Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Prachi serves in Riya’s birthday party

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Poorab was getting ready in the room. Aaliya comes inside and throws his bow tie. She asks if he has some fashion sense, no one wears a bow tie in today’s world. Poorab tells Aaliya to let him be what he is. Aaliya says she doesn’t want her husband to follow no fashion sense and look like the head of waiters. Poorab says if he follows Aaliya, he must wear black which shows her character. Aaliya was aggressive. Poorab says Aaliya likes black, and black means unhappy and angry. Aaliya grabs his collar and demands him one reason to stay happy. Abhi comes in. Aaliya hugs Poorab and says fight increases love. Abhi asks Aaliya to let him speak to Poorab. Aaliya leaves. Abhi confirms if everything is fine. Poorab says she wants him to change clothes. Afterwards Poorab was annoyed.
Shahana and Prachi

were working as the waitress. The manager sends Prachi to place these table clothes outside.
Abhi comes downstairs. Mira says it’s good he came downstairs. Abhi says he won’t sing for any of them. Mira asks what if Riya asks him to.

Abhi thanks Mira for keeping Riya happy. He asks about Vikram. Vikram arrives for the party, he makes up that his wife was late because of makeup. Mishti, their daughter joins them and asks about Riya. Ranbir, their son comes there. Abhi greets him and promises to make him a super star one day. Ranbir teases Mishti that her friends will be his fans soon.
Riya passes by Prachi who was taking a bunch of glass. Riya screams over her but doesn’t see Prachi.
There, Ranbir comes upstairs. Lalita caught him there though he tries to avoid her. She forces him to a corner and tries to kiss her. Ranbir backs up and hits Prachi now. Her napkin glass pile fell off. Prachi questions what he is doing here. Lalita asks who she is. Prachi boastfully says she is the waitress in the party. Ranbir asks if she is the waitress in this party. Prachi replies no, in the neighbor’s party. Ranbir likes the sarcasm. Prachi says it’s good, she thought Ranbir was completely dumb. Lalita defends that Ranbir is the hottest guy of the college. Prachi says this is how much their brains work, the guy she was trying to kiss wandered around the college with two girls shirtless. Lalita isn’t his, in fact she is third one. Lalita says she is happy to be in the list, no matter its thirtieth number. Prachi asks Ranbir to help her. Ranbir picks the napkins for Prachi and hands the tray to her. Lalita was shocked at his behavior and her demand. Prachi asks him to hand the tray well. Ranbir says he has no time for girls like her, and next time she must face her after learning manners to speak to him. Prachi replies she has no enough time for guys like him. Ranbir wonders he can’t understand what she is.
Riya comes downstairs with Mishti to greet everyone. She boasts about her necklace as it’s her Daddy’s gift. Her friends come over and complements her to look like a Princess with the necklace. Ranbir speaks to a group that Riya is extremely hot and pretty.
Prachi and Shahana come to each other. Shahana says rich must never dream, they have everything. Prachi says there seems to be something lacking here, no one here is connected to each other like they do. Riya comes to them and was about to hit. Both have a confrontation. She looks at them in a degrader way. Then send Shahana away and says ragging is a must today. Prachi sends Shahana to look for their guests. Riya points towards Ranbir and challenges Prachi to go and spill a drink over her, else she will be fired from her job and will never get a project again. Prachi asks Riya’s help to hold the tray, Riya abides by. A guest comes to complement Riya for serving in her own party. Riya was offensive. Prachi says this is the effects of a good company, she got a genuine complement. Prachi goes with the drink. Riya thinks Ranbir will beat her if she ruins his dress, and that would be Ranbir’s birthday gift for her. Prachi throws the drink but Ranbir just takes a step forward and Abhi’s dress was spoilt instead. Poorab watched this. Prachi apologizes at once, Abhi recognizes Prachi and asks how it happened. Riya was upset that she might complain to Dad. Abhi asks how this drink reached so far. Prachi likes that her foot slipped. Abhi goes to change. Prachi returns to Riya, place the glass back on the tray. The girls wonder why she didn’t take Riya’s name. Prachi replies there is a difference of ethics and brought-up. She didn’t want to ruin Riya’s birthday, like she did hers. The girls ask if it’s her birthday, why is she working then. Prachi replies life taught her great lessons in a short life. Riya says she isn’t her elder sister. Riya taunts and calls Priya as Behn-ji, who can never be her sister. Prachi argues she didn’t only call her a sister, but fixed a Ji with it as well.
Riya was angry at the friends. The girls tell Riya that Prachi spoilt her birthday and did her ragging. There is something in her as well, like Riya. Riya thinks there can be nothing common between them except birthdays.

PRECAP: In the room, Prachi suggests Abhi a dress. She tells Abhi her mother always say, one must eat from his choice but wear as per other’s. It must be comfortable but should look good to others.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I really hope that both pragya and prachi get strength to bear rhea, ranbir and abhi. 3 of them r useless…. Yes @some point of time ranbir behaved really well but this rhea is surely Alia’s daughter she can’t be pragya’s daughter. No matter how much we try we inherit something from both sides though prachi looks exactly like pragya….no worries as a selfless attitude is always appreciated and who wants their kids to be like abhi👎👎👎👎but I guess Rhea is fitting to this role very well as her job is to make us hate her like abhi and we r hating her so yaaaaaaaaa she is nailing her character and I’m hating her…if such kind of girl would have been in my college I would have thrashed her face🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕what Rhea said today is an indication that in future whenever she will come to know the truth she would hate prachi more than ever and abhi as always will fill her ears against her Mom and she will start hating her mother also and if he will try to bring prachi back Rhea will start emotionally blackmailing him aur will try to commit suicide like Alia after she is her niece and brought up by her as it is clearly visible😩😩😩😩😩😩

    Pragya is left alone my makers also now she is all alone😰😰😰😰😰😰that’s why in some episodes usse dikha nhi the hain aut kaise dikhaye woh hoshiarpur mein beeji ke sath akeli jo hai…kya mannat maang le pragya ki dino beti tumahri ek sath b’day mnye😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😲😲😲😲😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭how how pragya how can ekta show her soooooooooooo meek and forgettable that she forgets everything…

    1. RV, thanks for the english! I enjoy your comments but I think I miss a lot when they are in Hindi. A lot! Your description of the set-up is really on point. I agree with your thoughts.

      1. Ty💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. This update is not complete, there is a first scene with Purab and Aaliya and I wonder what is being said. I can’t believe Aaliya is still lusting after him after 20 years

    1. She has lost her virginity😏😏

  3. dam I think I have to read this everyday I am lost. lol on myself when I said I can read the story line recap and know what’s going on. I am totally confuse. and the store just spell bull shit , Rich and Poor. then again that is how India and the rest of the world is . And why you have to split them to jump ahead in years. Next together is marriage and the another split/ jump . And then come death of them both. let seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. Seeing your name of course I thought of the fish! and you know what, I haven’t had that awful feeling for some time…of actually seeing that character. How wonderful, to not see her and laughingly realize that she is not missed! Knowing Ekta aunty, well, she might be saving that ‘actress’ for some kind of a bomb. I’m at the point where I might just check in, on Fridays. I’ve nearly given up, waiting for adult Kiara’s return.

      1. the fish will return. but not bull bull or john killer. stroy line is death. lol aunt is still finding her way. how to bring the two sister together and the love / hate relationship between them. this story is pragya’s life/ repeating . pragya have two sisters also and where are these girls with their mother. and pragya is alone. no sister , no mom, no husband, no one. boo hoo hoo. . well lets see who will get kill / which one of the kids. ok bull shit..

  4. It is sad no abhigya.😭 This story about pragya’s life.but there is no important that character.stoty became distinguished by introducing useless characters. I am sure this will become flop like this. There is no justice in drama. Please sriti Jha leave this show. What you done for this character not will forgetten by people.Now onwards I see this show only if you are on this show. Tele series not appear with short dress hot is wrong. It is only about acting with pleasent appearance 🙂

  5. Important Lesson learned today. On my birthday, everybody has to follow my demands! Allright. I’ll be prepared for my next birthday! Didn’t that end sometime after age 12? maybe 16? Wasn’t that for children? It would appear that Ekta Aunty has written this for small children, excepting of course for the adult clothing. I think it is tawdry for Ekta Aunty to cast less than beautiful women to play evil characters, first Aliyah and now Rhea. Don’t the actresses who respond to the cattle calls (casting calls) know that they are being hired for their lack? This is such an old bias, one would have hoped that Ekta Aunty who is all about equality for the LGBTQ crowd could have extended her demand for equality… to women? Ekta Aunty appears to not understand how limited her mental prowess really is. Were Aliyah and Purab pretending to be married? And clearly Aliyah is no longer needing to be ‘soft’. It would appear that her impending pregnancy (real life) was a lie. The level that this production team will go to, is not only astounding but really is using the crudest bullying techniques used by criminal children or really dumb people. Really dumb people or crude criminal children should not be allowed any money. I’ve just watched the results and they are not especially amusing. Where’s the terrorist now? He/she could come in and end all the Murderng Mehra’s. Prachi’s safe, no one knows about her relationship with the Murdering Mehras. Would anyone be friends with these kind of people? Well, Ekta aunty has friends, so I guess there are lessor type beings within the Indian population who have no boundaries, self respect. She’s setting this up, in order to have Pragya thought of as less. Ekta Aunty and her clones Aliyah/Rhea, are out to destroy anyone, anything that is beautiful. Something, they will never know or experience.

    1. Is Aaliyah married to Purab?? How come? I came back to read KKB after long time, and i am lost. She said to purab “Husband”. Did he leave Disha?? Where is sunny? He should be big boy now

      1. HI Moon, Aliyah and Purab being married was new. No one knew about it! I wondered if it was a deal marriage like the one that Abhi and the TF had. No word on Sunny as yet… think I heard on this episode Abhi asking Purab about Sunni and when he would arrive. I’m not sure. There has been no word about Disha, as far as I know. I was actually waiting for Disha to show her face but today Aliyah was claiming and terrorizing Purab. Nothing has changed in that regard. Aliyah should be an animal handler, better yet a police officer or in the army. They are saying Kiara will return in the promo/recap videos but who knows? Ishu and a few others might know as they watch, read many sources. All we have been watching is Rhea and Prachi, doing old scenes from past episodes.

    2. hai dr aki first of all happy birthday dr ,thank u for mentioning my name ,i m not watching this serial in tv dr just reading twitter updates but for me it more than enough to see twitter updates even for crap serial, see dr actually dr day before yesterday i think when ruch was asked about her return to kkb,some twitted that ruchi has posted her ig that “if the storyline is good , then i might think about returning “, so by her ig post many of them had only 20 percent hope that she might return ,but i miss sunny dr totally dont know about his whereabouts whether he wil come or not may be with kiara he will come .dont know whtehr their mrg happened before abhi or some where alia manipulated him ,but cant believe that he also accepted this shit ,since we knwo how much he was to disha more than hsi family. even twitter fd started rel them too since they both got more ss onscreen ,surely purab would have not dome this because he will no tbe like abhi he was dancing under disha but wasnt in lov with anyone except her he was not like abhi who betrayed his wife by marrying his love ,i wasnt shocked to hear that purab and alia are married as much as i got shocked for abhi and his love mrg
      its surely forced because purab wont betray disha ,but circumstances since ruchi didnt return may be they have made this ,i wont say anything for purab i feel forry for him, we can beleive abhi married tanu becuse it wasnt forced and also sriti didnt refiuse to come back (as if she went no)like ruchi ,abhi loved her and wanted to send pragya away from him like pragya during one of their confrontation mentioned this ,since he loved tanu he dint now how to send her so he made dadi death as an issue to make her gateway exit ,seriously plz i dont want sriti to handle this story hereafter.i remember when these were called to ganna shabir ,leena shika and raj ,that time an interviewer asked didnt pragya come for that abhi said since this show is runnin only because of her she has to finish lots of shooting so “but honestly coulnt even enjoy shabir presence there really .gyz note down mainly here after meera ,prachi and everyone will be ther in serial except sriti .dont expect her to there becase prachi (mugudha) husband is once costar fro kanchi in one series and another one meera dont know her real name she is the best friend of kanchi doing meera character .yesterday kkb twitter fd slammed production team for sidelining pragya eventhough shabir was there they would ‘nt enjoy him .and also some said since he is going to do another web series on alt balaji he has been made this much young in kkb.i will be very happy if sriti is not there atleast she should get her dignity now . nitin the creative director quitted the show ,so prev creative team all have quiited the show now who is there dont know .

  6. Wow…and here I was thinking I had missed a lot….(no regrets) don’t even care to know what has been happening so far, this program is appalling, absurd, crazy…mtchewcheeeeee…… really no regrets.
    Happy to read from some familiar friends, ‘allos’… Akituster, Naz and everyone…hope you guys are doing well. How are u Akituster? The last I read you were recovering. Hope u r much stronger. Well, be good, have a fab weekend everyone. Hope to check on you guys once in a while.

    1. Hey Jodi, so glad to hear from you! Naz is popping in as well but I think she is still reading. And yes, I’m still working on a ‘full return’ but can report that there has been visible improvement! I’m waiting…. but also just considering showing up on Fridays because currently the show stinks. Pragya (much less abhigya) is not really in the show anymore. I don’t find this interesting without Pragya. And although I enjoyed abhigya, Abhi has been turned into something much worse than he was before. Dumber and dumber and dumber. And Jodi… check out Fridays! I am figuring out a way to create a private contact…. it’s my own fault that it hasn’t been done already.. but I hope it will be a way for some of us to keep in touch! So glad to hear from you Jodi!

    2. Hi Jodi… How are you dear? Well, I was kinda busy past few days so I couldn’t comment.. I got the shock of my life though did I read right… Is Purab and Aliya married 😎? Over to today’s episode…

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