Meri Bhabhi 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha coming home crying. Mummy asks what happened. Shraddha says Dhruv is not in school, maybe Bobby took him. Dhruv comes there from inside. Shraddha hugs him. Kittu says I brought Dhruv. Shraddha says you could have called me. Kittu says I tried calling you and I messaged you. Shraddha scolds Kittu and calls her irresponsible. She says you could have understood if you were a mum. Mummy and Papa are shocked. Kittu gets hurt. Shraddha takes Dhruv and goes in. Kittu cries. jaya hears this and gets happy. Papa stops Kittu and says Shraddha was angry, don’t feel bad, she was tensed so she said like this. Kittu says I know it very well. She says I understand it. Papa blesses Kittu and says you are my good child. Kittu leaves.

Shraddha scolds Dhruv and says how can you come with anyone. Dhruv says I came home with Kittu. Shraddha cools down and sees Kittu’s message on her phone. jaya comes there bringing milk for Dhruv. jaya says Shraddha that I heard everything, Kittu was wrong and you did right. Shraddha asks jaya to leave her alone. jaya leaves. Dhruv says Kittu is very nice, she bought chocolate and pastry also. Shraddha says sorry to Dhruv for scolding him. Dhruv says its ok. Shraddha hugs him. Kunal comes to Anand’s office and have a talk with him. Anand says I feel there is no growth in my work. Kunal offers him partnership in his business. Anand says I will take time to think. Kunal says ok, you can have your time. Anand says I scolded Shraddha in the morning, and I m feeling bad now. Kunal says such things happen, relax. Kunal leaves.

Anand calls Kittu but can’t connect. He calls the landline and jaya takes the call. He says call Kittu. jaya gives him the news. She says Shraddha scolded Kittu a lot. She says Shraddha did not listen to Kittu. Anand asks why. jaya says maybe because you scolded Shraddha, so she got angry on Kittu. Anand says how can Shraddha do this. Anand is puzzled.
Kunal tells his dad that he explained Anand and Anand will reply if he accepts our proposal. His dad says we should not do business in relatives. He says you should take care of keeping personal and professional things apart. Kamini comes there with the photos of some girls. Kunal laughs and says I likes the girl whom I met today. Kamini is shocked. Kamini says she felt bad and did not like the girl. Kunal and his dad make fun of her. Kamini says I will select the girl for Kunal. Mummy comes to Kittu to help her in the kitchen. Kittu says she is making Shraddha’s favourite. Mummy smiles and looks at Kittu and says she is very nice. Shraddha comes there and says Kittu…. Kittu and Mummy look at her. Shraddha says I m sorry Kittu. Kittu goes to her and says why are you sorry, it was my mistake. Shraddha says no, I did nto read your message, I was panic. Shraddha and Kittu have a hug. Mummy smiles and says there should not be misunderstandings. Anand comes home and asks where is Shraddha and Kittu.

He sees them laughing in the kitchen. He tells them that jaya told him about their argument. Anand says sorry to Shraddha for getting angry on her in the morning. Shraddha hugs Anand. Kittu says very bad, how can you get angry on her.

Anand tells everyone that Kittu and Shraddha patched up. Mummy scolds jaya. Kittu says leave it now and asks everyone to have food. Papa asks where is Shraddha. jaya says Shraddha scolded Dhruv a lot today. Mummy looks at jaya. Papa says it happened because Shraddha is afraid of Bobby. He says Ashish will be dropping Dhruv and picking him from school. jaya says now Ashish will be doing it right, he is also paying his school fees. Everyone looks at jaya. Shraddha hears jaya and feels bad. Kittu asks jaya not to talk like this. jaya says they should understand then. jaya says Papa always take work from Ashish. Papa says Ashish explain your wife. Anand says why is Ashish not saying anything. Ashish looks at jaya. She gets angry and leaves. Ashish goes after her.

Dhruv is ready for school. jaya argues with Papa. Papa scolds Ashish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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