Patiala Babes 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: An Emotional Day For Minnie

Patiala Babes 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

NB tells Minnie that Simpy is from a middle class family and her family couldn’t find her a boy due to her obesity and she turned 32 already, hence she is trying to find a boy on internet. Simpy is busy checking boys’ profiles on internet when Minnie walks to her and asks if she can help. Simpy says she is searching boy on internet and cannot find any due to her obesity and age. Minnie says they cannot judge people by their physical appearance and when her heart is beautiful, she will find someone soon. Simpy smiles. Minnie says let us start from home itself and calls her as family member. Simpy agrees to stay back with Patiala Babes restaurant. Khurshid starts fighting with Simpy again and blames NB for her rude language and spoiling Simpy. NB scolds him. Khurshid says he will not stay here. Their fight continues when Minnie asks him to leave if he wants to and doesn’t bother about Patiala Babes restaurant. Khurshid agrees to stay back and asks Simpy which dish she is preparing.

Minnie walks out of restaurant with NB and hearing temple aarti asks if it is maha aarti today. NB says it is usual after aarti from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Minnie remembers she needs to pick Arya from school at 3 p.m. and runs towards school. Arya’s school dismisses and she waits for Minnie. Teacher asks Arya if no one came pick her. Another student says her parents are dead. Arya feels sad. Teacher walks away asking Arya to wait in waiting area till someone comes to pick her. Arya sits sadly when Minnie runs to her. Arya says she forgot her and pushes her. Minnie says she didn’t. Arya says mamma pappa forgot her and even she forgot her. Minnie hugs her saying she didn’t.

At home, Dadaji plays carrom with Biji with their usual nok jhok. Minnie reaches home with Arya. Arya gets down herself and walks inside sadly. Dadaji says his Arya came, and Biji asks her to come to her Biji. Arya walks to her room sadly. Dadaji asks Minnie what happened to Arya. Minnie also cries. In the evening, Minnie stands in balcony and reminisces Arya getting angry on her when she doesn’t pick her on time, imagining HS and Babita coming to meet her during her Manali camp, NB informing that Babita and HS are no more. She runs down towards Minnie. Dadaji reads story for Arya while Biji tries to feed her. Arya says she doesn’t want to have food and asks Dadaji to continue story. Dadaji continues story. Arya reminisces school incident and cries. Minnie says she will tell her real story and lifting Arya takes her to her room.

Precap: Laala informs Minnie that to repay HS’ loan, they have to sell either home or restaurant.

Update Credit to: MA

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