Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira doubts on Vikram

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa calling Akhilesh and Ira. Ira answers. Pushpa asks are you fine, make me talk to Akhilesh. Ira says he is not here, what happened. Pushpa says I m restless to talk to him. Ira says don’t worry. Pushpa says promise me you will make me talk to him. Ira says okay, I promise. Vikram asks Akhilesh to wait, he will go and hire an auto. Akhilesh wishes he gets fine. Aditya drives rashless and sees Akhilesh. Aditya and his friends make fun of him. Ira looks for Akhilesh. She says I can’t go in such clothes, but how to save Akhilesh. Aditya goes to knock him down by his jeep. Ira flashes the mirror. Aditya passes by. Akhilesh falls down. Ira runs to Akhilesh and ask him to open eyes. She takes him in an auto. She asks what were you doing there. She takes him to the lodge. He falls asleep.

She calls Pushpa. She asks Akhilesh to talk to Pushpa. Akhilesh says I m feeling sleepy, I will talk later. Ira says he is tired, he worked all day. Pushpa says its fine, massage his legs. She ends call. Ira asks Akhilesh to get up. She lights mosquito coil for his relief. She hears him talking in sleep and throws the coil angrily. She then hears good things about her and sits smiling. Akhilesh says I lied to you. She asks what lie. He says I never ate fish or egg. She laughs. She says don’t think I like you. She lights the coil again. She goes to talk to manager about the lights. Vikram comes there and says where did Akhilesh go, don’t know where did his wife take him. Ira argues with the manager. She goes to see fuse box. Vikram sees Akhilesh in room and says maybe his wife got him here, just take him fast. Ira checks switches and turns off the lights. Vikram says put Akhilesh back. Manager asks what did you do, power failed. She asks him to get it checked by electrician. Ira sees Vikram. Vikram angrily goes. She asks who’s that man. Manager says he booked Akhilesh’s room. The man says he has kept Akhilesh on job. He goes to Vikram and says Akhilesh’s wife was asking about you, but I managed. Ira sits fanning air to Akhilesh. She takes care of him. Vikram looks on and thinks we can’t do anything tonight. He goes. Ira falls asleep. Its morning, Ira gets a call and wakes up. She goes for her work.

The man calls Vikram and says Akhilesh’s wife left. Akhilesh wakes up and says how did I come here. Vikram greets him. He says you fainted yesterday, I got you here, have tea, your operation will happen today, get ready. Akhilesh says don’t give me injection, give the gas mask instead. Vikram agrees. He says I don’t have anesthetic gas, how to get it. He gets an idea. Akhilesh gets a long hair on his kurta and thinks how did this female hair came on my kurta. He calls Ira. She says I m studying. He says I felt you were with me. She asks am I any superwoman to come there. He says maybe I was dreaming. She says you are dreaming about me. He ends call and smiles. Vikram comes to medical camp and sees the anesthetic gas cylinder. He bribes the ward boy and says keep mouth shut, I m a doctor, don’t say anyone. Ira asks what’s happening here. The man says this man is stealing the cylinder, he said he is a doctor. Ira says you are Akhilesh’s boss, how can you be a doctor. She asks what’s happening, why are you stealing, shall I call police. Vikram pushes her and beats the ward boy. He runs from there. Ira thinks something is wrong, is someone framing Akhilesh. Akhilesh goes with Vikram. Ira shouts and runs after the car. She falls down.

Ira follows Akhilesh and tries to warn Akhilesh. Vikram takes Akhilesh for surgery.

Update Credit to: Amena

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