Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunika teaches Mishri to cheat

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishri asks Akhilesh why he was shouting on Mapu. You should apologize immediately or God wont give you place even in Hell. He apologizes. Mishri asks him to do Mapu’s band aid. She brings band aid box and gives to Akhilesh. He apologizes to Ira for saying too much and wipes the blood. Tere Bin song plays in the background as they cast a small glance at each other. Mishri smiles broadly. She stands between them. My parents are so smart. They will win the next test too. she kisses them on their cheeks one by one.

The second test is to ready Mishri for school in 5 minutes. You have to pack her books as per the schedule, cook for her. Are you ready? Akhilesh is hesitant but Ira agrees. The timer starts. Ira suggests packing the school bag first. Akhilesh starts his work while Ira gets Mishri ready. Kunika is worried that they might win this game too if they will work this way. She notices the badge on the table and picks it. She throws it at Ira (which lands on her hair). Akhilesh finds the lunch box empty. Ira helps him make sandwich. Mishri grins from ear to ear seeing her Mapu and Bapu at work. She is all set to go. Principal asks for the school badge. Mishri asks her parents to find it asap. Akhilesh notices it on Ira’s hair and takes it out. Ira pins it on Mishri’s uniform much to Kunika’s unhappiness. Mishri asks them for a kiss and steps back. Akhilesh and Ira stop in their tracks. Mishri tells the Principal that she is ready. She mentally thanks Bajrang Bali for giving her parents another chance to come closer. The next task is to make something which Mishri likes. Akhilesh asks Ira about it. She suggests making a house. Mishri used to like it. Kunika advises Akhilesh to make something which Principal would find different. He decides to make Akhada. Ira finds it unreasonable. We only have 15 minutes anyways. No parents do that. They get into an argument and end up pulling at the thermocol. Kunika decides to show it to Principal. Mishri asks them what they are doing. You both had to work together for my admission. How will it happen if you will fight with each other? How will I go to school with Vansh? In such schools, kids are sent with their parents to places like Shimla where it snows. I so wanted to go with both of you. Akhilesh cheers her up. Ira gets an idea and breaks thermocol in small pieces while Akhilesh is trying to convince Mishri. Mishri makes a sad face when Ira starts showering thermocol particles over her. Who likes snow? Be careful or you will catch cold. Mishri starts smiling. Akhilesh says let her catch cold. I have medicine for it. He too starts showering it from the other end. Kunika returns with the teachers. She calls it mess. On the other hand, Mishri compliments her parents’ gesture which also touches Principal’s heart. Akhilesh asks her if Mishri’s admission is certain. Principal wants Mishri to give test in English and Maths. She will be admitted if that happens. Mishri worries that she will fail. I am weak in both these subjects. Kunika smirks.

Mishri is seated in a classroom. Akhilesh, Ira and Kunika wait outside. Kunika asks Akhilesh why he is so worried. Akhilesh wants to give his daughter the best education. Kunika assures him that Mishri will not fail. She excuses herself for a minute. Akhilesh notices Ira going inside. Ira tells Mishri not to worry so much. You remember what I taught you right? Just remember that. Mishri nods. Ira goes. Kunika enters from another door and gives a pencil box to Mishri. It has newly sharpened pencils and chits with answers. I got the question paper from peon already. Just copy them. Mishri calls it a sin. I wont get a place even in hell if I cheat. Kunika asks her if she wants to upset her Bapu by failing. Mishri shakes her head. Principal comes in followed by another teacher. Kunika wishes Mishri all the best and goes. Mishri gets 30 minutes to complete her paper. Ira gestures all the best to Mishri from the door. Mishri is in a fix if she should follow Mapu’s path or the chits given by Kunika aunty. Bapu will be upset with me if I fail. I don’t want him to be upset. What should I do?

Akhilesh paces outside the classroom. I hope he gets admitted here. Kunika is busy texting. Akhilesh coughs. Ira goes to bring water for him. You fall ill whenever you are in tension. She brings water but Kunika tells her to relax. I am here to take care of him. Akhilesh takes water from Kunika. Kunika tells him not to worry. She will pass the exam and get admitted here only. Ira tells Akhilesh to relax. There are so many schools in town. We can try somewhere else. Akhilesh tells her she is talking Hanikarak again. Mishri comes out of the room. She holds her ears and apologizes to them. I couldn’t fulfil your dream. I dint pass. The paper was very tough. I was weak. Ira tells her not to worry so much. It is okay even if you fail. Peon comes to inform them that Principal has called them in office.

Principal tells Akhilesh that his daughter dint write a single thing in her sheet. Why did you waste my time when she wasn’t prepared? Akhilesh tells her she cannot criticize a kid like this right in front of her. She shows the answer sheet and pencil box. Chits fall out shocking everyone. Mishri ponits out that Kunika gave them to her. I dint even look at them. Kunika apologizes to Akhilesh. I only wanted to help Mishri. I knew she was weak in these subjects. I know how important this admission was for you. Principal asks Mishri why she dint use the chits when she had a chance. Mishri speaks of her honesty. Mapu has taught me that it is better to lose honestly instead of cheating someone to win. Sorry for wasting your time. Akhilesh looks at Ira in surprise. Principal likes Mishri’s honesty and gives her admission.

Precap: Akhilesh calls Ira. It is Holi today. Can we forget everything that is going on between us for today? Can you come over? Mishri plans to make her parents take pheras around Holika. They will have to stay together then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hopefully Akiliesh will sooner realise that Kunkia is and has always been a cheat along with Devina! Despicable characters! It goes to show, how very little Akilesh know Ira and how stupidly he is easily manipulated by Kunika. Brain cell of a gnat!

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