Krishna Chali London 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer gets a vital clue

Krishna Chali London 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Veer having an arguing. Radhe hides the knife. He says you have no proof, I won’t leave you. Ajit comes to call Veer. Radhe acts and thanks Veer for saving Shukla’s life. Sunaina worries. Shivani says someone has hit Shukla, he met with an accident. Sunaina calls Radhe. She asks did you hit Shukla. Radhe says I had to do it, don’t worry. She says this guy is going out of hands. Krishna and Veer see Radhe spying on them and talk their plans to trap him. Veer says I m going to accident spot, Mohan is behind it, Shukla’s life is in danger. She says our divorce is final, thanks for doing Shukla’s operation, you can go. She slowly says I love you. He says I love you two. They pretend to fight. Veer goes.

Radhe smiles. Everyone comes home. Radhe goes to message. Krishna messages Veer to ask if he got to know anything. Veer sees a CCTV camera fixed there. Sharma says you will be shocked seeing this footage. Veer checks the footage. He sees Radhe pushing Shukla in front of the truck. He thanks Sharma. Sharma says it was my duty. Veer looks around. He says now who will save you Mohan……

Lali says I will make the food, I will take tiffin to the hospital, Bela you take care of children. Bela agrees. Krishna gets a call. Veer says Mohan had pushed Shukla in front of the truck, our doubt was right. She says I didn’t know he is such a devil, do you have proof. Veer says yes, we should go to police soon, what are you thinking. She says we have to plan it cleverly, everyone believes he is Radhe, we will inform police. Bilal tells Radhe that Veer got the footage.

Radhe says meet me in an hour, we shall go. Krishna says let go to the cops tomorrow morning, I will keep an eye on him. She asks lawyer why did he come at night. Lali says Lawyer was trying to call Shukla, check this. He says Shukla’s elder brother transferred all his property on Radhe’s name, he has died, I learnt about Shukla’s accident, I have come as amount is 3 crores. Bela says he nearly killed me. Radhe sees the papers and smiles. He acts good. Lawyer says I guarantee to get the money in your account in two days. Krishna says Shukla will get fine, he won’t be in coma for long. Triloki says money can help us. Bela says yes, what if Bade Papa comes alive and takes money back. Radhe signs the papers. Lawyer matches his sign and says great, I shall leave now.

Radhe smiles. Sunaina says I have come here to meet Shukla’s family, if Veer can operate Shukla. Veer says Shukla is fine, once he responds, I will get him to consciousness, I m monitoring him, you all can go home. Shuklain refuses to go home. Veer asks Sunaina to go home with the driver. He goes to cabin. He talks to Krishna. He says if Mohan gets money, he can do anything, we should go to police and get him arrested, I have evidence in pendrive. Sunaina gets shocked and says Mohan is in trouble. Radhe says 3 crores is a big thing, we shall wait for two days. Bilal says maybe its a drama to trap you. Radhe says no, I will go when I get money, I have to make back up plan, I have an idea. Krishna says he is getting 3 crores, he is greedy, he won’t go anywhere without money, we have two days, we can’t handle everyone’s emotions. Sunaina sees the pendrive.

Sunaina goes to steal the pendrive. She asks Mohan to run away. Mohan doesn’t listen and says I m not going anywhere. She gets angry. Veer looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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