Anamika 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 4th September 2013 Written Update

Jeet goes with Anamika and takes her at the top of a cliff. Anamika asks why he has brought her here, and Jeet replies that he thinks that now she must have been feeling better as he knows that she lied to the family so that they could spend some time together. Jeet says that she has so fed up of things that he feels like giving up his life. Anamika aks him not to say like that and hugs him. Anamika asks why he is so worried and Jeet says that he is worried because of her as he can’t stay away from her anymore. Anamika says she also can’t stay away from him. Jeet says that Chhavi would never let them unite, but Anamika says that she would handle her and just then Chhavi comes and says would she handle her just like she has been handling everything so far through deception. Jeet asks what she is doing there, but Chhavi asks him not to speak in between as today she wants decision. She pushes her around and Anamika asks Jeet to help. Chhavi repeats the same thing that she is the evil spirit here. She keeps pushing her and Anamika warns her, and Chhavi says what will she do otherwise, show her real self. Anamika says she cannot harm her so it would be better for her to leave. Chhavi says she may not be able to hurt her externally, but she can do something which would force her to attack her and show her real self to Jeet. Chhavi tries to do something to Anamika and Jeet tries to stop her and in the tussle Jeet falls down the cliff. Both Chhavi and Anamika are shocked and scream for him. Anamika gets furious at Chhavi and says now she won’t spare her. Just then Saluja family comes and asks where is Jeet. Anamika tells them that Chhavi pushed him down the cliff. The family is shocked. Pushpa asks Chhavi why she did like this and Chhavi tries to say that she mistakenly pushed him, but Pushpa slaps her. The family starts crying and Anamika asks them to look for him down, but the people of that area tell them that there is no way to go down and no one can survive after falling from here. Everyone gets mad at her including Ritu. Ritu tells her that she had said she would expose Anamika in front of everyone but she killed Jeet. She asks Bebe to forgive her, but Bebe says she does not want to listen to anything, she just wants her Jeet back. Police arrives and take Chhavi away. The rest of the family leave from there and Anamika goes in search of Jeet.

The police is unable to find Jeet and the whole family is in mourning. Anamika comes to her home and gets mad as to why she could not stop this. After a while Balraj gets a call from police telling them that they have found a dead body in the jungle near the cliff end and have called them for identification. The family goes in denial. Anamika calls Balraj and he tells her the same thing. Anamika too goes into denial that he cannot be her Jeet and that he cannot leave like that leaving her all alone. They all go to the mortuary and they all see the dead body of Jeet. The inspector asks all of them to wait outside but Anamika stays behind.

Precap: Jallad coming to take Anamika away as now Jeet is dead.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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