Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suparna’s plan fails

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh saying about his allergy to orchids. Ira says I forgot. She hugs him. He asks her to stay away. She says I won’t go away, I want us to get ill so that we stay together. Suparna looks on. She says once I spray this perfume on him, he will forget his family and come with me, if any man smells this fragrance, he will become fan of the women he sees first, I will come in front of Akhilesh. Baba prepares to sacrifice Akhilesh. Devina says Birju will have laddoos made by me first. She feeds him laddoo. He spits it. Pushpa laughs. Devina asks Birju to just eat the laddoo. Birju doesn’t. Chandu tries to bite the laddoo. He says I will see this laddoo. He gets a hammer to break the laddoo. Chandu hits on laddoo. Hammer breaks.

Pushpa asks Devina to move

the laddoos away. She throws laddoos. It hits Vallabh. Pushpa says sorry, did you get hurt, Devina has made these stone laddoos. Devina says how dare you make fun of me. Vallabh says don’t get angry, I have come for a good work, I got Bhavik’s alliance for Bhoomi. Pushpa says its a good news, come. He asks for Ira and Akhilesh. Pushpa says they are in room upstairs. Ira thinks Akhilesh can never become a dad, I can’t hide this from him. Vallabh and Chandu talk to Birju. Akhilesh collides with Suparna. The perfume bottle breaks.

Birju and others get the perfume smell. They see Suparna coming. She thinks they have smelled this perfume and got attracted to me. They sing songs and follow her. She runs from them. Pushpa gets shocked seeing this. She asks what’s happening. She slaps Chandu. Devina asks what the hell is happening. She also slaps Chandu. She scolds Vallabh. He says I m in love. Devina pushes them. She asks Birju to stop it, enough. Pushpa gets shocked. She asks what happened to you. She shouts to Akhilesh to come out. Akhilesh asks what happened. She says just see why are they after this girl. Akhilesh stops them. Ira gets shocked. She says I think they are not in senses. Akhilesh asks Suparna to run out of the house fast. Suparna asks why. He asks her to just run. She runs. They all run after him.

Akhilesh throws water over the men. They come to senses. Chandu asks what happened, what are we doing here. Vallabh says I didn’t come to play holi here. Akhilesh tells them what they were doing. Vallabh says we don’t remember. Ira says go home dad, you will fall ill. Pushpa says yes, just go. He says fine, I will come some other day. He leaves. Akhilesh says how did they get affected by mantra. Pushpa asks did baba do this. Ira says I don’t think so. Devina scolds Birju. Baba asks Suparna to make some big plan to trap Akhilesh. She says he can do anything for family, I will use them to trap him. He says do anything but get him to me.

Chandu says you really think I will do such a cheap thing, trust me. Akhilesh asks him to go. He says its strange, they don’t remember why they behaved with Suparna like this, it seems like someone hypnotized them, is Pushpa right, is baba behind this. He gets the perfume bottle. He recalls Suparna. He thinks it means Suparna is behind this.

Suparna hypnotizes everyone. She asks Akhilesh to come with her if he wants to save his family. He finds everyone in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    most nonsensical show !

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