Bigg Boss 12 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi creates chaos in the house

Bigg Boss 12 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 17, 4:45pm

Commoners discuss about cursing that Neha and Saba did during task yesterday. Neha apologizes for curses, but says she did nothing wrong by defending when Saba tried to steal balls from her container. Saba cries and asks Bigg Boss to interfere saying she has not come to take beating. And then everyone talks about “class”. Neha says it’s okay for them to snatch, but they have problem if they defend.


Volcano erupts. Everyone runs to gather balls. After gathering balls, Saba comes and sit in her container. Neha is approaching to her. She asks Deepak and others to not let Neha come closer. Neha says she just wants to talk. She tells Saba that she showed good faith in her during her captaincy, so she wants to give her balls to her. Saba refuses.

Neha says she wants to snatch, but when she is giving herself, then she doesn’t want to take? Saba says she wants to play fair and asks her to give to Sourav. Neha now goes to Romil, but he refuses as well. Deepak tells Sourav and Shiv that she wants to show that she made you captain by giving balls, she knows commoners are winning. Neha goes to KV now and gives him some. Deepak is leaving game. Commoners ask him to give his balls to Saba. Deepak is out in this round.


Deepak tells Romil that Neha still has a lot of balls and asks him to play smartly. Saba asks others to stay there as she was getting alone. Neha says she needs help. Saba says ofcourse if someone beats her, then she needs others help because it’s not her class to fight back. Neha says her class allows her to curse someone like she did few days ago. They argue on that. Neha leaves her container purposely asking Saba to take her balls. Saba takes most of them. Neha gives rest to KV. Jasleen and Anup start talking. Jasleen says he scared her yesterday. Seems like he warned her to change else he will start showing his attitude. Anup says love him more than clothes. Jasleen says she’s ready to give her life for him. Buzzer rings. Neha is out.


In next round, KV puts all his balls in Romil’s container and he gets out.

Later, Romil tells Deepak that KV thought they would fight among themselves.

Task ends. Next captaincy contenders are Saba-Somi, Sourav-Shiv, and Romil-Surbhi.

Celebrities are smiling inside. Neha asks KV not to react else they will be alert. Outside, commoners are celebrating their victory. Inside, celebrities say now it will be fun. Deepak wanted to be captain, but he got out. Sourav was not interested, not he will fight. Outside, commoners say they thought winner of this task would be captain or at max 2 will qualify for captaincy task. Romil says celebrities played with them in end.


Surbhi wonders why celebrities gave away balls in end. Deepak, Romil say their only strategy was to snatch away balls and in end no strategies were left, so they gave up.

Day 18, 8:00am

Everyone wakes up dancing on Ziddi Hai song.


Surbhi tells Romil that she doesn’t agree supporting Saba-Somi. What Saba did wasn’t right… about swearing on her mother. She says captaincy isn’t greater than anyone’s mother. She tells Romil even he knows both sisters are arrogant and they can backstab them any time as well. Romil says “I know”.


Anup comments that Jasleen’s earrings are looking very nice, but they would look even prettier if she got her hair cut that day. Jasleen says she doesn’t want to talk about that day. Anup asks if someone kidnaps her clothes and asks to give Anup to get her clothes back, then what she would do? She says obviously she would keep him. Anup says good.


Surbhi sits with Somi to talk about swearing on mother, but Somi says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Somi goes inside and tells everyone not to talk about it. Romil asks about what? Somi says he must know it’s about swearing on mother. He says he didn’t know. Surbhi comes and says that’s a big thing for her on emotional level, so she talked about it. Saba gets furious and says Somi swore that she doesn’t want to be captain, but she (Saba) wants to be captain. Now they are pair, so what can Somi do in that? Surbhi says she just wanted to say to think twice before saying such big thing in future and asks why they always get angry. She was discussing calmly and nicely. If they can’t be friendly, then just tell them. She won’t talk to them next time.

Outside, Somi tells Shiv that Surbhi is purposely talking about this because she wants to be captain. She thinks they will back out and Somi says she will but Saba won’t.

Jasleen was standing with broom and it hits Deepak and he asks her to move it. Jasleen doesn’t like the way he told her and asks him to talk respectfully. She leaves. Surbhi is justifying that she didn’t want to make issue out of that point. Saba says if Somi swears on her mother that she wants to leave the show, then will she also go with her? Surbhi tells Saba even she agreed with Somi and said they would become captain next week. Romil supports Surbhi.

In kitchen, Jasleen asks Urvashi to talk to Deepak.

Saba tells Surbhi she doesn’t want to talk to her and asks her to be quiet now. She’s having headache hearing her and calls her idiot. Surbhi now loses it and asks her not to call her idiot. It’s her, and her sister who are idiot. Somi interferes to defend Saba.

Outside, Anup tells Jasleen, KV, Sree that Surbhi is creating big mess in the house. Just fight is left now. Sree says she just used a big cursing word.

Surbhi asks Neha that she wants a strict action for them abusing her. Neha tells her that if she curses herself, then how she can tell others anything. Surbhi says they started it first.


Romil tells Surbhi that he knows her intentions weren’t bad, but she should have told him what she was going to talk to Saba.

Urvashi brings Deepak to Jasleen and ask how he told her to move broom. Deepak says he calls her respectfully, still she says he disrespects her. Jasleen tells Deepak, she will apologize to him. Urvashi tells Jasleen that she always tells her that Deepak doesn’t listen her, but whole house knows he does. Jasleen says she never said that. Urvashi leaves saying she doesn’t want to talk any further.


Bigg Boss gives captaincy task. The other partner who didn’t do task yesterday will be doing this task. Somi, Surbhi, and Shiv. They have to hold a ring.. whoever holds it till the end will be next captain. They have to use tactics and not strength. Neha will be sanchalak.

Deepak tells Romil, Sourav he’s okay with anyone except Surbhi.

Shiv, Somi, Surbhi are holding the ring. Shiv says he has changed his mind. He is not giving up. Somi says they are not going to agree, so it’s pointless to discuss. Saba tries to provoke Surbhi saying she gets emotional with someone swearing their mother and she herself give maa ki gali. Surbhi stays calm so far. Now sisters provoke her by laughing at her. Surbhi finally loses her cool. Sisters provoke her more. Inside, Urvashi tells Dipika that Romil was saying he is missing Nirmal. Surbhi is very furious now. Neha says she will send Saba away. Sristy asks if she wants water. Surbhi says she wants to go washroom too and they all go inside. Somi tells everyone how much gaalis Surbhi gives and she is so badtameez. Surbhi says she is badtameez and says no one will be able to make her leave that ring now.

Outside, Romil and Saba are arguing. Saba asks him to talk to his partner.

Surbhi is crying saying they purposely make her villain. Her intentions weren’t wrong. Saba said idiot and she lost it. That’s her only mistake.


Shiv uses restroom. Somi and Surbhi hold ring and wait outside. Then Somi goes. Surbhi says this is last time. They all used restroom once. If anyone wants to go next time, they have to give up the ring.


Somi brings eggs in cup as Shiv didn’t let her make omlette. Surbhi feels Somi will throw it at her and she’s vegetarian. Somi says she brought for herself to eat. Surbhi pushes the cup down and says sorry happened by mistake. Sristy says Somi wasn’t going to do anything to her. She just wasted egg. Somi says cup also broke and asks Neha to say something. Surbhi says it happened by mistake. Saba comments that she herself is a mistake. Surbhi tells Bigg Boss to take action as Saba is going on her family. Saba says she didn’t say anything about her family.


Shiv and Somi want to go eat. Surbhi says she doesn’t want to move from there. They are using strength and it’s hurting her. Shiv says he is not doing anything. Surbhi asks Neha to disqualify Shiv as he is walking away. Neha says no one will use strength and whoever is having pain goes closer to ring.

Somi is holding ring with 1 hand and holding that hand with other hand. Neha asks her not to use her other hand. Somi refuses. Neha says she will disqualify her. Somi leaves the ring saying what is this?

Precap: Somi, Saba accuse Neha for falsely disqualifying Somi. KV, Sree, Neha are in jail. KV and Sree are furious for wrongly sending them to jail. Surbhi and Sree have argument.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Anonymousaa

    Boring and just too pathetic
    Have already lost my interest in this show. Surbhi ,Khan sisters and Deepak are getting more and more irritating day by day. Jasleen-Anup saga has gone useless, the celebs are just lost.
    Well haven’t watched the epi yet and this is too boring. I wish this season would wrap up in a month and give slot to other shows. Even revamping this season cannot attract the viewers. Salman again is going to get biased in WKV then celebs will get scolded kyuki jhagda karne wale commoners hi toh trp laate honge.
    Ugh…Neha, KV or Deepika should win this season.. rest can just go to ..idc!

  2. Hope salman says somthing to filty surbhi rana… unnecessary shouting and crying… she doesnt play only shout…. and why celebs in jail… and not ppl lyk surbhi deepak romil outside jail

  3. Guys i am reading your comments here from last 3 seasons and i love to read your comments but this time very less people are commenting . Its my request please share your opinion here .

  4. I heard many ppl started Liking Shree and he is getting huge votes than kvb. He is not fake I wld HV attracted the Audience. That too in the task he easily accepted somis negotiation on cutting her hair. From there ppl felt he is kind hearted. Not to be surprised if gets sudden huge wave of fandom.
    This season is lacking emotional bonding I feel. Last year Shilpa,akash,arshi bond then Hina,love prynk one lastly Vikas arshi,even puneeshplus his gf bonded genuinely .
    We cld feel it then now even if theyare run Ning behind Shree saying ‘shree!Shree! Oh Waala bonding mehsoos nhi ho raha hai. I may be Wrong but still I feel like that.
    Plus I want dpka and neha to accept before Shree if they talk something like baby sitting etc etc behind him. It is not crime to talk behind unless we talk utter rubbish.
    If they say’ha!hame AISA lagaa tho hammne Kaha isme ithna Bura manne ki kya bath hai’then they wld have shined much more. Anyway it depends on each ones individual opinion.

  5. hope this Surbi and Khan sisters go soon

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