Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh and Ira romance

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa telling Akhilesh about his wedding night. Chandu gives him tips. Akhilesh slaps him. Bhavik teaches Ira how to turn why when Akhilesh lifts her ghunghat. Bhoomi says you get shy so well. Ira says he is mad, I won’t shy like this, I m bindaad. Akhilesh says I m fine, I don’t know this heropanti, I get shy. They hold head. Pushpa says they will come first, leave them alone, go, good luck. They all leave. Ira sees Akhilesh and signs him to get the badam milk. He gets the glass. She drinks the milk. She asks what happened, you were getting love for me, you became Ganga Maasi for me. He gets shy. She teases him. She asks him not to shy more, none will come to save him from her today. He kisses her. Pee loon….plays…. They have an eyelock. She gets shy.

He teases her.

He says I m very shy, but it all went away seeing your beauty. They romance. She runs away. He falls down. He gets tangled by the flower strings. He says you always get some harm along. She asks really, you think I m Hanikarak, then free yourself. He says fine, you aren’t harmful, help me now. She says I like you this way, trapped. He says once I get free, you can’t free yourself from me. She asks really. He gets free and catches her. He says I won’t let you go till seven births. They smile.

Its morning, Ira thinks how to hide the love bite, I have to become Irawati again. Devina collides with her and asks why did you become villager Irawati again, you think you will win Pushpa’s heart this way. Ira goes and greets Pushpa. Pushpa asks why did you wear ghunghat, I will change thinking for you. She asks her to remove ghunghat. She sees the mark on her neck and laughs. She says so you are hiding this love mark. Akhilesh comes. Pushpa laughs and goes. Akhilesh asks why is mum laughing. Ira shows the love bite. Akhilesh says you should have hidden this, what would mum think. Pushpa says that you both have love, I want to give you sindoor. She asks Akhilesh to fill Ira’s maang. She goes. Akhilesh fills Ira’s maang. They smile.

Devina gets a knife and says this happened because of you, I won’t leave you today. She hears Pushpa’s voice and leaves Birju’s pic. Pushpa gets sweets for her and says Akhilesh and Ira’s wedding night was good. Devina asks what. Chandu says Devina won’t understand. Devina says till Akhilesh’s reversal happens, grandchild can’t happen. Pushpa says wait for nine months, Lord will show some miracle. She sees Birju’s pic and asks what were you doing. She warns Devina. She takes Birju’s pic to protect and goes. Devina shouts get out of my life, what’s happening, if Akhilesh and Ira get a child then, they will get all property. Ira says I was thinking if a wife applies sindoor for husband’s long life, what does husband do for wife’s long life.

Akhilesh says there is no ritual. Ira says so wives die early, and husbands are left alone, like my dad, will this happen with us also. He says never say this. He goes to pray. He pours sindoor over his head. Ira looks on. He asks what’s all this. He says man doesn’t think of future, but a woman thinks her journey till heaven, so I have prayed for your long life by coloring myself with sindoor, if I lose you, I will lose my will to live. Ira asks who does this. He says I can do this to express my love, mum is one Devi for me, and you are another Devi, you are equal to Lord. She says you are mad and hugs him. She cleans his face. She says our lives should be long so that we stay together. She applies him tika of her name. She asks him to go and freshen up. She smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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