Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh and Mishri’s hit and miss

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira summons the nurse upon not finding Mishri in her ward. Nurse lies that her father got her discharged on an urgent basis. Ira is shocked. She needs medical attention post surgery. Call him right away and make me talk to him! Nurse informs Akhilesh about what Ira had said. He too is clueless as to what to do. He asks her if her number is with Ira. Has she called you ever? Nurse shakes her head. Akhilesh takes her phone, twists his voice a little and thanks Ira for the surgery. She asks him why he couldn’t wait a little. He lies that they took appointment for her face boils with a doc in Singapore. Ira shares that patient may go in partial amnesia post surgery for a few days. Do you see such symptoms? Akhilesh wonders if this is what Mishri would be going through right now. He lies to Ira that everything is fine. She is taken aback. 90% patients are affected in the brain after this. He hastily ends the conversation after telling her not to worry too much.

Akhilesh shares his pain with Mirchi. My daughter wont be able to recognize any of us right now! What is happening with me! He wipes his tears and asks Mirchi if her GPS is working fine now. Ira comes to his cabin and is surprised to see them there. He cooks a story. Ira shares that her patient’s father took her with him. I want to thank God for making the surgery successful. Let’s go to temple! She holds Mirchi’s hand. You get chocolate in Prasad in that temple! Akhilesh hopes he is able to find Mishri soon. I wont spare the goons then!

Mirchi asks Akhilesh why they have come to temple instead of searching for Mishri. He advises her to first abide by Ira’s wish. She goes inside. Bhavik calls Akhilesh. He too hasn’t gotten any clue so far. Akhilesh wonders where Mishri would be. I cannot even tell Ira anything.

The goon signals Mishri to the same temple. This is where you used to beg. She assures him that she will do her best to earn loads of money for him. He pretends to cough. I will wait for you here. He instructs his men to keep an eye on Mishri.

The goons give further instructions to Mishri and then stand next to a shop. Mishri holds the bowl and begs for alms for her Bapu’s treatment.

Akhilesh prays for Mishri’s wellbeing. Amma used to say that we must offer things to the needy in case there is any problem. You listen to them before anyone else! Please help me today. Pundit ji does their tilak. Akhilesh asks him about offering stuff to the needy.

People give money to Mishri.

The goons notice Akhilesh distributing food amongst everyone. They recognize him to be Mishri’s father. He will beat us and hand us over to police if he sees us here! They try to take Mishri but she insists upon staying till she earns ample money for the day. They flee from there leaving her alone. They also inform their boss about it. He goes upstairs to bring Mishri but notices Akhilesh there. Pundit ji is helping Akhilesh distribute food amongst everyone. The guy covers Mishri with a blanket and sits next to her. She asks him why he came here. You were supposed to rest. Akhilesh gives them food. Please pray for my little daughter. The goon cries. Please pray for me too. I am very ill. Akhilesh gives him his card. You can come over for consultation or treatment. Akhilesh pats at Mishri’s head. You are just as old as my daughter. Pray for her. You should go to school in this age but you are here! The goon acts that he is ill and is helpless. Akhilesh feels bad. No one has a right to snatch anyone’s childhood. I am giving you some extra money. Don’t make your daughter do all this. The goon eyes his wallet greedily. Akhilesh tells Mishri to take care. The goon lies that she isn’t well and does not let Akhilesh see her face. Akhilesh nods and goes with Pundit ji. Mishri holds her head feeling dizzy. I feel as if I have seen that uncle before too. The goon says you used to come here only. Rich people come here to distribute money and food here! Mishri calls Akhilesh good. He gave you so much money for treatment. He says this isn’t enough. We can steal his wallet and have more money for my treatment. She refuses. God wont even give me a place in Hell if I steal! He asks her from where she heard that statement. She shrugs. I wont steal. He convinces her to steal by playing the emotional card. She is advised to keep her head covered with the blanket. Mishri advances towards Akhilesh. He is standing with her back towards her. I have to commit such a big sin to save my Bapu’s life. Please don’t send me to Hell for this, Lord! She is hesitant. The goon decides to divert Akhilesh. He intentionally collides with him and falls down. Akhilesh helps him stand. The guy asks Akhilesh if he is hurt. He holds Akhilesh’s hand a little longer and signals Mishri to do her job. The blanket falls down in the process. The goon notices it.

Akhilesh says I am going to bring more food packets. The goon directs him to another shop. Akhilesh tells him to take care and goes. The goon asks Mishri to cover herself well and come along. Mishri eyes Akhilesh’s wallet sadly. She notices him buying food and not finding his wallet with him. She opens his wallet and finds a lot of cash inside. I committed a very big sin. He was trying to feed food to the poor. How will he do that now?

Ira asks Akhilesh to come. Mishri is also waiting. It is too hot! He shares that he lost his wallet. She asks him if he checked on the stairs. Was there too much cash inside? He says it isn’t about cash.

Mishri feels dizzy seeing Ira. Past moments flash bleakly in her mind. What is happening to me? Why can I not see these faces clearly?

Precap: The goon asks Mishri what she wants from this empty wallet. She replies that she is going to return the empty wallet to Akhilesh. His family photo is inside. Mirchi is putting some pamphlets right outside the door. Akhilesh prays to God for Mishri. Mishri sets out to return the wallet to Akhilesh.

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