Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha finds parshuram ji.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gargacharya, balram and radha taking all people under a temple, the people hold on together under the temple seeking protection from the hole in the sky.
There kanha is on mayur peacock and he heads towards mahendragiri mountain to find bhagwan parshuram. Ganesh says where is bhagwan parshuram? I am not able to see him. mayur flies as kanha sees around mahendragiri finding parshuram ji. Kanha says mayur ji fly slowly so that I can find parshuram ji. Kanha then says I am not able to find parshuram ji, where is he?
In vrindavan, rishi gargacharya sees all people getting hurt as they are not able to hold on and the temple is getting destroyed slowly. Rishi says everyone, I have an idea, we have to go and protect ourselves by taking shelter under the govardhan mountain, people say but gurudev, we cannot go till there, if we go out from here we will get pulled inside the hole. Rishi says do not worry, everyone remember to stay together in a circle and hold each other’s hands, we can then reach the govardhan mountain, it is not very far from here.
There kanha says I shall hear parshuram ji’s voice as he must be meditating, I will be able to find him then. Kanha hears properly and then says I am not able to hear parshuram ji. Kanha then says mother once said that our soul can hear another soul praying or meditating, so I will try with my soul to hear the voice of parshuram ji. Kanha closes his eyes and then he hears parshuram ji praying om namah shivay! Kanha opens his eyes and says mayur ji, land down. mayur peacock lands and kanha walks in the direction of parshuram’s voice. Kanha then reaches and sees parshuram ji meditating. Kanha says parshuram ji is here, I have to wake him up.
There kansa is in his palace and he sees up and says hey, Vishnu! see your world is destroying, come and save your people, but how will you save them? Kansa laughs. Pralapt and janur look at the hole scared. Kansa says you are disciples of bhagwan kansa and stay with him but you both are scared? Pralapt and janur say bhagwan, this hole will destroy the world which means it will kill us all too right? Kansa says you idiots, Vishnu would use that arrow to destroy iniquity and adharma but I am using it to destroy and kill those who follow the path of dharma, it will not hurt adharma. Nothing will happen to all of us.
Rishi gargacharya leads the people as they go together towards govardhan mountain. Some men say gurudev, we cannot hold on much longer, we all will die, we will get pulled in that fire hole. Rishi says nothing will happen, trust in god, hold each other and walk together towards govardhan mountain, balram says what kaka! See nothing is happening to me, hold my hands and be brave like me. Everyone head together.
Narad muni says prabhu, why isn’t anything happening to balram? Lord Vishnu says balram is shesh naag’s avatar and he is bal ke dhaam balram, he is very brave and strong but balram was also born for helping the people on earth, he has always fought demons and adharma and protected his loved ones as well as innocent people. Lord Vishnu says nothing will happen to balram because he fights adharma with his strength.
There kanha says parshuram ji wake up, the world is in danger. Parshuram keeps meditating. Kanha says parshuram ji is not able to hear me. Kanha says parshuram ji, please wake up, earth needs your help otherwise everything will be destroyed. Kanha says it is not time for meditation now parshuram ji, we need your help. Kanha then says to mayur peacock, mayur ji we need to wake up parshuram ji from meditation by disturbing him, there is no other option left. Mayur ji starts making his peacock sounds to wake up parshuram ji. Kanha says louder mayur ji. Mayur makes sounds loudly to disturbed parshuram.

Precap: parshuram attacks his axe on kansa and says kansa how dare you attack and try to destroy earth? Kansa looks scared and he sits and says kill me. Parshuram cuts kansa’s head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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