Krishna Chali London 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna and Veer’s haldi

Krishna Chali London 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina saying I will apply haldi to bride first and then the groom. She applies haldi to Shivani. Shivani thinks I added chilli powder in haldi, why isn’t it burning. Veer smiles and recalls changing the haldi bowl. Shivani thinks to act even if there is no burning sensation. She argues with Krishna. She says she has added something in it. Veer thinks well done Shivani, there is something that I don’t love a girl like you. Sunaina asks what did you do with haldi. Krishna says I didn’t do anything. Veer shouts enough, is Shivani foolish then. He says the one who did mistake should get punished. He applies haldi to Krishna’s face. Everyone gets shocked. Veer says I told you I will apply you haldi.

He says nothing happened to Krishna, its the same haldi Shivani. Sunaina says maybe its some reaction, its fine. Shivani apologizes to Veer and says I spoke rudely, but I love you Veer. Shivani apologizes to Krishna. The people play dhol. Everyone dances. O kudiyon….plays…. Krishna also dances for a bit. Veer goes to Krishna. They have an eyelock. Veer applies holi colors to her face. He says happy holi, Mrs Veer Sahay to be. Adha ishq….plays…. She looks at him.

Krishna talks to Lali. Lali says I told you, Shivani isn’t the right girl for Veer. Krishna says I know, what can I do. Lali pacifies her. She says I feel you are just suppressing your feelings, why is this happening, why can’t you see the truth, Veer will be getting married soon, you may hide your feelings and you may lose a good life. She asks what’s stopping you, is it Radhe, we know you love Radhe a lot, he has left us, but life has to go on, just think about it. She ends call. Bela hears Lali. She says you are giving a lesson to Krishna, you want her to forget Radhe, I m missing Radhe, you forgot Radhe so soon. She acts to cry. Lali says I know your drama, it will be better for you to stop spying on me. Bela gets angry and says now I will drag this matter. Krishna recalls Lali’s and Veer’s words.

Bua comes and asks what happened at Veer’s house today. She asks why are your palms yellow, Dulaare has told me everything, why do you go there, don’t go, I know you have grown up, think well and take a decision, sleep now. Bua goes. Sunaina takes care of Nayani and says don’t ignore your health during pregnancy. She asks Shivani when is her dad coming. Shivani says dad won’t be able to come, he is busy with new hospital project. Sunaina says I understand, I will try my best that you don’t miss your family. Shivani thanks her.

Bela tells everything to Shuklain. She asks her to talk to Shukla. Shuklain says no, we have to think of something else, he will be very angry. Bela says I can keep an eye on Krishna if you allow. Shuklain says you have to be careful. Bela takes her blessings. Its morning, Krishna and Dulaare come to Veer’s house. Dulaare says we got a big opportunity, if we succeed, we can earn good name, thanks a lot for help. Shivani sees Krishna and says why is Veer mad about her, I have to get her at her place. She calls Krishna and asks her to help her in freeing stuck heels.

Veer writes his name on Krishna’s palm. He says I told you, I will always fulfill all rasams. Bela asks Shivani will she play games alone, or join hands to tackle Krishna.

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