Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan gives antrra shock

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DAdi says eat something for your child Antra. Durga says she won’t eat. Dadi says you come with me, we will make juice for her. Guddan says you have to do so much of drama. You are a demon. You killed your brother. Antra says yes these fake tears are so difficult. Antra says go expose me in front fo everyone. No one trusts you here.. Antra says to do something big. Guddan says I came to give you one last warning but you don’t deserve it. You have to tell everyone or what happened to Rawat can happen to you too. Antra says are you threatening me of killing me? Guddan brings the wire. Gudadn says if you die, you won’t have any wealth. I will kill you if you don’t tell everyone truth. Dadi comes and says Guddan what are you doing. Leave it. Durga says are

you in your senses. Guddan says if anyone comes, I will kill her. Guddan says Antra says tell us truth Antra. AJ says what are you doing Guddan. Guddan says I will kill her, move back. AJ says no one would come forward please leave her. Guddan says now Antra will speak the truth. Antra says to kill me, end these accusations forever. Kill me. You want to kill me. Guddan says tell us the truth.

Antra takes the wires from Guddan. There is current in them. She gets shock. Guddan is dazed. AJ shuts ths socket. AJ says are you in your senses. Guddan wonders where did this power come from? Antra saw her with the fake socket and replaced it with a real one. DAdi says Guddan you want to kill her? Durga says you wanted to kill someone? Antra says let me die AJ please. I am tired. Guddan says there was no current in that socket. AJ says enough. I told you it was all my mistake but you wanted to punish her. You wanted to kill her? You are doing this because of this marriage? I don’t have any other option. You won’t be able to stop this marriage even if you want to. He takes off the engagement ring from her finger. AJ says Antra has right on this ring not you. He makes Antra wear the ring. AJ says Antra would be my wife now. Guddan says you gave my wedding ring to Antra? AJ says you lied so many times. You tried killing her so many times. You were killing two lives. You listen now, I am marrying her with my will now. And if you harm or accuse my wife to be, I won’t take it. Don’t you dare. AJ leaves.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to AJ and says you’re a man after all. You decided on your wife’s future without even asking her. You decided everything for her. There are gifts you gave me. Give them to antra. Whatever I did, you can’t give my right to anyone else. When we made this relationship as two, how can you decide the future as one? You showed me you are a normal man, not Ram. You could be mad at me, but you gave my right to another woman. You won’t ever have my pardon. Guddan leaves.
Antra hugs AJ and says thank you for trusting me. AJ says what Guddan did was wrong. But what I did was also wrong. I won’t be able to love you, I will marry you. But I can’t give her place to anyone. Antra says I understand you. How can I expect you to forget her? I understand.

Durga and Saru come to Antra and touch her feet. Laxmi comes too. She touches Antra’s feet. Durga says we are so happy. Saru says AJ decided right. That Guddan doesn’t deserve to be the MIL of this house. Durga says I am so happy for you. Antra says Laxmi aren’t you happy? Or you still trust Guddan? Laxmi says I want to believe that she is not wrong but she is. She tried killing you and this child. That can’t be forgiven. They leave.
Durga says to Antra you gave yourself a shock? just to prove Guddan wrong. There isn’t any like you. My years of struggle has finally come to result. Congratulations. Durga leaves.

Antra says everyone who wants to come between me and my property would leave. You three and everyone will have to leave. Only I have right on this money.
AJ recalls what Guddan said. HE says how can you hate somone so much. I did something I shouldn’t have. I won’t forgive you. I will punish myself for life.
Guddaan rings the bell in temple. She says why are you punishing me? Will my truth never be seen?
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Antra make all DIL leave, when Guddan stop them saying she hold 51% share in property, shocking Antra.. Guddan later says that Antra’s chapter will be over soon…

    2. Show is turning bakwas and stupid day by day, dropping viewers…

  2. Smh I’m so disappointed why writers why in trying to prove Antara wrong you will let guddan seems mad really death threat… I wish she at least allows Antara to throw out Durga and Saru but no every wife on these dam serial have to be greater than thou and always forgive the evil ones….lastly after all this crap resolve if she takes back aj with open arms that’s when I’ll stop watching and dadi seems too happy for a grand child to me(plot twist dadi was hand in hand with antara all the time) I could be wrong

  3. What!? Since when?……
    REALLY, Guddan should stop being so impulsive and put a proper strategy in place with reliable evidence before opening her mouth!
    As for AJ saying he will never forgive Guddan…I thought I would recap what has happened since their engage:
    1 July- AJ and Guddan engagement
    2 July- Guddan & Dadi find AJ and Antara together
    3 July- Dadi arrange AJ & Antara’s wedding
    4 July- Antara fake suicide & AJ agree to marriage / Guddan saves AJ from truck
    5 July- Antara calls Bhushan who breaks ties with Guddan
    8 July- Guddan brings doctor who lies to save his family
    9&10 July- Durga stabbing drama
    11 July – Rawat arrives and Antara does half confession
    12 July – AJ and Guddan love confession
    15 July- Antara poison kheer
    16 July- Antara pregnancy naathak
    17 July- Antara kill Rawat
    18 July – AJ sides with Antara against Guddan
    18 July – AJ takes ring from Guddan and gives it to Antara………
    Next: Antara does fake fall and loses fake baby and AJ does what? Rips mangalsutra from Guddan again?
    AJ, you should be asking for forgiveness, because you failed in performing your duties as a husband towards Guddan

    What the hell must Guddan still endure?

  4. Unfortunately, BARC rating shows otherwise, GTNHP is at 9 this week…This Antara track is absolute bakwaas…it has been stretched for too long

  5. Thank you Shraddha for the precap. It helps me a lot

  6. Stupid writters , you people will never change, dull brains. I will never watch or read this track anymore nonsense


    Antara is one cunning snake.. Aj is one cheap man couldn’t afford a new ring for Antara.. Guddan when Antara gets exposed leave Jindal idiots forever…

  8. I can’t see whether guddan n aj aparts

  9. Shanki, who would we like to see come into Guddans life? I mean which actor? I love Harshad Chopra, he has the cutest dimples/smile…..and ireally looks awesome!

    1. SHANKI

      Nur ahmed don’t watch this bakwas for a while go watch Yeh teri galiyan it is a bit better than this shit.. by the way harsad is good for me aswell.. but don’t think he will suit guddan.. maybe they should just show Revati and angad for a while REGAD

  10. Dadi…Dadi….Dadi!
    After fake miscarriage, Dadi slaps Guddan and call her baby killer!
    Clearly the end of Guddan & AJ

    Why does all Guddans attempts to reveal Antaras truth end up in failure?
    She really has no one on her side to help her..
    Laxmi has also gone to the other side….
    It seems that even God has forsaken her….

  11. It is very unfortunate and sad to see how marital life is promoted in zeetv serial.such a person is not allowed to write films because she (ekta kapoor) has a negative influence on marital life. the woman has no value in her shows. because she has experienced that in her relationships. she has not succeeded in her life.
    sometimes I think she takes her revenge this way.women suffer too much and often in all her shows. and that is sad to see when it doesn’t have to be that way. marriage is a beautiful thing.

  12. Geeta, yes, marriage is a beautiful thing….
    What worries me about tv series like these is that is promotes way too much abuse against woman…..whether physical, emotional or verbal.
    Sadder still is the fact that in many instances it is women hurting other women and the men standing on the side watching
    In GTNHP, Akshat has become the abused ( by Antara) and the abuser (towards Guddan)
    These producers and writers must be held accountable too for the amount of violence, divorces and abuse to a certain extent?
    As for Ekta, I don’t think she is involved in this show.
    The producer is Ved Raj from Shoonya Productions…

    The latest trip rating show GTNHP is at 7 and not 9 as per previous my comment.
    As for me watching this show now…..I can’t .. I have tried, but every time I see Guddan being abused and slandered and not trusted by the one person that should have given her at least 5 minutes of his time…..I think of my beautiful niece’s and sisters and wonder if they happy and safe in their marriages…..
    So unless this track comes to an end, I will not be watching….
    All my sisters out there….Love you all and be happy

  13. Yes Nur Ahmed you’re right .it’s a shame to see women treated that way. men are always so powerless to watch how their wives are treated. I hope the writer will put an end to antra very soon. because I am ashamed of antra.

  14. SHANKI

    Guys reply which new actor would suit Guddanm

    . harshad chopra
    . Karen singh grover
    . karanvir bohra
    . Arjun biljani
    . Kinshuk mahajan
    . Kinshuk 2
    . Arjit taneja..

  15. SHANKI

    Guys reply which new actor would suit Guddan

    . harshad chopra
    . Karen singh grover
    . karanvir bohra
    . Arjun biljani
    . Kinshuk mahajan
    . Kinshuk 2
    . Arjit taneja..

    1. SHANKI

      who watched Qubool hai before? AsYA

  16. SHANKI

    Nur Ahmed, poor guddan needs a new guy to love name is shanki meaning shantanu puchki from YTG
    Ekta kapoor shares her pain using her vomiting shows and for some reason she gets more trps these writers get the bad infulence and punish us viewers.. Kuch be yaar… Antara is old woman so how did she get pregnant? I never expected anything from Durga but AJ dadi laksmi have shocked me! Better than this was that Parv killed them all! Ungrateful dogs! except for Angad! I have learned that you can expect anything from these writers.. so disgusting these writers made us hate Aj and his dogs I hate him and when he shouts at guddan I feel like taking his glasses.. breaking them.. chucking them down his throat..
    Dadi needs new glasses and Aj needs a 100000000000…slaps and Guddan needs a new guys!

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