Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Devina is pregnant

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devina and Pushpa fighting for Birju. Akhilesh stops them and sends them. Tau ji says I heard about your vasectomy, don’t worry Akhilesh, I will give you a herbal remedy, that you get fine, this is the ultimate cure, take this. Akhilesh asks him not to worry. Its morning, Ira prepares to leave for hospital. She doesn’t get her coat. She rushes to make breakfast. She sees everyone ready. Akhilesh says I have made the breakfast. They smile. He asks why do you think I can’t make food, I taught you making parathas, sit here, its imp day for you, have food then I will let you go. She eats food. She says I have to find my stuff. He shows her everything ready. She says thanks for arranging this for me. He says don’t worry, I m here. She asks what do you want in return.

He asks will you give it to me.

She asks him to ask and see. He asks her to go and work. She goes. He says I didn’t feed her curd and sugar, I can’t call her out to stop. He signs her to stop. She asks what happened. He feeds her curd and sugar. They smile. She says how can you be so good, you are best husband of the world. He asks her to go. She leaves. He says its strange, I m Birju’s son, Birju is world’s worst husband. He prays for family. Tau ji and Tai ji get spa treatment at home. Pushpa asks who called this lady. Tai ji says Devina called them, she is good. Pushpa says she is trying to trap you in fake love. She sends the lady. Pushpa serves them. Akhilesh comes and defends Devina. He says dad is root of all problems. She says stop it, Devina is at fault. He says we called Tau ji and Tai ji to decide. He thinks its good Ira is away from this drama. Ira is at hospital. She meets the senior and says I want to resume my internship. He says Dr. Patel isn’t here now, I m the new dean of this hospital, sorry you can’t resume this internship.

She says Dr. Patel gave me permission. He says I m not Dr. Patel, I can’t give you this chance, please leave. She thinks Akhilesh will be heartbroken knowing this, but I have to tell him. Pushpa asks Tau ji and Tai ji to take her side. Akhilesh says dad has done injustice with mom by keeping her in darkness. Vallabh comes there. Bhoomi says I called them. She greets Vallabh. Pushpa asks him to come and tell them who is right. Vallabh says we were waiting for Birju to come back, so that we can talk about Bhoomi and Bhavik’s relation. Akhilesh says there is already a big mess here, you are part of family member, mum and mom have become enemies, its dad’s mistake. A courier comes for Mrs. Pandey. Bhoomi gets shocked seeing positive pregnancy reports. She says its written that Pushpa is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. Pushpa asks what nonsense.

Bhoomi says the reports have come from hospital. Pushpa laughs and says its Ira’s reports, Ira is pregnant. Chandu says congrats. Aditya asks how is this possible. Pushpa thanks Lord. Tau ji says congrats Akhilesh, you did miracle without having the herb. Akhilesh says no, you are mistaken. Ira comes home. Pushpa dances with her happily and blesses. She says I can’t believe you are pregnant. Ira gets shocked. She says its not my reports. Pushpa says whose reports are these. Devina comes and says I have a headache, I feel unwell, where are parlor ladies. Pushpa says I have sent them away. Birju thinks what’s this drama now. Devina says I went for blood tests also, did my reports come, what’s written in reports. Bhoomi says its positive. Devina says it means I m pregnant. They all get shocked.

Pushpa cries and takes Sanyasan’s disguise. She says I will go Haridwar. Akhilesh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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