Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mirchi becomes a puppet in Devina’s hands

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mirchi comes downstairs holding a rod. A kid comes out of his hiding place and mistakes her to be Mishri. Mirchi hits him on his head. Her eyes have turned red. Pushpa hears him shouting for help. He is bleeding. Everyone rushes to him. He is Singhania’s son, Rohan. Ira asks him how he fell down. Rohan shares that Mishri hit him with a rod. Everyone is taken aback including Mishri. What are you saying? Ira and Akhilesh take him to hospital. Mishri is still in shock. I dint do it.

Vansh tells Mishri she cannot hit Rohan just because she could not find him. Pushpa and Devina also question Mishri. Mishri shares that she dint do it. Mapu called me so I went to her room. Ira says I dint call out to you. Stop lying! Rohan is injured because of you. I had to literally beg them not to file a police report. Mishri insists she isn’t lying but Ira speak so proof. Akhilesh sends Mishri to her room. I will talk to you. She goes sadly. Pushpa feels bad seeing her thus. What is happening? Akhilesh tells Ira to relax. I will talk to Mishri.

Mishri comes to her room. She folds her hands as she cries. What’s happening Bajrang Bali? You know I dint hurt anyone. Who did this then? Who is framing me? Mirchi walks in saying that it is because we look alike. Mishri is shocked to see her. Bapu had dismantled you and kept you in a bag. It means you hit Rohan? Why? Mirchi says I want everyone to hate you. Mapu and Bapu should only love me! Mirchi’s eyes turn red which shocks Mishri all the more. How can you turn bad? You used to take care of them. What happened to you suddenly? I thought you were nice. Mirchi says you are mistaken. I can be as good or as bad the way I am programmed. Now I will get the love you get! Your entire family is mine now. She lifts Mishri in air. Mishri gasps for breath. I will tell Bapu everything. Leave me. Mirchi corrects her. He is my Bapu. She drops Mishri on the floor. Don’t you dare tell anyone anything! Mishri insists to tell everything to everyone and runs downstairs. Mirchi waves her hand in air.

Mishri finds everyone frozen in time. What happened to all of you? She calls out to them repeatedly but in vain. Mirchi comes there as well. No one can hear you. I have stopped time. They are stuck in that moment. Mishri calls her mad. I am not even afraid of you. I also wrestle. You wont be able to harm me on your own. Mirchi’s lookalikes pop up shocking Mishri. I am not alone! Now see what I do next. Two of Mishri’s lookalikes stand next to Ira and Pushpa while the other two stand next to Vansh and Akhilesh. They rest one of their hands on each one of them. Now your family is my captive! Mishri cries. Mirchi warns her not to try to tell anyone anything or she will kill everyone. Mishri refuses to let her do anything like that. You loved them so much. What happened to you? God wont give you a place even in hell if you do anything like this. You cannot do this! Mirchi reminds her that she is the most advanced robot of this country. There isn’t something which I cannot do. Her hands turn into some kind of machine. She aims them at the family members. Mishri begs her not to do this. Please don’t harm my family. She passes out on the floor due to stress

Mishri wakes up shouting. She is in her room. Her family members ask her if she is fine. Mishri asks them if they are fine. Devina asks her who wants to harm them. Mishri takes Mirchi’s name. Ira asks her who she is. Why would she want to harm us? Pushpa also asks about Mirchi. Akhilesh calls it her bad dream but Mishri insists that Mirchi wants to harm them. I am very scared. She will kill my family! They ask her if she had a fight with someone in school. Akhilesh tries to avert it but Vansh leans closer to Mishri. He whispers in her ears not to say all this. Mamu will be in trouble. Ira also tells Mishri to relax. Devina says she might be thinking of this because of what happened to Rohan. The name is interesting though. Mishri’s pleas go unheard. Ira tells her not to blame anyone else falsely for her misdeeds. I don’t want to hear this name Mirchi ever again. Devina tells her to calm down. Kids learn from their parents. She will learn it as her mom is so toxic after all. Pushpa and Devina end up arguing again. Ira leaves. Akhilesh asks them to fight outside. Let Mishri rest. Pushpa takes Devina outside with her.

Akhilesh asks Mishri what has happened to her. How did Mirchi come in all this? Mishri tells him to believe her. Mirchi is back and wants to kill our family. Please trust me. She tells him and Vansh everything (in mute). I am not lying. Akhilesh says how I can trust you. Only we know about Mirchi. We need not tell anyone about her. I dismantled her with my own hands. How can she come back? Vansh seconds him. She is a human centric robot. She wont harm anyone. Mishri repeats that Mirchi has changed. She isn’t nice like she was before. They decide to go to the storeroom to find out the truth.

Akhilesh, Vansh and Mishri come to the storeroom but they find Mirchi’s parts intact in the bag. Mishri is stunned to see it. I am not lying. Mirchi even threatened to harm you guys. Akhilesh tells her to stop it. You saw it yourself. I cannot believe your words or stories even if I want to! You are too young. You went through a lot of trauma. When you recovered you found out that a robot has taken your place. You are cooking up stories related to it. You need rest. I am with you. He sends her to her room with Vansh. Mishri wonders how the parts are dismantled so soon. Akhilesh is concerned about Mishri. When will she come out of her trauma? Devina looks on as they all leave. I will create so much hatred towards Mishri that you all will despise her!

Precap: Devina tells Mirchi she took the first step in the ladder today. If this continues then Mishri will be out of everyone’s lives very soon. She crosses out on Mishri’s photo. Mirchi says I can do anything to gain Mapu and Bapu’s love. She goes downstairs where Vansh is sitting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Its a bit far fetched! If Mirchi can download software and self upgrade, why is it unbelievable for Vansh and Akilesh that she can turn bad? Mirchi is a robot that has become sophisticated with time due to her environment…now Mirchi have developed emotions too! Intelligence, emotions…a fine line…as for Devina, why can’t the rest of the family see her for what she is?! Kunika have escaped punishment and Devina manged to evade exposure again of her evil deeds. The storyline is becoming more absurd!

    Thanks Pooja for a detailed updated…it helps to keep update with the storyline as I can no longer have access to &tv. 🙁

    1. Pooja

      I am glad I can help Summer 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

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