Krishna Chali London 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe learns Lali’s illness

Krishna Chali London 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna calling back on the number. She thinks what’s wrong. She clears security check. The final call for passengers is announced. Krishna recalls Lali’s words and runs out. Radhe sits sad and says go Krishna go… He sees Krishna coming and smiles. He thanks mata Rani for the miracle She goes other way. He doesn’t see her and thinks he is much drunk. He sees Krishna again and says why do I feel fishy. Bela says its time to ask Mata Rani, pray for Radhe, he has gone mad, he is seeing Krishna here. Radhe says I have seen Krishna twice. Shukla asks him to stop dreaming, Krishna has gone London. Krishna calls Gajanan. He answers call. Krishna tells him something. He nods and goes to meet her. She asks where is Lali. He says dad left her at hospital, I will call

him. She says no, I m scared for her, did you speak to her.

He says dad spoke to minister and dropped her to a good hospital, then why all these questions. She calls the hospital number and asks him to ask about Lali’s room. Gajanan asks nurse about Lali. She says stop making prank calls, a madam asked the same some time back, there is no patient by this name here. Krishna says I got the same reply and left flight to come here. He asks did you miss your flight. She asks how can I leave my elder sister like this, she isn’t at hospital. He asks what nonsense, Shukla dropped Lali and Pinky, I will call Lali’s parents. He calls and asks Lali’s brother about her. He gets shocked.

He says if dad hasn’t… She says go in and make excuse, I m waiting for you. He goes. Shukla talks to Matuk. Shukla sees Krishna. She hides. She sees Radhe. He smiles and says you couldn’t leave me and go London, I have also forgiven you. Shukla tries to see. Krishna says let me go. Radhe says I won’t, do whatever you want. She worries seeing Shukla and hugs Radhe. Radhe gets happy.

Shukla says people are so shameless, nonsense. He goes back. Radhe says lets forget all the past, look at me, choose one finger and lets be friends again, forget it as bad past. Krishna sees Shukla gone. She pushes Radhe. He stops her. She says let me go. He refuses. She says stop acting cheap. He says I left you, go, let me see how you go, Krishna apologize. She says I will say sorry. She hits on his foot and says sorry, the world is not revolving around you, open eyes and look out. She goes. He says did you miss London flight and came here to kick me, what do you want, I will put an end to this fight today. Gajanan comes to Krishna and says I had gone to get car keys, Shukla had it. She says lets get out soon. They leave in a rickshaw. Radhe shouts Krishna. He stops a rickshaw. Lali asks the man to leave her. She cries. Krishna says let me try calling that number once. She calls and signs no. The doctor injects Lali. Krishna says we should go to police station, we have to get the mobile number traced, if anything happens to Lali. Gajanan asks driver to take them to police station. The man says if you inform Shukla about the call, he won’t give us money, none will come here to find her in a day, you are a coward. Radhe drives the rickshaw and stops Krishna.

Radhe gets Krishna out and asks her what’s going on. Krishna and Gajanan ask him to stop it and listen. Radhe says I won’t let anyone move, she has messed up my life. He asks why did you miss your flight and come back, for whose sake, you stamped my leg, what do you want. Krishna says I won’t answer, I m not your property. Radhe stops her and says why do you keep hanging around my family members. She pushes him away and says I didn’t just had relation with you, I still have the same relation with Lali and Gajanan, you want to know why I came back, I didn’t come back for you, I came back for Lali. Radhe asks what, for Lali? Gajanan cries. Radhe asks what’s going on here, what happened to Lali. Gajanan says Lali’s life is in danger, she is suffering from cancer. Radhe gets shocked. Gajanan says I don’t know where is my wife and daughter, dad is behind all this. Radhe says no, Lali can’t be suffering from cancer, she is fine. He sits crying.

Gajanan gets inside the hospital. Radhe and krishna hide. Gajanan gets shocked seeing Lali and Pinky tied up. Goons catch Gajanan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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