Kesari Nandan 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari goes missing

Kesari Nandan 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalki asking Kesari to go, they can’t risk their lives for her. She shuts the temple door. Kesari’s friends ask her to open the door, else Kesari will die. Kalki doesn’t listen and says we all will die if we think of her. The people stop Kesari’s friends. They all sit praying. Kesari finds the little girl crying and says you will get your parents soon. She takes the girl. Madhavi cries. Hanumant says nothing will happen to Kesari. Madhavi prays. The stormy winds stop. The man announces that the storm has passed by and now they all are safe. Everyone prays Kesari gets up and sees the girl. She hugs her and smiles. Everyone looks for Kesari. They don’t find her anywhere. Hanumant asks Shakti Singh about Kesari. He takes his help and sends Madhavi and Jagat with him in the jeep. Kesari shouts for help. She shouts to her friends. Jawahar shouts for Kesari and her friends and looks for them. He comes to the same place. Kesari shouts please help me Jawahar, I m stuck here. Kesari thinks my voice isn’t reaching them. Jawahar sees his sister Jyoti and hugs.

Rana ji comes there and runs to Kalki. She hugs him. He asks are you fine. She says I saved their lives, Kesari risked their lives. Rana ji says great, I was so worried for you. Jyoti says she is lying, she risked our lives. Rana ji and Kalki leave. Kesari shouts for help. Jyoti says Kesari went to save someone and got lost. Jawahar says we will find her, come home, dad is crying a lot, mum fainted in tension. He asks Pappu and Kripa to come with him, their families are worried for them. Kesari says my voice isn’t going out, if no one will help me, I will help myself.

Hanumant and Bhairav come to the dhaba and look for Kesari. Bhairav says nothing will happen. Hanumant says I know, she will be saving someone else, find her, she is my daughter. Pappu comes there looking for Kesari. Hanumant asks where is she. He says don’t know, we went to the temple, Kesari couldn’t come in, then the storms came close, we were locked inside the temple and she is missing. Hanumant and Bhairav get shocked.

Hanumant asks why is this happen when dad and daughter were meeting, when I felt proud of her, this had to happen, why…. He cries. Bhairav consoles him. Hanumant asks where is Kesari. Shakti comes and says some people heard a girl’s voice near the temple, maybe that’s Kesari. The little girl cries. Hanumant and Bhairav come there. Kesari smiles seeing the light. She says we got the help, just see. Hanumant and Bhairav see some other girl. Kesari looks upwards. Hanumant says where is Kesari. Kesari says we fell inside the well, help us. She sees the little girl crying and says I don’t want anyone’s help, I will get you out of here. She starts climbing the walls of the well. She says I will go up first and then take you, don’t cry. She gives her locket to the girl.

Madhavi argues with Zoravar. He cries and starts a drama. Bijli also cries and acts. They pray for Kesari. Madhavi slaps Bijli. She scolds Bijli. She says nothing happened to my Kesari. Kesari climbs and falls. Hanumant looks for her. Kalki says Kesari is missing, Hanumant is finding her. Rana ji says its not a good news. Kesari climbs again. A scorpion reaches her hand. She sees many scorpions going towards the little girl.

Kesari falls down and asks the girl not to worry, she is fine. She sees many scorpions. Kesari gets bitten. She faints down. Kalki covers the well and hides her. Kalki celebrates her success.

Update Credit to: Amena

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