Meri Hanikarak Biwi 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri gets kidnapped

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Ira calls doc who informs her that Pushpa hasn’t reached hospital yet. Ira is stunned. She left for hospital only. Akhilesh takes the phone. He requests doc to check in the waiting area. Doc says she isn’t there also. I just came from there. Akhilesh reprimands Ira for leaving his mother alone. They run outside to check on Pushpa. Ira and Akhilesh argue outside as well. She tells him to fight with her later. Let’s find Moti Ba first. She calls the cab driver and gets shocked. She asks Akhilesh to come.

Akhilesh is pacing in a room. He prays for his mother’s well being. Ira comes there in doctor’s dress. He asks her about his mother. Did she wake up? Can I speak to her? Ira silence worries him all the more. She tells him that Moti Ba was too stressed. Her condition isn’t good. He blames her for Pushpa’s condition. She apologizes to him. I ran to you after knowing you are in trouble. Don’t lose heart. She will be fine. She is very strong. I fail to understand why we are facing so many problems suddenly. He takes Randhir’s name. I told you not to take his wife home! Everything has been going wrong since we brought his wife to our home. She reasons that she isn’t well. He reasons that no outsider can do this. Who will call Devina mom’s friends? She says he is still in jail though. He says he might have run away. She suggests him to check at the police station. Akhilesh calls Inspector and finds out that Randhir is still behind bars. He tells Inspector that he doubted Randhir things have been too complicated at his place since morning. Inspector assures him that he is still here. Randhir smiles. Try as much as you want but you will never be able to figure out that my pawn, my wife is behind all this!

Ira tells Akhilesh to relax. It is now proved that they aren’t to be blamed here. think of this as some bad dream. He refuses. My Amma! He suddenly realises something and asks about Mishri. We shouldn’t leave her alone at this time. Ira tells him to relax. She will be fine. She isn’t alone for the first time. He shouts at her to listen to him. Amma would have been fine if you had listened to me. Mishri is not safe! I am going to meet her. Don’t dare stop me!

Sharda calls her husband. Pushpa and Devina are in hospital. I did as you told. He compliments her. She says I did it so you wont leave me. I don’t like doing all this though. We are done, right? He calls it the beginning. We hurt Devina to divert Akhilesh and Ira’s attention. Mishri is our real target! Sharda panics. What do you want to do to her? She is a very good girl. She is just like our Runjhun. Please don’t do anything to her. Mishri has done you no wrong. He warns her not to talk to too much or he will leave her for forever. She gives in. What should I do? He tells her a plan (in mute). Make sure nothing goes wrong or I will leave you. You have no one to go to. Mishri calls out to everyone just then. Randhir tells Sharda to implement the plan. Our prey is here! Sharda wipes her tears.

Mishri calls out to everyone again. She is surprised upon getting no response. She is startled to see Sharda standing on her feet. Sharda says I am fine now. Mishri gives credit to Ira. She will be thrilled to hear it. I will tell her right away. She calls out to Ira and Akhilesh yet again. Where is everyone? Sharda shares that no one is at home. They have gone to your Bapu’s office. Mishri decides to call them but Sharda asks her to come with her. They are waiting there for you. Mishri’s questions worry Sharda. Enough questions. Come with me. Mishri asks her why she is talking to her like this. Sharda pulls her hand but Mishri runs upstairs. I wont come with you. Sharda chases her. Mishri finds Sharda’s behaviour strange. I must inform Mapu and Bapu.

Akhilesh and Ira are on their way when they receive Mishri’s call. Mishri asks Akhilesh to come home asap. I am in grave danger. Akhilesh asks her who is there. Sharda disconnects the call before Mishri can take her name. Akhilesh is unable to reach her. What is happening? Mishri is in danger.

Mishri asks Sharda to let go. We are trying to help you. Why are you trying to harm us then? She tries to push her away but in vain. Sharda puts chloroform soaked kerchief on Mishri’s nose. Mishri passes out in her arms. Sharda leaves the house holding Mishri in her arms.

Akhilesh and Ira reach home but Mishri is nowhere to be seen. Sharda is also missing. Akhilesh tells Ira to wake up. Sharda was fraud like her husband. I brought her here because you insisted. My entire family is in danger because of you! I shouldn’t have listened to you. My entire family is paying for your mistake! I wont spare you if anything happens to my daughter. They receive a ransom call of 5 crores in return of Mishri. Ira is stunned to know that Mishri has been kidnapped. Ira tells him to give them the money. Nothing should happen to Mishri. I will tell manager to arrange the money. He outright refuses. I love my daughter very much but I wont support this act. I will seek help from police. Ira requests him to hear her once but he refuses. I have heard enough. Neither Amma nor Mishri would have been in trouble if you had listened to me. You have done enough damage. I wont let you harm anyone else now! Mishri is my daughter as well and I know how to bring her home! Ira looks at him in shock.

Precap: Akhilesh receives Mishri’s bloodied clothes with a note. Ira and Akhilesh blame each other for Mishri’s condition. Ira picks up a knife. You wont have to see my face after today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. As for Randir having a mobile in jail without the battery dying, having long conversation with wife and no one listens?

    Mishri is a wrestler yet she can’t fight off a petite woman.

    Oh and yes, yesterday Devina burnt and “Dr “ Ira didn’t even put cold water to douse her!!!!

    As for Akilesh blaming Ira for everything in a way he is right, Randir made threat and Ira should’ve listened but no she’s too kind.

    Writers kind of lose the plot when they wrap up in a haste ?

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