Meri Durga 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sam and Aarti join hands

Meri Durga 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying I promised someone. Yashpal says you can’t walk if you get hurt. Durga says I have to do this today. Rajveer gives her one min time. Everyone stops her. Durga gets a carpet and covers herself. She lies down on the hot coal and rolls to the other side, without getting burnt. Rajveer looks on.

Gayatri sees Rajveer’s pic. The man informs about Durga and Yashpal. He shows Durga’s pic. She gets a call and answers. She asks the man to find Rana. Durga says I m on time today. Rajveer says run 25 rounds then we will do exercise. Durga smiles and runs. Yashpal asks Rajveer what does he want to do, my trust is shaking now. Rajveer says I have to awaken her passion. Yashpal says she is just 19 year old girl. Rajveer says talent doesn’t see age, just encourage her, then none can stop her. He goes. Gayatri says I want this man soon, find Rana.

Rajveer plays with Umang. He gets dizzy seeing wine bottle. He holds the bottle. Durga comes to him and sees him on ground. She calls out Yashpal. Annapurna and Yashpal come and see the empty wine bottle. Yashpal says maybe he has drunk a lot, we have to take him to hospital. Gayatri gets an chief guest invitation from hospital, where Durga and Yashpal take Rana. Doctor checks Rajveer and says he has drunk much wine, if he drinks again, his life will be in risk, if there is any problem, call me. Durga worries. Yashpal says everything will be fine, go to college. She says fine, I will soon come after college gets over.

Sanjay is with Aarti at canteen. He waits for Durga. Durga comes to college. Sam meets her and says you came late. She says yes. She sees Sanjay coming and smiles. Sam sees her smiling and seeing Sanjay. Sanjay meets Durga. Sam and Aarti look on. Durga slips back. Sanjay holds her. Aarti gets angry seeing them and thinks to join hands with Sam to control Durga. She stops Sam and I m also jealous, as you like Durga and I like SP, matter can go out of hand. He asks what’s going on in your mind. She says if you support me, we can make them away. Sam joins hands with Aarti. Sanjay offers lift to Durga. Durga says no, I will manage. Sanjay insists. She agrees.

Aarti thinks to make Durga away from SP. Gayatri comes to the hospital. She sees the ward where Rajveer is admitted.

Sanjay waits for Durga and sees the roses. Durga asks doctor to attend Rajveer. She meets Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope sp find out Wat his dad n friend arti is doing to Durga n rana ji

    1. Nazi

      hope so and also i hope gayatri does not see rana in the hospital otherwise he’s finished and durgas training will be incomplete without him

  2. What has durga done to sp and his family that his parents and Aarti are one by one planning evil things against her ? y only durga and rana sir has to suffer so much for no fault of her?

    Totally hate sp and his parents and Aarti ?
    how much low level these 3 ppl can stoop to trouble Durga just to save their reputation !

  3. Hope so sp will never misuderstanding to durga.

  4. Hope so sp will never misuderstanding to durga for arti n sam

  5. The story, as usual, is relying on totally incredible behaviors and situations. Is there any possible explanation for how Rana found liquor in Durga’s sister’s room? None. Durga’s family does not take liquor. But the story had to be to be told in the way the writers wanted, even though that was utterly implausible.

  6. Plz upload yesterday’s 25th August 2017 written update . It has been not uploaded

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