Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mira tells Mishri about Ira’s bangle

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pushpa says I fell while following her and got hurt. I went to look for the bangle. It was in her hand only. I shouted a lot after her but she left in her big car! I fell down. She tells everything in detail. Akhilesh wonders how it could be. I felt her presence a while ago and now Amma also saw it. He asks Pushpa where she saw her. Pushpa tells him. He calls the Paan vendor. Do you know who was in the car? Mishra tells him that the car owner refused to move her car. She kept it right in front of my shop. I have the car number. He asks him to send it right away. Akhilesh decides to find that girl!

Amaya storms back inside Kabir’s office.

Devina warns Tanya to talk nicely to her. I am your DIL! Tanya asks her how she could be so careless. What if Pushpa really went missing? Akhilesh wouldn’t have spared any of us! Devina threatens to tell Akhilesh her truth. They keep on arguing. Adi has to tell them to be quiet so he can attend it. He lets out a shocked expression and ends the call. Devina asks him what happened. Tanya says you can see that he is tensed. Devina points out that she has eyes. Adi murmurs that everything is finished. Tanya says there is nothing to be finished. The house is the only thing that is left! Adi says we lost the house too. a month ago, I took Akhilesh’s sign on some legal papers showing it to be Mishri’s school papers. I got the house in my name, mortgaged it and invested the money in some scheme. We have lost everything! The ladies start arguing again. Tanya rues that she came to such a house after marriage. I am already staying here like a beggar. Will you send me to jail now? Devina tells her to stop being melodramatic. We can still sell the house and flee with the money we will get! Tanya calls her genius. What should we do? Devina advises them to be on the lookout for a potential buyer.

Mishri and Vansh are having a hard time feeding Pushpa but she insists that Akhilesh should first bring Ira Kaki home. Mishri asks Vansh if he thinks Pushpa saw Mapu. Vansh says her condition is so bad. She must be imagining! Pushpa asks them what they are whispering about. I will tell my friend. He will scold you. She gets excited seeing Akhilesh. Akhilesh asks her why she isn’t eating anything. She shares that they want to play with Ira Kaki. I wont eat till the time you bring her home. Akhilesh promises her he will bring Ira home. You need strength to play after all. She readily agrees. He feeds his mother as Mishri looks on. Mishri and Vanh notice blood coming out of Akhilesh’s shirt. She tells Vansh about Akhilesh’s fight. His wounds haven’t healed yet. He hasn’t rested properly since then. Tell Bapu to rest for a while. He doesn’t even want to look at me. He will listen to you. Vansh agrees. He asks Akhilesh to freshen up and eat something. I will feed Pushpa. Akhilesh says I said I wont eat anything I find the bangle. Mishri turns her face away. I know you don’t want to see my face but please apply ointment to your wounds. There is blood on your arm. Pushpa also tells Akhilesh to tend to his wounds or doc will give him injection. It pains very much. Akhilesh tells Vansh to feed Pushpa. He goes to freshen up.

Mishri blames herself for Akhilesh’s situation. I should do something for Bapu. I cannot apply herbs on his wounds but I can atleast make it for him. She makes herbal ointment for Akhilesh. She is about to pick something but is surprised to see someone. Why are you getting inside from here? Mira says I must talk to Vansh. Mishri asks her to leave. She does not even let Mira talk. Everyone is in tension. I have lost Mapu’s bangle. Mira says I have it. Mishri is surprised. She helps her come in. Mira tells her how she got it. Mishri hugs her. You are indeed angel aunty. Bapu said he wont eat food till the time he gets that bangle. He will eat food once I will give it to him. Mira says I don’t have it now. I will give it to you tomorrow. Mishri is worried that Akhilesh will have to stay hungry till tomorrow morning. Mira offers to talk to Akhilesh.

Akhilesh receives a call. Did you find that girl? She may not be Ira but she has her bangle. I want that bangle at any cost! By the time Mishri comes to his room, he has already left. Where is he? Mira says he might have gone to doc. Mishri denies. I know him well. He hurts himself intentionally since Mapu left. He does not want to live anymore. Mira asks the reason. Mishri shares that he too wishes to be with Mapu. Everyone says she is no more but I am certain that she is alive. She will come home. Everything will be fine once that happens. Mira is touched. She assures Mishri that her belief will win. I am with you. I will get you your Mapu’s bangle right away. I will take you to my brother. Mishri gets happy. I want to thank him. Mira tells her that Bhabhi is also there. don’t take her words to your heart. She is rude. Mishri agrees.

Kabir is talking to someone about his takeover plans. Amaya is sitting there as well. The guy asks Kabir if he wont like to show India to his wife. Amaya complains of everything she has experienced till now. A guy held onto my hand with force today. He just wouldn’t leave! This guy would have been in jail if we were in US right now! Kabir asks her why she dint tell him earlier. I wont spare him if I grab hold of him!

Akhilesh reaches the hotel where Amaya is staying. He finds out her room number after threatening the car’s driver. Akhilesh heads to room number 1302.

Amaya asks Kabir if his interview is done. I am really tired. The reporter nods. Kabir goes to see him off and tells Amaya to relax. She is relieved to have the room all to herself.

Manager steps outside after giving Amaya a drink. She drapes a robe and switches on loud music. Akhilesh is right outside her room. Kabir is nearby. Akhilesh hears the music. She is partying after hurting my Amma!

Precap: Akhilesh steps inside the room. Amaya is lost in the music. Kabir is headed to his room. Amaya senses someone’s presence in the room. The room is dark. Akhilesh confronts her but she has applied mask on her face. Show me your face! She asks him to let go of her. Kabir switches on the lights just then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hi Pooja, Thank you for a super detailed fast update! I am appreciative of your efforts due to &TV no longer available where i am. Your detailed writing helps to bring the scenes alive in my mind. Thank you. 🙂
    As for Devina, Adi and Tanya, they have a lot to answer for….still waiting for justice! How despicable and low they can fall!

    1. Alister La Frenais

      Summer, you can see all your favourite (&TV serials) on ZEE TV. Regrettably, this is a subscription channel. I hope this piece of information is of some use to you.

    2. Hi Alister,
      I knooooow! 🙁 I’m just too tight to pay for it! lol 🙁 The t.v doesn’t come on during the day, only in the evenings. I don’t watch t.v at weekends either, but since &TV canned the serials, t.v is hogged with Motor GP, Grand Prix or Wheeler dealers! 🙁 Hmmm, i might just have to cough it up! Thank you though! 🙂

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