s mother informs its fire, let us run out. Maya says false alarm, relax. At night, Maya writes again that if someone is in danger, he/she would save others or a person in himself/herself. She reminisces tonight’s incidents.

PRecap: Maya tells her mother that a love increases fire within andfire in her will burn everything. Maya challenges Rudra that he needs to stay in chamber for 4444 seconds. Rudra asks what is special with 4444.

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  1. Well!! I hope that Maya also falls for Rudra and together they destroy MJ for whatever the reason is??? ????♥️♥️

    1. yes RV I hope so.
      today’s epi was so interesting.I like rudra can’t wait to see him falling for maya

  2. Thank you for the update ?

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