Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira learns Nirja’s truth

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira taking Devina and her children’s class. She scolds them for calling Akhilesh mad. Pushpa asks Devina to give the keys. Devina teases her and throws the keys. Ira gets angry. She catches the keys. Gulki hides and looks on. A rat comes there and bites the wire. The rat dies. Akhilesh sees this and gets shocked. Ira goes to open the lock. Akhilesh shouts stop….. He asks Ira to move back, the metal cage has electricity running, she can get a shock. Ira asks how. He asks her to trust him.

Devina says see he is talking mad, he has lost it. Ira says wait a min. Akhilesh says I m saying truth. Ira says I will touch it and show. He says I m worried for you, stay away. She is about hold the cage. He shouts no. Gulki looks on and thinks how did Ira get saved. She sees the wire damaged. Ira holds cage and says its fine. He asks her to see the wires and the dead rat. Ira goes to see. Gulki pulls the wires back. He asks where did the wires go. Ira says there is no wire. Devina says pest control happened, rat would have died by poison. She scolds him and says I won’t bear this mad man here, he will be in mental hospital, that’s final.

Gulki smiles. Pushpa cries. Gulki thinks my plan to kill them failed, but I won’t lose. Pushpa prays for Akhilesh. Ira consoles her. Pushpa says I will tell you everything about Nirja’s truth. FB shows…. Akhilesh studying in class. Pushpa says this happened 12 years ago, Akhilesh was weak in studies. Nirja sees his poor marks. Nirja punishes and scolds him. She says your mum has big dreams for you, it looks you won’t pass, see your poor marks, just go out and sit on your knees. Everyone laughs. She teaches hindi to students. He cries and hears the class going on. Pushpa says I didn’t know he was ready to do anything to pass in exams.

The class ends. Everyone leaves. Nirja asks didn’t you hear the school bell, go home now. He says I work hard, trust me, I don’t understand maths, if I fail again, mum will be sad, if you help me and pass me. She asks is it so easy. He says maths will get easy if you help, just pass me. She asks will you arrange 10000rs, don’t waste my time. He says I will give it, just pass me. FB ends. Pushpa says he has arranged money and hidden it from me, he went to Nirja. FB shows Akhilesh giving money to Nirja. She gets glad and asks how did you get it, did you steal it. He says no, I sold my gold chain, will you teach me maths. She says no, I m not fool to waste time, take this question paper, just prepare for it, I will manage. He says its wrong, I will work hard. She says this is only way to pass. He says give me my money back. She refuses. He says I will tell mum.

He tries to take money. She falls down. Peon comes and asks what is happening. Nirja asks peon to catch Akhilesh, he is molesting me, call principal. Akhilesh says I didn’t do anything. Everyone comes. She says this boy was giving me money and asking for question paper, I refused, so he was molesting me. Principal scolds him. They all beat Akhilesh. Pushpa comes and stops them. Chandu tells her everything. Nirja writes a letter and cries. Pushpa asks where is that teacher. She shouts for Nirja. Nirja keeps the letter under the photo frame. Pushpa comes there and says my son is innocent, why did you blame my son. Nirja says I m not lying. Pushpa says I know everything, you take money from students so that your sister studies in good school, come with me and tell everyone that my son is innocent. Nirja runs out and sees Akhilesh getting beaten up. She leaves. Pushpa asks her to stop, say the truth. FB ends.

Pushpa says Akhilesh was insulted a lot, everyone was after him, I had run after Nirja to catch her, but fate gave much pain to Akhilesh. Akhilesh sees a truck hitting Nirja while she runs away from Pushpa. They all get shocked. Nirja dies. Pushpa says after that day, Akhilesh didn’t see any woman, Nirja’s fake blame and death made Akhilesh a Brahmachari. FB ends.

Ira says I won’t let Nirja’s shadow fall on you, I promise, this is the only way to get truth out, I will find her sister. Gulki shoots Akhilesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    It was so obivous that gulki is mystrious, but check photo frame, i m sure akhilesh innocence is written there..

  2. I have to stay this series is nice and comical with good storylines yet sometimes very unrealistic but enjoy the actors, Pushpa – calling Devina Bakbak and Ira calling Akileshgussapandey?

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