Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri finds the other papers

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri is crying in her room. Vansh wipes her tears. Mishri tells him to believe her. Mapu isn’t like this. She cannot stoop this low for money! I trust her. She has taken care of everyone in the village and has never taken any money from them. She shows her photos in which Ira is wearing the same saree. She hasn’t bought any new saree for her over so many years but she used to get me new dress every time. She isn’t like this. She is very nice. Vansh asks her why Ira did this then. Mishri is clueless. There must be a reason behind it. We have to get Mapu out of jail. Bapu and Badi Ma wont help us. Vansh says I know you only trust those who speak truth. Pushpa Dadi might help us.

Adi comes inside Kunika’s room with colour. I have been trying to apply colours on her since morning

but not getting any chance. He decides to hide in the cupboard as he hears some noise. He finds the papers of Banaras Ceramics there and realises that Kunika wants to get entire property in her name. I will tell mom.

Pushpa tries cleaning the ink mark but in vain. Mishri and Vansh come there. Pushpa tells her she isn’t interested in hearing anything if she has come here to vouch for her mother. Mishri requests her to listen to her atleast. Pushpa says you are the apple of my eye but I can never accept your mother. Vansh calms Mishri. He asks Pushpa why Ira took this step now. If she only wanted Mamu’s money then she could have done this long ago. Pushpa tells him not to be Ira’s lawyer. I am already worried as this colour isn’t going. Vansh looks closely. This is ink pad’s ink. She wonders who applied this. I will clean it. Go and have food. Mishri looks at Pushpa with hope but Pushpa tells them to leave. Outside, Mishri tells Vansh she was sure Badi Ma wont help them. She will never believe us. Vansh suggests talking to D. They come to Devina’s room but she isn’t there.

Devina asks Kunika about the papers. This was what you were up to? How dare you cheat us? You thought we are stupid like Pushpa? Just like we want to throw Pushpa out of the house after gaining hold of her property you wanted to do the same right? Kunika shouts that she had a reason for that. Lawyer would have suspected you if the papers were in your name. Akhilesh would have sent you back to Banaras. I am Akhilesh’s business and life partner. Devina refuses to believe her and so does Adi. Kunika asks for the papers but Devina refuses. They struggle for it and the papers get torn in two pieces. Akhilesh asks them what these papers were about. Devina and Kunika cook up a fake story. Akhilesh tells them to stop fighting over small things. Kunika suggests going out for lunch. He is reluctant but she insists. Kunika comes back for a second to tell them to tear the papers. Adi complies. Devina shouts at him for his stupidity. We can use these papers to blackmail Kunika. Pick up the pieces and join them!

Akhilesh opens his cupboard and Ira’s photo falls down. How many times should I try to get rid of you? Why do you keep coming in front of me whenever I try to push you away? Why can’t I stop thinking about you? Ira replies that it is because he still loves her. He denies. She calls him a weak liar. He insists it isn’t true. She tells him not to dismiss the truth by shouting. You may try to ignore it but you know you cannot see me in pain. I am sure you will still come to bail me. Akhilesh denies. You were striking a deal with me for my daughter! She asks him if he really believes it. I wouldn’t have to wait for these years if this is what I wanted! People will keep talking but ask yourself once. Do you think I can sell Mishri for few bucks? Do you think I am this cunning? Akhilesh recalls an incident where Ira was offered a scholarship but she said no. Kunika breaks his reverie and asks Akhilesh why isn’t he ready yet. I will call to make reservations. He looks here and there for Ira. Kunika says I will set your mood right. Come soon. He nods. Akhilesh looks at Ira’s photo. The girl I saw after closing my eyes is a cheater! I don’t love you anymore. I hate you!

Devina and Adi hide the papers hearing Vansh’s voice. Vansh asks Devina to help them. We have to get Ira aunty out of jail. Devina appreciates his concern. Kids shouldn’t interfere in the matters of grownups. It isn’t possible to get Ira out of jail! She tells Mishri to forget her mother for 4-5 years. She walks out with Adi. Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali to help her. You know Mapu isn’t greedy. No one believes me. How to get Mapu out of jail? She throws something angrily which hits the box in which Adi had hidden the papers. They look at it curiously and find thumb prints on it. It rings a bell in their head. It is of Badi Ma! They join the pieces using tape. Vansh reads it for her. Khalnayika aunty is the owner of Banaras Ceramics! Mishri says why Mapu went to jail then. Vansh says I am worried that Khalnayika aunty plans to rule the house. She already got a company in her name. He imagines Kunika torturing everyone including Ira. Mishri refuses to let it come true. Police will find out the truth if they get hold of these papers! Mishri imagines Police arresting Kunika. The kids beat her happily with a broom as police takes her away. Akhilesh and Ira hug. Mishri decides to go to police station. We have to get Mapu out of jail!

Kunika enters just when the kids are going out of the room. She closes the door from inside. I warned you both not to act smart with me. Give me the papers! Mishri argues with her. Kunika fights with it. Vansh bites on her hand to help Mishri escape from the room. Mishri runs outside. Kunika slaps Vansh.

Mishri stops her Papu. I want to show you something. You will get Mapu out of jail yourself then. She shows the papers to him but Kunika snatches them out of her hand before he can see them. Kunika lies that Mishri has drawn Ira on the papers. It is her emotional drama. Mishri denies but Kunika does not let her talk. She sends Akhilesh outside. Mishri grabs hold of the paper again. Kunika chases her around the house. Listen to me you little devil. You haven’t seen my anger till date. I will teach you such a lesson that you wont mess with me again!

Precap: Ira finds the other papers and confronts Kunika. Mishri says Khalnayika aunty did it stealthily. Ira asks Pushpa if she knows that Kunika got her thumb impressions on the papers to gain hold of this property! Everyone is taken aback. Kunika meets some guy at night. Ira comes there too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Frosties

    Let’s hope Kunika doesn’t spin another lie and Pushpa and Akilesh buy it. It would be more realistic if Ira reveals the truth as to why she wanted the company in her name and take the story forward.

  2. Hi Frosties,
    Inded, i was thinking the same. I don’t think exposing her will be too easy, chances are Akilesh and Pushp will fall for her sad soppy story! I’m hoping Kunika will trap herself in her own web of lies and bring down Devina and Pumpkin!

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