Would you miss Star Plus’ Sanjivani 2?

Star Plus’ Sanjivani 2 will be soon bidding adieu to the fans because of low TRPs. The recent entry of Gaurav Chopra also didn’t help the show much in terms of viewership. Gaurav’s role is of a very positive and selfless person Navratan Singh aka NV. He is paired with Surbhi Chandna. Many have liked their pairing in the show. Ratan is in love with Ishani. He has been waiting for her love reciprocation since the day he married her three years back. He still hopes that she will accept his love and their marriage some day.

Ratan wants to help Dr. Sid recover so that Ishani gets her answers. He wishes Ishani gets rid of the past baggage. He wants her heart wounds to heal. The show is getting on a dramatic track of Ratan and Ishani’s divorce. Ishani wants a divorce from him to move on in love. Ratan selflessly sacrifices his love. He gives up on his hopes and agrees for fulfilling her wish. The divorce drama will be bring Ratan and Ishani together. Sid plays the third person in their story. Sanjivani 2 will have a closure, with news of show’s Season 3 doing the rounds. Would you miss Star Plus’ Sanjivani 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Why need season 3?? Was it not season 3 of the sanjivani franchise ????

  2. The cards are thrown away. Here we see that finally Ishani will stay married in Nj. The CV focuses too much on this couple and gives less room to the couple of Sid and Ishani .. Frankly they should have killed the role of Sid .. I think it would have been easier to accept the new jodi .. Because the mistakes of Sid’s past are impactful for Ishani .. Because her heart suffered her broken pride and her love for injured Sid .. And Nj arrives and offers her everything that Sid refused her and she has trouble understanding .. But Baby tries to make her understand and gently pushes her towards Nj. In short for my part I liked the jodi Sid and Ishani .. And not to give them happiness and the relationship deserve would be a shame .. But on the other hand Nj tries to win the love of Ishani .. Who will- t she choose .. I think Nj because the CV directs the story towards him .. In short disappointed I would be .. But difficult to satisfy the wishes and preference of the fans ..

  3. BalajiMurugadoss

    Sanjivani deserves extension but not season 3 because maximum episodes of Sanjivani 2 does not have any medical nostalgic feel or scenes except Music. Hope Navisha chemistry impresses the Audience. Even StarPlus is full of new seasons of old shows like Kasauti, Sanjivani, YRHPK, Nazar and YHC.

  4. Verma4

    Not at all but no need for season 3. Like Ekta’s Kundali Bhagya, this show has nothing to do with medicine and Karan who is a cricketer who has never been on a tour.

  5. Without Sidisha there’s no Sanjivani ?

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