Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone plans Guddan and AJ’s wedding

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Angat comes downstairs. Revati is there too. Pandit ji comes. AJ says what have you decided for the wedding pandit ji? Dadi says yes we want this wedding done sone. Saru says they will ruin our lives together. Laxmi says they are in such a hurry. They call pandit when you asked once. AJ says they should get married if they love each other. Things haven’t been good for a while. It would be great. Pandit ji says two days later engagement and five days later wedding. Laxmi congrats Revti. Revati says congrats the one whose wedding it is. Angat says yes.. Guddan and AJ will get married on this age. Guddan says what. Dadi says I also think they need to restart their married life. I would be so much fun. Guddan says but dadi.. Dadi says call me ma. You will become my daughter after this wedding. AJ says but why all this? Dadi says it was all my plan.

AJ takes Guddan’s meds from the doctor. Dadi says love makes you worried for your beloved all the time. H says I was just asking meds. Dadi says I am your mom. I saw and heard everything. I know it. I waited for this moment for months. I am so happy. He says I realized my love but I don’t know what Guddan thinks. And this wedding. What if something goes wrong? Dadi says tell her what’s in your heart and this is the best chance. Say it on engagement. She loves you. Start your love. AJ says you are right ma. If I don’t say how would she hear? I will tell her how much I love you. Durga overhears.

Durga says to saru I knew AJ is in love. Saru says do something and stop all this. Durga says he hasn’t confessed yet. WHat if he never gets to? Saru says I am with you. They shouldn’t unite. Durga says they wont. AJ and Guddan are so different their love story can die easily.

Scene 2
Guddan is asleep. She puts her hand on AJ’s face. AJ opens his eyes. AJ caresses her face. Guddan is asleep. AJ recalls them fighting. He says in all these fights I don’t know when did I.. He smiles and leaves the bed. Guddan holds his hand and pulls him back. AJ says soon, I will tell you my feelings. Guddan opens eyes. AJ says sorry.. I your hand.. He falls on her. Guddan laughs. He says what’s funny? She says you used to laugh at me too. What happened? You look worried? All good? He says yes. She says is there something in your heart? You were saying feelings. He says you heard? SHe says not clearly. AJ says I was asking how are you feeling? She says I feel good. He says actually I wanted to ask you something. Would you.. She says you haven’t folded the sheet right. What happened to the perfectionist. He says this isn’t important. how does it matter. Guddan says I didn’t even know what fold is right what is wrong. You told me. Now you are being mad for bringing it up? AJ says sorry. Guddan says what.. Say it again. He says sorry for being rude. She says snake bit me but it if affecting you? You don’t have to change yourself. I wont move until you tell me what’s in your heart. He says I wanted to say that I.. I.. Durga knocks on the door. Guddan says Durga you.. She says what to cook in breakfast? Durga says you can cook for AJ. Husband’s heart goes from his stomach. Guddan says I am coming. AJ says you are not well. You need rest. Guddan says I need rest. I will make your vegetable.
Durga says I wont let you confess your love AJ. AJ says in heart I don’t know how to tell you.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Omg…durga and saru should have been in jail with parv.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Akshat and Guddan marriage: which will not happen for sure…?????

    2. I wish Angad and Revti too get married soon…???

    3. Durga and saraswati will not mend their ways..?????????????????

    4. Where the hell kishore and Vedant went??? And when will Rahul come back??????????

    5. Someone plz change saraswati dressing style, she neither wear saree nor suit, rather its jeans saree, which look terrible…???

    6. Cute secenes????… Akshat is sooo nervous, he turned imperfectionst from perfectionst….????????

    7. I just love Akshat and Guddan Smiles???????????

    8. Precap is cute..??

  3. what is the problem of those 2 witches, durga en saru. they are not happy in their marriage???why do they want to break someone else’s marriage. they have nothing to do in their lives but to interfere in other people’s affairs.I cannot imagine that the writer can write such things. people would rather see each other unhappy than be happy.
    why should akshat and guddan not be happy with each other.

  4. Why.durga is so bent on making aj and guddan life a hell.maker of the this serial.every serial i watch have same story line..

  5. Apart from Guddan and Aj, i also liked Angad-Revathi, even those two look good together. I wished even they get remarried with Angad and guddan

  6. 1°AJ’s children are mozzarella as they say in my parts” These two do their best and no one tells them anything.
    2°rahul that remains after 213 episodes still a ghost! And they are one step away from the happiness that is always ruined by someone else.
    3° I really want to see what they will invent with the entrance of Antara the dead and not too dead wife of aj!!
    Now that both Durga and Saraswati have run out of brothers to sacrifice for their petty case against Guddan,It’s not that anyone can think to point their finger at them and we take them off our backs and open their eyes to those two who have married

  7. Together they look soooooooooooo cute?????????.I love the way akshath take care of guddan love the a lotttttt??????????????

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