Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Police arrests Ramavatar


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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chuttan paces inside the house. I wonder where Mayi and Bapu are. They aren’t home yet. He notices Chanda’s phone there and switches it on.

Mishri is pacing worriedly in the house. Doorbell rings. She thinks it would be Chuttan but it is Devina and Pushpa. Mishri thinks to check on Chuttan. I have to make sure he is home with his parents. She tells Pushpa she is going out for some important work. Please stay at home. Pushpa asks her where she is off to but Mishri says I will tell you everything later. Pushpa receives Ira’s call. Ira tells her that they have come to find her grandson. Pushpa is overjoyed. How did you find his address? Ira speaks of the letter they found on the door. I will text you the address. We will head home together then. Mishri’s smile disappears. Mapu has

gone to Chuttan’s address only. Pushpa tells Mishri to come with her. Let’s go bring your brother home. Mishri tells her the truth. I wanted something else but Mapu found that letter by mistake. She will think that Chuttan is my brother. It is my fault! I cannot let it happen. We must stop Mapu. Pushpa says they will feel bad after knowing this truth but they need to know the truth. Let’s go and tell them.

Akhilesh receives Inspector’s call. Inspector tells him that the phone from which they had received the call has been switched on a while ago. It is in a locality called Manohar Basti. Akhilesh shares it with Ira. I will stay here to find out the details. The signal is anyways weak. Go and look for our son. She agrees.

Chanda worries if Ramavatar is in some problem. He went to the Basti for my sake. I must go and check on him.

Ira knocks at the door of Chanda’s house. Chuttan first thinks it would be his Mayi but he recognizes Ira’s voice. I wont leave this house! He hides in a cupboard. Ira keeps knocking at the door incessantly. Please open the door or I will break it. Ira falls down as she breaks open the door. Chuttan thinks to run away before Ira gets up. Ira is unable to stand and winces in pain. Chuttan is in a fix. How can I leave her in this condition? He rushes to her side. Are you badly hurt, nice aunty? She is shocked to see him there. He shares that this is his house. I stay here. Please don’t take me back to your big house again. She winces in pain. He tells her to wait. I will just bring ointment for you. She thinks that the letter mentions that her son stays in this house. Does it mean that Chuttan is my son?

Chuttan tends to Ira’s wound. Ma song plays in the background. Ira is overwhelmed. I am his mother? Chuttan asks her if it is paining too much. She asks him if he stays here. He nods. She tells him that it means he is her son. Chuttan asks her what she is saying. Mishri comes running there. You are mistaken Mapu. He isn’t my son!

Akhilesh is pacing outside. He follows the location on GPS. It is near this house only!

Chuttan says what’s going on. How can I be Mishri’s brother? I am the only kid. it’s just me, Mayi and Bapu who stay here. He notices Ramavatar at the door and introduces him to Ira. Pushpa is stunned to see his face. Chuttan tells Ramavatar that he is missing him and Mayi very much. Please don’t leave us. He rests his face on Ramavatar’s hand. Pushpa recognizes the ring. I met him in Kamla’s house. He is the same guy who killed Kamla! Ramavatar hides his ring behind his back. Pushpa insists that he has killed Kamla. There are scratches on your cheeks. This was done by Devina only. You are the one murdered Akhilesh! Akhilesh asks them what they are doing here. Kamla Chachi’s killer stays in this house only! Inspector sent me this address only. Pushpa points at the marks on his cheeks and at his ring. Ramavatar tries to leave hurriedly but Akhilesh finds it suspicious. Come out with the truth or I will slap you. You are the one who killed Kamla Chachi right? Why did you kill her? Chuttan holds Akhilesh’s collar. Leave my Bapu. He hasn’t killed anyone! Ira requests him not to speak between elders. Ramavatar is shocked to see police coming there. Akhilesh tells them to arrest Ramavatar. He says you are mistaken. I dint kill anyone. Inspector asks him why he killed Kamla. Where is Chanda?

Ramavatar replies that Chanda hasn’t done anything. I am the real murderer! Ira asks him what enmity he had with Kamla Chachi. He says he had no option but to kill her as she was going to tell you that Chuttan isn’t my but your son. All the eyes turn to Chuttan. Ira says Chuttan is actually our son. Ramavatar nods. You gave birth to your first kid who was almost dead. Kamla Chachi handed him to us to do his last rites. That kid started crying when we left from here. Chanda can never become a mother so I decided to let her raise your son. I dint let anyone find out this truth but Kamla Chachi figured out everything a few days ago. I had to kill her! Chuttan looks at him in shock. Ramavatar admits that it is true. You are Ira and Akhilesh’s son. Chuttan holds his feet. I know you are sending me with them as I trouble you a lot. Please don’t leave me Bapu. I want to live with you and Mayi. Please don’t leave me. I am your son. Ira is in tears. Ramavatar says I cannot change this truth even if I want to. You are not my son. Chuttan refuses to believe it. Don’t leave me like this. Chanda has seen everything from the window. Police arrests Ramavatar. Chuttan cries for Ramavatar. Ira wants to pacify him but Akhilesh stops her. Let police do their work. We have found our son. Wait for some time. Ramavatar notices Chanda and gestures her to hide. Chuttan tries to stop police but they end up pushing him aside. Akhilesh holds him but he pushes his hand aside angrily. He tries to run after Ramavatar but falls down.

Precap: Chuttan tries to go but Pandey Family holds him back forcibly. Ira says she understands his pain but they are his real family. He refuses to accept them as his family. You are not my mother. You separated me from my parents. You mean nothing to me! Chanda decides to make their life hell.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    when will chanda’s drama over?

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