Porus 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Realizes Darius’ Conspiracy

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Ambhi raj with his army waits near Jhelum shore for Darius’ orders. Ambhi Kumar asks if they are doing right. Ambhi Raj says enemy should be finished totally, once he gets Darius’ orders, they will enter Pourav rastra market and destroy everything in 1 blow. Kanishk and Barsin’s wedding rituals start. Pandit asks them to come and sit in front of havan fire. Darius smirsk at Anusuya. Pandit does gathbandhan and starts mantras. Darius signals Mauses. Mauses leaves silently. Anusuya notices that. Darius smirks at her. Pandit asks bride and groom to start pheras. Kanishk happily gets up, but Barsin does not and looks at Darius. Darius signals her to get up. She gets up. Mauses returns and says till now they have not sent message and if it gets late, their plan will fail, should he send message. Darius says not before time, he learnt from Anusuya to attack on time. Anusuya notices shower of arrows and saves Bamni. Darius acts and asks Bamni who must be doing this heinous act. His puppet soldier informs Bamni that prince Puru with Takshashia has attacked us. Darius says Purus is traitor as well as backstabber now.

Ambhi raj with his soldiers barges into Pourav market and starts destroyal. Bamni says Puru cleared even a slightest kindness from his heart now. Anusuya says Puru cannot do anything wrong. Darius says what is this then, Puru backstabbed his father, his brother, his country. Bamni says backstabbing is Takshashila people’s usual routine, it is time to teach them a lesson. Darius thinks arrow has hit target and now nobody can stop him from capturing whole Bharath.

Laachi continues trying to revive Puru and asks to open eyes. She hears his heartbeat and sees his hand shaking. He opens eyes and smiles at Laachi. Ambhi raj with his soldiers continues killing Pourav praja. Bamni orders soldiers to go to weapon house and get ready for war immediately. Soldiers see their weapon room closed and informs Bamni. Bamni orders to close city’s main door, Takshashila army should not enter at any cost. Darius smirks. Ambhi is about to enter via main door when soldiers close it. Ambhi orders to break door. Bamni asks Darius to go and hide with Barsin. Darius says they are relatives now, their problems are same now, they will teach Ambhi raj a nice lesson. Bamni says Takshashila has provoked him and he is capable to handling them. Darius saks Barsin go and lock her room from inside and not open it any cost, in some time, everything will be under his control. Anusuya follows Barsin. Ambhi raj’s soldiers hit door huge wooden lumbar while Pourav soldiers protect it. Bamni pulls his sword and walks words door with Kanishk and soldiers. Kanishk says traitor Puru is attacking with Takshila on his wedding day to stop it. Bamni says whoever the enemy is, his sword will speak now and will finishal his enemies.

Puru smiles at Laachi and calls her name. She says Puru and says nothing will happen to him as her Puru does not leave any work unfinished. Puru reminsices Ambhi informing that Darius and him are friends even before Puru was born and Darius telling tonight, Pourav rastra will be finished. He asks where id Darius. She says inside Pourav rastra. Darius asks Hasti to get out his soldiers. Hasti runs out. Anusuya walks behind Barsin and asks if she knew about her father’s plan, she will reply to their coward move. Hasti sees her going and hides. Puru gets up and tells Laachi, they have to go, don’t know howmuch Ambhi and Darius must have harmed his country. Anusuya joins Bamni holding sword. Bamni asks her to go as she will be at risk. Anusuya says she is queen and cannot leaver his king alone. Bamni asks even after knowing that her son is behind this attack. Anusuya says she trusts her belief and knows her son cannot betray.

Ambhi’s soldiers break open door and behind Ambhi barge into palace. They stand opposite Bamni and his team holding arrows. Ambhi comes in front. Bamni searches Puru and asks where is he. Anusuya says when he is not involved in this conspiracy, how will he be seen. Bamni asks who is behind this conspiracy then. Farsi soldiers attack from behind. Anusuya asks if he did not get his answer even now, he did not believe her since years, now proof is in front of him. Darius walks in front. Anusuya says bitter thing can be medicine and sweeter can be poison, Darius is poison. Darius joins Ambhi and smirks at Bamni.

Precap: Anusuya warns Darius that Bamni must have realized truth later, but her son will reach on time. Darius says he killed Porus from his hands. Puru holds Darius’ neck.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Based on precap my Puru is back because he does not leave any job incomplete…I cannot wait to watch it later because I will rejoice when Puru holds that scrawny neck of Darius in his hands. Laachi, you know that Puru is incomplete without his Supergirl… thank you for getting him back on his feet. Love you Laachi!!! Bamani, you are a super idiot also your son Kanishk…Ambhi, don’t let Queen Anusuya get you, because it will not be pretty…betraying her Prince in the vilest fashion.

  2. Bamini stupid Bamini. Finally he realized the truth. I think he is going to die in the fight. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  3. Ragini Srivastava

    Superb episode I just jumped with joy watching puru hold darious neck…??
    Can’t wait for next episode….?? ????

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