Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi scares Vansh to the core

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh tells Ira not to drag the matter. Mishri regrets what she did. Ira insists upon disciplining Mishri. Pushpa also tells her to ignore it as Mishri is still a kid. Ira agrees but keeps another condition – I wont talk to Mishri after today! Mishri tells her she will be hurt if that happens. I accept your punishment. You will have to talk to me afterwards though. Please forgive me. Saying so, she runs upstairs. Akhilesh questions Ira for being so stubborn but she goes to her room without a word.

Devina looks at Pushpa and Vansh. Pushpa eats dhokla. Devina thinks to make use of this opportunity.

Devina finds Pushpa listening to some songs on high volume. Pushpa promotes &TV’s new serial – Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki. They argue if love should happen with people from equal stature or otherwise. Pushpa gives Ira and Akhilesh’s example. Akhilesh’s father was so innocent yet a witch trapped him in her love. Devina says I am not a witch. They drop the topic. Devina speaks of Mishri’s punishment but Pushpa is sure the problem will sort out soon. Mishri must be going through some changes because of what happened lately. God will fix everything. Devina thinks to do something because of which Ira wont even think of forgiving Mishri ever.

Devina switches on Mirchi as soon as she enters her room. She tells her to do something to destroy Pushpa, Ira and Akhilesh’s trust on Mishri and their relationship. Mirchi asks her if Mapu and Bapu will love her then. Devina nods. She tells Mirchi a plan in mute. Mirchi says Vansh is my very good friend. How can I do this? Devina says you have to lose something to gain something. You have to trouble your friend a little to gain the love of your Mapu and Bapu. Mirchi agrees. She goes to change clothes so as to execute the plan.

Mishri prays to Bajrang Bali in her room. You know I am not responsible for what happened yesterday. No one believes me. How can I forget what Mirchi told me? Family members think it is because of medicines. If it is true then I should be punished. Mapu shouldn’t be angry with me for long. She hears Vansh calling out to her. Let’s play game. Mishri refuses to cheat Mapu. It turns out to be Mirchi speaking in Vansh’s voice.

Mirchi goes downstairs where Vansh is sitting. Her eyes are red. She turns normal as soon as Vansh turns to look at her. He is surprised to see her there. Mami told you not to come out of the room. Mirchi says I want to play with you. Vansh fails to understand how she is going against her mom’s words. Mirchi insists it is about a while. She gives him den. We will play blindfold today. She blindfolds him and then asks him to find her. Vansh calls out to her but she comes back with a handful of crackers. The game will be fun now!

Akhilesh tells Ira there was no point explaining things to her. You were so harsh with her! She says I had to be harsh. Rahul is in ICU. She made a mistake and then blamed an imaginary character. I am not someone who will ignore the mistakes made by my own daughter! He says it could also be because of her medicines. You only said that yesterday! She asks him which medicines Mishri is taking. They hear Vansh shouting for help and rush downstairs. Pushpa also comes there. Devina smiles seeing it from far. Mirchi laughs at Vansh’s condition. She tells Ira not to stop Vansh. It is so much fun. They are surprised seeing her reaction. Akhilesh douses the crackers somehow. Vansh looks at Mirchi in shock. He is crying by the time everything turns normal. Pushpa hugs him.

Mirchi complains to Akhilesh that he spoiled the fun. Ira and Akhilesh question her. Are you mad? Come here. Mirchi avoids her and runs upstairs. Devina signals her to hide asap. Mirchi runs towards Devina’s room. Ira and Akhilesh shout for Mishri. Devina comes there and pretends to be concerned. Vansh hugs her tight and cries. She asks him why he is crying. What happened? Vansh says Mishri was punished but she told me she wants to play with me. She blindfolded me and then put crackers in my leg. I was so scared. Mishri knows it that I am afraid of crackers! Devina asks Ira what this is. Ira refuses to bear Mishri’s tantrums anymore. She calls out to Mishri angrily.

Mishri removes her earphones and is surprised to hear Ira calling out to her. She runs downstairs immediately thinking that her punishment is over. Ira asks her since when she turned this naughty. You know Vansh is scared of crackers and you put them in his clothes? What if something had happened to him? Mishri tells her that she was upstairs all this time. Pushpa asks her since when she started lying. I saw you clapping with my own eyes. Aren’t you ashamed? He is your brother! Mishri tells her to trust her. I just came down. She tries talking to Vansh but he stops her from coming further. She tells him not to blame her falsely or God wont give him place even in hell. You came upstairs to call me to play but I told you I wont come. He calls her a liar and so does she. Ira says you made a mistake yet you are blaming Vansh. Mishri calls Vansh a liar. Ira slaps Mishri. Mirchi is recording everything. Mishri tells her to believe it that she isn’t lying. I dint do anything like that! Ira slaps her again. Devina smirks looking at Mirchi. Mishri requests Pushpa to trust her. Pushpa tells Ira it isn’t right to beat kids. Mishri repeats she isn’t lying. Ira pulls her ears. Akhilesh tells her to stop it but Ira does not relent. Ira asks Mishri since when she started lying. Akhilesh shouts at Ira to leave Mishri. Mishri looks shaken.

Precap: Mishri requests Akhilesh to send Mirchi from here. I am very much afraid of her. Akhilesh hands over Mirchi to Dr. Pillai but she takes it back from him by saying that Bhavik has told her to bring Mirchi back with her. Devina plans to throw Mishri out of the house using Mirchi’s help. You made Akhilesh throw Adi out of the house after all!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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