Dil Se Dil Tak 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni’s attempts to connect the family

Dil Se Dil Tak 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni comes as South Asian goon and intimates Vivek that her husband would kill him if he doesn’t cancel the deal with Bhanushali. She notices Parth’s moustache was going out, she takes him aside to correct it. Teni leaves their number to the elder family.
Vivek calls Dada ji and apologizes as he can’t finalize the deal of that house, he would confirm a new residence for him in next weeks. Dada ji was upset for another betrayal, he sends Baa to inform the family they will have to stay in the house for another week. Later, Baa watches him upset and thinks she will see how long he continue to be upset. She uncovers a bowl of halwa, and reminds she presented this halwa when he came for her proposal. She knew already this is the way to his bad mood. He doesn’t pick the bowl, Baa herself gives him a spoonful and tells him to speak later. Dada ji smiles and takes the bowl, then notices Baa was worried herself. Dada ji holds her hand and tells her not to worry until he is alive, he promises to arrange as big house for her as this. Baa says he won’t be able to find a home like this, homes are made out of love, relations and memories. Home will be left back here. Teni hears this from outside, she thinks she will not let anything break.
The next morning, Dada ji comes out. Teni was watering the plants. She smiles towards him and asks if his plan for the new house was ruined, but he must continue looking for a new house. They aren’t in a hurry to make them leave the house. Dadi ji scolds her being down-trodden. Teni corrects that she is bearing his great grandchild, and isn’t downtrodden. She invites him for a Pooja she kept for the baby and says he must come if he wish to.
Shorvari and Parth come to the room and asks Teni why she kept the Pooja? Teni was taking steam, and didn’t respond. Shorvari says if she wants to consider God in their plan as well. Teni tells her to stop taking and giving tension. Shorvari argues she wants to correct everything. Teni says if she plans like Shorvari… then stops herself. She tells Shorvari to trust her plan, they will get everything back this time. Parth says may be everyone understands they want to live with everyone in the house. Teni doesn’t reveal what was in the bowl and says this will help reach the family what’s in her heart.
In the kitchen, Baa notices the halwa box was missing. Teni stands behind smiling that she ate it. Baa fumes as she notices the empty box. Teni says she was really hungry and the baby was relieved after having it. She asks Baa to teach her make the halwa, she will also make the same Halwa for Prasad of Pooja as well. Baa couldn’t argue. Indu comes to scold Teni why is she so shameless. Shorvari comes there and asks what it is about. Indu says Shorvari pretends to be innocent. Indu says she knows Shorvari told her that Dada ji can be made up through Halwa. They will never get forgiveness. Indu tells Teni that the love in the cooking make food tasty, similarly a child’s brought up, its values and ethics depict what it would grow up to be. Shorvari interrupts Indu, Baa takes Indu away. Teni was upset for fail of plan.
In the room, Parth tells Teni that Dadi would never keep the money for them, she won’t hurt Dada ji. She watches Dadi ji coming towards the room, takes the mobile and cheerfully says she got the recipe, she will now make Halwa tastier than Dadi. Parth gets the plan and says she can’t compete Dadi ji in the competition of Halwa preparation. Teni says Dadi didn’t share the recipe of Halwa because she is afraid she will prepare better Halwa. Dadi ji comes in with recipe for Teni and challenge her to prepare Halwa of her taste.

PRECAP: Teni hurries to get the Halwa, she slips halfway. It was Dada ji who saves her from falling. Teni says this shows Dada ji still has a soft corner for the child, she decides to win his heart.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Teni the b*t*h

    This hoe can see tat everyone else has soft corner for the child..but thinks parth doesnt have oly for the child but on her as well…and wats this heropanti of her…she is the problem solver for every damn problem in tat house huh…and she is belittling shorvari now telling she is useless more or less…..i wish this whore dies..only she is the main lead here and rest all are her supporting cast..and in the name of sticking the moustache aanken churane wali kaam….typical sl*t oly she is….she and even parth are taking advantage of shorvari’s innocence and trust….hope she pays brutally for all this….b*t*h

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      I agree. Why is she a mc? Isn’t it supposed to be a story of connection between the couple the baby and surrogate? Now they are glorifying affairs lust and polygamy! This ho is taunting Shorvori cuz she’s innocent. In other words she’s telling she’s not worth being parth’s wife! The nerve of the ho!

    2. Listen m8 its only a drama so take a chill pill

    3. Every time i see you always comment the same . Loll
      Sorvori is stupid girl . can not do anything two is not appropriate for parth

  2. Jesus people calm down she is trying to help and truthfully shovori isn’t helping matters. you can’t choose who I fall in love and I agree that she went about it wrongly but seriously guys she’s hormonal and it isn’t always the girls fault in this type of situation you need to think about it and has never felt love from anyone obviously she would be infatuated with the first person who shows her love. this storyline is realistic it’s you guys whose thinking is close and narrowminded I mean really you are calling her a ho why because she fell in love.
    y’all need to change your thinking and put yourself in her shows before you start judging and besides partg did not handle the situation well.

    1. Teni is a b*t*h

      We dont want to put ourselves in the hoe’s place…we feel more fr the wife…to glorify teni shorvari is made to look dumb…dont try to justify everything by telling she is hormonal and she is love starved…abd u r calling this show realistic? No unmarried girl is allowed to go for surrogacy and surrogates dnt stay with the couple under one roof…u put urself in shorvari’s place and see..u shall understand how much sge is betrayed..
      Abd mr.sun…shorvari isnt stupid…she is helpless..she is innocent and she is literally victimised by teni…lusting over her hubby behind her back and now she is bossing over her in her house? Aukaath kya hai iss sadak chaap ki to think shorvari is stupid? If shorvari hadnt agreed to parth inspite if never being in favour of choosing this third class slum dog..she wudnt have been enjoying all these luxuries..and now she finds tat very girl stupid? Wah…it shows wat gratitude tat hoe has fr people…b*t*h

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      How is lusting after a married man realistic? You wanna talk about harmones? Do you know what mood changes pregnant women go through? It’s definitely not lusting after a married man! Get your head out from imaginary life of serials and Bollywood where obsession stalking one sided lust is called as love! And what about Aman? Did he not accept the way she was? This ho didn’t feel for him! And how thick headed can you be? She literally asked parth agar humari beech “sorvori” nahi hoti toh! The nerve. It’s called backstabbing sis, not love!

  3. Jesus people calm down she is trying to help and truthfully shovori isn’t helping matters. you can’t choose who you fall in love with and I agree that she went about it wrongly but seriously guys she’s hormonal and it isn’t always the girls fault in this type of situation you need to think about it and she never felt love from anyone obviously she would be infatuated with the first person who shows her love. this storyline is realistic it’s you guys whose thinking is so narrowminded that you make me crazy from your comments I mean really you are calling her a ho why because she fell in love.
    y’all need to change your thinking and put yourself in her shoes before you start judging and besides parth did not handle the situation well.

    1. Love teniparth

      Trueee agre with you .. I relly love teni aur parth .????❤❤❤❤

    2. Teni is a b*t*h

      Yea yea…adultery lovers will anyday love teni and parth…y wud anyone care abt the wife….and y wud any one even bother to think abt thr aukaath of that slum dog…does she deserve parth..just coz she is infatuated a d is carrying his child parth shud leave his wife and unite with this whore….u guys are sick…extremely sick…

    3. Gosh!!! What kind of people you all are! For gods sake stop giving lust , name of love!
      If teni loves parth then she would leave him and not interfere like a b*t*h in their affairs!
      Please I request all teni and parth haters to keep quiet as some dirty people love to watch dirty. And most importantly people hear what they want to!
      But truth is TENI IS WORST .

    4. Angelk1

      Even i agree, they are so negative that they cant see the other point of view. Tení never fell in in love, parth was her first connection than add the baby harmon she starts having feelings and so on. I wouldnt be upset over that, but instead be understanding. I personally ship all three, but my favorite is tení.

      Tení is seen as the main because her character can be built up and add more plot compare to shovori Good wife image. Thats why she seem like the perfect wife, but honestly they should give her a flaw to make her realistic.

    5. Teni isnt that great to be worshipped

      Ms angel..the baby connection u keep stressing upon is absolute bull..speak to the ladies who have given birth before..they will tell u wat the real hormonal cravings are like…and moreover..that baby was inserted into her womb through ivf..it was not through artificial process…so that so called attraction and hormonal craving for husband doesnt make sense…even the pyschology part fails…so please dnt justify her activities saying its hormonal…ur fav is teni so u refuse to see the blunders and mistake she makes…she is trying to come in between a couple..and i am sure u want that..no wonder u keep coming back with the same explanation…not everyone is interested to watch any character growth in teni…she hasnt changed a bit since start..she was cunning and selfish and she remains that till now..she just makes people dance to her tunes…unfortunately u dont see that..if telling the truth so blatantly is negative so be it…truth is always bitter..so u dont seem to accept tat..like every blind teni and parrh teni worshippers u also wanna live in denial..who can help tat..if this show is flopping and hasnt been able to grab eyeballs its because of the obsession they have over teni and all rhe immoral shit they are showing

    6. Teni isnt that great to be worshipped

      Ivf is a artificial process.moreover the baby is shorvari and parth’s so ur logic fails there oly..pregnancy cravings are nothing like this…she dint get pregnant by a natural consummation process..if ivf and surrogacy actually made the surrogates crave for father it wud have been disastrous in reality..so please u think practically before calling people who are telling the blunt truth negative

  4. Dear teni,Do you even support her behaviour with Aman? Keeping him as an option?
    Iam sorry, but for me that bubbly, cute and naughty teni is: ‘ d e a d.,’

  5. First & for most, please anybody can answere how shorvori is innocent? At the starting of the serial when due to false report, they thought their surrogacy failed, she made “her husband parth forcefully to sleep with teni”, where parth never want that. Fortunately that never happen.How can a wife do that, for a baby? To stay with the family in the bhanusali house? How she can disrespct her own husband, his love for her in such a way? Is this not narrow minded? She again force teni to seat in the puja as parth’s wife, that their baby get the blessing, where at the end of the puja parth had to put sindoor on teni’s mang. She again force parth to do that. It is now parth who manage the situation. What is this? She think teni as a robot? If teni is a surrogate and should maintain her desency den, shorvari should also maintain a desency with Teni & parth should respct them, their feelings. Specially with parth, he love her so much, she using that feelings for a baby & to stay in the house? And she who don’t trust teni take test of her character as she is suitable for surrogacy or not? Make her do all this to stay in the house.So what wrong teni said that she can do nothing? Atleast she is trying to keep the family together, without using and hurting any one feelings being a “bar dancer & surrogate”.Where shorvori, after marrying parth for 2 yrs, can’t do any thing to keep parth with his family, being his wife. Teni get toknows each & evry family members good & bad, and shorvori can get to know? Why? She is bahu of this house? Why she doesnot notice all this? She want to stay with the family na?

    1. Teni is a b*t*h

      Oh madam…if shorvari made parth to almost sleep with teni..even teni agreed to it..and just before tat teni challenged shorvari tat she will seduce parth..u forgot tat? If movie is inspired from cccc then u had to expect tat track to pop up..secondly we all bashed shorvari when she made teni sit in pooja with parth…in all this mind u..she never had any i tentions for herself..if shorvari made parth almost to apply sindhoor..why dint the great noble woman teni get up and fight for herself telling enuf if enuf..nope..she sat there wishing that he puts sindhoor to her…and if these two are the biggest mistakes of shorvari..then lets talk abt teni…going on date with parth..not letting parth tell truth abt many things to shorvari…feeding parth in front of shorvari…demanding to be taken to couple dance class…and those mastani fantasies..dnt get me started on tat…and ur sayinh shorvari cudnt do anything? So if tats the case..even parth cudnt do anything about uniting with family…so chill…shorvari has been an inteovert and more of a timid girl..and tats being used by teni for her advantage..if shorvari had been as cunning as teni..she wud have long back left bhanusali house by brainwashing parth…but she respected his love for his family and is bearing all the insults hurled at her…it takes a big heart for tat..and hello…she accepted a slum dog with no identity or morals to stay in her house and be called as her sister..will u do tat in reality? Accept any tom duck harry of an woman as ur sister? Shorvari trusts her hubby more tah anyone..she is bearing it all and is helpless because she has nevee bewn daring or bold..she was always calm and emotional as a person..so please stop comparing ur very noble teni mata with shorvari..shorvari dint come in between any couple’s life..shorvari dint play with two guy’s minds at once..shorvari dint lust on someone else’s husband..and shorvari isnt greedy for money and luxuries….everything she ever did was never for herself..it was for tat happiness of bhanusali house(yeap..she thought baby will give them their happiness and unite parth) and the baby..just coz we dint see what all happened in their three years of marriage before the entry of this hoe dont conclude tat she dint do anything…if parth is head over heels in love with her and is ready to give up anything in the world for her then it must be for a reason…

    2. Teni is a b*t*h

      And yea..she has all rights on her hubby..more than the hoe..i agree she cant take teni’s life for granted..she did tat once..but teni is worser..she thinks she is giving bheek to shor by letting parth be hers in this janam..hoe forgot she came into his life coz of shorvari..if shorvari had denied parth from making this hoe as surrogate maybe they wud have been in a better place..i knw..its all shorvari’s mistake..to trust her husband so much but her bigger mistake was trusting this ass of an woman who is eyeing her own husband..hugs him behind her..meets him alone ith the night when she sleeps..and now thinks shorvari is useless and she herself is the all in all queen…because she has some third class street tricks in everything…which makers are making it look like the most best solution available for everything..the makers dont know how to maintain the temperament of any situation…shorvari is wrong to have accepted this hoe..ur all right

    3. Can u tell me wat respect teni madam is giving shorvari? Since u did big talks about shorvari’s mistakes which is absolutely right..please tell me wat mehebani teni has done on shorvari? She carries the baby because she wanted money..she entered bhanusali house coz she dint trust pari..she then started doing every nautankis in bhanusali house coz she felt they are all wrong in her perspective..she made aman agree to marry her and later started crushing on parth and broke aman’s heart..and then she made every one dance to her tunes…and tat sindhoor..she was sitting and waiting for it to happen..no girl with self respect wud do tat..she sat their waiting for him to apply and when she discovered he dint do such a thing..she was upset and dint let tat sindhoor fade for days..and her mastani fantasies..never let the couple get intimate..she barged in to their bedroom and slept in between them(make me cringe hard) and later made parth dress her for her wedding(and she sent shor out to have her private moment with parth) and she questions parth if shor was nt in between them then she wud have had him…and she left bhanusali house once and came back coz she cudnt stay without luxuries..can u tell me where she has thought abt shorvari or baby? And u expect shorvari to treat her fairly huh? In all this teni’s selfishness is soo crystal clear..she never thought about anyone except herself…she dint bother about the awkwardness she is putting parth into..she oly cares for herself..even now she is uniting the family and is think about her own acceptance into the family..not for pari exclusively..so stop comparing shorvari with teni..shorvari never had any selfish intentions..its not easy for her to make her hubby sleep with some street dog or give up her own wifey rights…there are many who rejoiced those scenes..and thought she was a considerAte woman..even if i consider teni to be uneducated and love starved..being selfish and knowing the basic right and wrong has nothing to do with education….stop making shorvari a culprit to make teni noble

    4. ??????? @Puja …..your logics were completely illogical….?? girl first , know what’s the gist and character and then give your lectures ???……Well done @pari lover…..
      Awesome reply…?

  6. Stop fighting guys!!!! Parth and teni shippers may continue to love adultery or whatever the truth can’t be denied so people stop giving lust a name of love!
    Teni is the worst character andand she is finding opportunity to come close to stupid parth. that’s it ….truth is bitter accept it….

  7. Hlo When, did i say in my comment parth and teni is doing right? U all andh vakts of shorvori before commenting pl……s read and understand, u don’t understand the serial, neither my comments. I m neither “pari lover”, nor ” teni hater”, if teni is a b*t*h which she is den equally “shorvori is also a b*t*h”, “parth done mistakes”, “shorvori also done equally mistakes”, if parth made shorvori sleep with any person for a baby? Is it will be right? Is it will be “love”, for you all? If he made shorvori marrying another guy? Is it will be “love&innocence” for u all? If it is so, then parth is equally innocent, he is doing this for shorvori na? Neither, shorvori, nor teni is respecting and honouring “love”. Not even parth. If so, neither one would do such a thing, what they are doing. This three characters are equally asshholes. And it is clear in 2 -3 yrs of there marriage, shorvori had done nothing to unite parth & family, and she knows that very well dada ji hate lies, so how she can let parth do this, doing ? She knows that family is happy for a baby but don’t know this, is this innocence? This is also “frauding” as teni does. Teni had no class, shorvori does frauding with class. Either wise there is no difference between teni and shorvori, if one is wooing another one’s husband, another one is letting her husband marry, sleep, cheat his family. And stop telling she does all these by mere innocence, she is not 5 yr old child.

    1. Teni is a b*t*h

      Cheat his family? When dis shorvari want parth to cheat his family?well u do t seem to understand the characters???and u seem to go blah blah blah…like i said..if this is inspired from cccc u had to expect the sleeping part…watever shorvari did or does with tebi or parth is known to both tebi and parth…can u say the sme to teni and parth tat watever they do like feeding each other and hugging and going on dates etc etc…all this is hidden by them..the great noble teni makes sure even parth lies to shorvari about their secret dates and talks…and u call shorvari a cheater????wah….shorvari wanted to leave him and his family long back..but she was stopped by parth..i bet she wudnt come running back for luxuries like the great noble women if she leaves once…And shor is a fraud? ???ahe dint lie to an entire family about where she comes from or wat she did for a living..she dint call herself someone’s sister to save her own ass…she dint cheat a guy into wedding and later broke his heart…she isnt meeting a guy secretly behind parth’s back and doing sweet talks and feeding him with her own hands….and u call her fraud…u shud first learn some basic english before u come and give bhashans.. and yea being introvert is definitely not good…tats the reason she is being exploited by parth his family and teni..if ahe had been like teni…the first intelligent thing she wud have done is to have never let a street urchin into their lives…unfortunately she loves her hubby too deeply…by the way..as a wife she has all rights on her hubby..its their mutual understanding to make the other do something for them…well..no point me explaining things to u..the great philosopher tat u are…please keep singing the same jaap tat shor made parth to almost sleep with teni..so watever teni does is right and she shud leave parth to untite with tat third class bar dancer

    2. Agree with u…teni is the biggest b*t*h ever..worse character on indian tv

    3. Shorvori is a b*t*h

      agree wid u puja

  8. Shorbori done evrything for hr own baby, if she atleast one time think about parth & his family, then she never allow teni, when teni 1st time came into bhanusali house, she influence parth, to except teni in the house. Parth don’t want that.Parth had gone to telll dadaji the truth,at mandir, “shorbori” made “plan”with teni ,she call teni, to stop parth, that time teni evn not came in the house. “She don’t want to loose parth, nor baby, nor his family, but for these, she could easily hurt parth and his family’s emotions. This is known as “innocence”. She is “introvert”, “introvert = good”, huge clap for all shorvori’s bhakt. ???

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Who forced Shorvori to give an heir ASAP? The bhanushalis right? You can blame Shorvori for sacrificing her pain of losing a baby but not your Shitty Teni to obsess over parth? It’s wrong to think about the baby but it’s okay to put the baby’s life at risk by consuming ash filled cola and jumping around like a monkey? It’s okay to obsess and fantasize about a married man rather than caring about the baby? You must be knowing at least 10% by common sense that pregnancy hormones make you crave food and your mood fluctuates according to your taste buds pangs, plus a surrogate doesn’t get attached to the couple or lustily goes behind the husband! Baby is a top priority for her. Her maternal instincts kick in and gets attached to the baby not the husband. I repeat she gets attached to the baby not the husband! So calling Teni=extrovert just because she keeps blabbering and spewing nonsense logic about unrelated topics and lust for the married man? Have you heard the phrase “Loose lips sinks ships?”. It suits the ho. This is what I think when I see Teni ho rambling on screen, “Shut your pie hole or I’ll shut it for you!” A round of applause for your illogical breakdown of introvertism. I don’t consider Shorvori an introvert nor this Teni an extrovert.

  9. First if this is ckck copied serial, & all this is in script, den teni loving shorvori’s husband is also in the script. If u all watch the movie. Then teni is also innocent. It is in the script na.
    2nd if teni return back ,shorvori never leave the beta of bhanusali house, she only says, she never did it. If it is shorvori’s right, then it is shorvori’s responsibility to don’t cheat her in laws, where she got acceptence for 1st time. She could stand speak the truth, getting cheated from own beta & bahu & knowing the truth there is huge difference. She don’t have the guts to leave the house and beta of the house. That time teni is not in the scene, parth will support shorvori only.

    3rd there. Shorvori, speak lies to the family bcz she don’t want to hurt them, same teni came back because aman had seen her, she don’ t want that anybody know the truth that she loves parth, even not parth. She also don’t want to hurt anyone. She had also wrote a letter but as shorvori also thought many time, can’t do anything.
    4th There was no mutual understanding between parth and shorvori, many times shorvori made parth do certain things forcefully.
    5Th at the time of baji rao mastani, teni thought shorvori will accept her feelings, there is no problem, at the time she knew the truth, what she will do now, go and telll shorvori everything and try to break her relatn with parth?

    1. Teni is a b*t*h

      The web of lies was started by teni not shorvari..shor oly suggested surrogacy…and the pressure she was under by her own mother in law she had no Choice..neither was parth letting her go..why shud shor leave her hubby and go! There ate many people who leave their parents for their love sake..but shor is not doing tat..she knew she cant get acceptance no matter wat so she took in all the insults with dignity….in reality its nt easy for a girl…secondly…teni came back coz of aman???right..so when she wants she will make use of aman and when she doesnt she will throw him..beautiful….go and listen to her dialogues during tat scene..shor forced things on parth agreed..but parth also did it coz for him his wife is a priority….and he was calm headed unlike shorvari who is impulsive..these are her innate characters…u proved to be so dumb by giving justification to tat mastani track itself..no person with decency wud ever justify such an act of teni ever…u lost ur decency there oly…
      Ur asking shor to speak truth…why dint teni do tat when she entered bhanusali house? Why dint she tell aman the truth about her feelings? And u say she wanted to hide her own feelings from parth…is tat why she did all those dramas during her wedding? Drinking the ashes of his photo and mentally torturing tat guy?
      We still say falling in love was never her mistake..even as per the movie priety did fall for salman..but they had physical intimacy which gave them
      The kid..which isnt the case here…secondly priety never forced things on salman..she kept her feeling to herself…she never went on date with salman or made salman dress her up or feed her….and in the film preity was a pr*stitute…hhere tebi wasnt..yet she was reasy to sleep with parth for money and seduce parth…and now she is hell bent on forcing him to confess his love knowing tat he is oly caring for his baby and he doesnt want to hurt her….like i said shorvari’s lies was NEVER for her ..it was always for uniting parth and his family….and teni’s lies was only for her sake..if u wanna live in denial u are free to do so…a third woman can never understand the pain and sacrifice of a wife..neither can the worshippers of third woman like u will understand shorvari’s trauma….so leave it

  10. wow you guys comment just made me realize how close minded you are first and foremost I am not from Indian but I admire the culture and tradition of Indians. but seriously guys she fell in love with the guy and for one second asked him to marry her I dont like the third woman shit because I am a lady and I wouldn’t want that to happen to me however if teni was vindictive she would use this situation to get into parth life through his family and the baby but she isn’t if I fall in love with a married guy my feelings are mine and mine alone if she wanted to spoil the marriage wont she have told shovori so as to create mistrust. falling in love with someone that is not available is by her choosing and by her actions she obviously does not to spoil his marriage SO please calm down

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Shhh I hear someone strangling logic! Wait that’s you! If you seriously know India and Indian culture then you must be knowing it’s a sin to covet someone’s husband or wife. Every religion tells us the same thing. Forget religion it’s called being human and not breaking someone’s marriage by intentionally confessing your so called lust as love. Well in your own words”if I fall in love with a married guy my feelings are mine and mine alone “, I’ll take the meaning as if I fall in love with a married man I’ll keep my feelings to myself by not confessing it to the person whom I like. By this time you must’ve seen Shitty Teni confess or literally obsessing over him even though she got a clear NO! No means No for every person on this planet regardless of gender. Once you get the word “No” you back pedal. How much will you bet if I say this lusty ho’s gonna marry the a*shole of a husband in plot twist? What will your excuse be then for the backstabbing b*tch! But as a tool in your rhetorical arsenal, to call me “closed-minded” I think you’re mistaking rationality for “closed-mindedness”. See, I care about the veracity of my beliefs, about how closely they map to reality. I want what I believe to be as close to reality as possible!

  11. Shit se Shit Tak

    Hey Sun! What does that mean when you say”Every time i see you always comment the same”, Oh wait I get it! Isn’t it ironic that your comment is also the same Everytime? Your “Sorvori is stupid girl” deserves it’s own repetitive line award.

  12. I got today huge amount of money and keep it at home without any security, and more than this i told my maid.
    Then maid stole it.
    Maid is a thief, it is clear. She is bad, that is clear.
    But what i am? I am very innocent, i don’t know that in this world there belong few people who are thieves.
    I came from Mars na, yesterday.
    I can trust my maid. That mean i will trust whole world, not be aware and responsible?
    Goverment should be responsible for everything, govt. should give my money back. I am innocent. I don’t know anything.
    Shorvori is same. She is innocent, she knows nothing, she only feels pain, but can do nothing, to protect her thing.
    In other serial atleast bahus do something to save her husband, family.
    And parth i think he himself don’t know what to do?

  13. Shorvori is stupid and shorvori is stupid.
    I don’t care what other think.
    Shorvori is stupid.

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