Meri Gudiya 22nd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rahu reveals motives

Meri Gudiya 22nd February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone celebrating Shivratri at the temple. Adrika hypnotizes a man and asks him to give the drink to Madhuri. She adds the potion and says now Madhuri’s truth will come out. Rahu comes there. Few guys laugh on him. Rahu burns them by his anger. Everyone drinks thandai. Madhuri refuses. Avi asks Madhuri to drink it too. Madhuri drinks it. Ratri asks Raghav to tell Madhuri to dance. Avi asks Madhuri to dance. Madhuri says I will do what Avi tells, you also come. Ratri says sure.

Roopasur asks did she come back from death. Driver says we are also dead. Roopasur says we are awakened by Rudraksh, she looks alive. They get shocked seeing the storm. Roopasur says our creator will come today. Madhuri and Ratri dance on Nagada sang dhol baaje…. She thinks of seeing Adrika and drinking the Gangajal in advance. Rahu appears. Roopasur asks who is he. Rahu says you are scared as if I m your destroyer, I m Kaal and more powerful than Kaal, I m creator and destroyer also, I m Rahu and Ketu also, I m Rahu and got Mahadasha on this earth.

Ratri says Madhuri drank the potion and still nothing happened, there is some secret, but what, if she is really human, then her blo*dy will have blood, else… Madhuri comes and says blood won’t be there. Ratri says I will find out the truth. Madhuri says you have to bring out your truth as well, you have killed Madhuri. Rahu says you both are my aides now, don’t forget. Roopasur and driver get scared. Rahu says Amrit is our vardaan and curse as well, there is one option to end the curse, I have to get Amrit by killing Avi, I had sent Rudraksh for this, but he got killed by that spirit, Madhuri.

Roopasur asks what, is Rudraksh dead. Rahu says yes, he is dead, so I had to come on earth to do this. Madhuri says I have come for my daughter Avi, if you both do anything to harm her, then I will not leave you like I didn’t spared Rudraksh. Adrika asks what did you do. Madhuri says I killed him. They get shocked. Rahu says people are scared of me, I can swallow even the sun, people tolerate the pain I give them, but now I have come on the earth, there is no way to get saved, this game will go on, we will kill Avi. Roopasur says we will do this.

Rahu says you know Yamraj has sent Madhuri. He laughs. Adrika raises hand. Madhuri stops her and throws her on the bed. She warns them.

Rahu comes home and asks for Bhiksha. Ratri goes to give him Bhiksha. Madhuri and Avi see him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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