Meri Bhabhi 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 29th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha dropping Kunal to his house. Kunal says we really reached, the way looked short in your presence. Shraddha smiles. Kamini comes outside the house and sees Kunal and Shraddha talking in the car. She is shocked and angry. Kunal flirts with Shraddha. Kamini says its good that I have brought Shraddha’s proposal, else she would have stuck to Kunal. Kamini is shocked to see Shraddha closer to Kunal. Kunal holds Shraddha’s hand. Kamini gets angry. Kunal says lets go inside. Shraddha says no, I should go home now. Kunal says yes, I will bring you here in Doli, see you soon. Shraddha smiles and waves bye. Shraddha leaves.

Dhruv also comes home and talks to everyone. Shraddha comes and says I came and hugs Dhruv. She says I missed you a lot. Dhruv says you always ask the same. Anand says who will worry about you, if not your mum. Dhruv says I enjoyed a lot. Shraddha says i missed you a lot. Dhruv tells then what hedid on his trip. Mummy says ask Shraddha how was her trip. Shraddha hugs Mummy. Papa asks how was it. Shraddha says it was very nice. Kittu signs Papa. Shraddha says do you want to say anything. Kittu says what about Kunal. Shraddha says we came together. Dhruv says where is he, did he not come here, you should have brought him here. Dhruv says I miss him.

Dhruv says you would have had fun with him, right. jaya taunts Shraddha and says tell us what you both did. Everyone looks on. Shraddha says i took many photos and will show you, I had much fun. Papa asks them to freshen up. Kittu says come, have rest first. Kittu smiles. Dhruv asks Shraddha did Kunal take care of you. Shraddha smiles and says yes, Kunal took good care of me, never left me alone. Kunal dances with Kamini with happiness. She says I will faint. Purshottam asks did you have fun. Kunal says yes, I enjoyed a lot. Kamini asks about his car accident. Kunal says yes, it struck a tree. Kamini says I do a lot for you. Your car went for repair, it will come today.

Kunal is much happy and says I can’t get her hand made food. She says I will bring food for you. Kunal talks to Purshottam and asks why is Kamini happy. Purshottam says I don’t know why she is happy. Kunal smells the food and says thanks, I like the food. He says I want to talk to you dad. Kunal goes to freshen up. Shraddha hugs Dhruv and he goes to play. Shraddha is tensed and asks do you really miss Kunal. Mummy asks Kittu where are you going. Kittu says to give her tea. Mummy says talk to Shraddha about Rohit. Kittu says yes, I will ask her. Shraddha asks Dhruv about Kunal. Dhruv says I love him. Shraddha says tell me how much you like him. Dhruv says a lot. He says I feel he should have been my dad. Shraddha is happy and says really? He says yes. Shraddha gets happy.

Shraddha says Dhruv made my decision easy. Mummy says its not easy for Shraddha, I hope she makes the right decision. Kittu says she will be happy this time and goes to Shraddha. Dhruv asks Shraddha why are you asking about Kunal. Kittu finds Shraddha and Dhruv happy. Shraddha sends Dhruv outside to play. Kittu hugs Shraddha and says I m happy for you. Shraddha is shy. Kittu says I have to give reply to your and my mum, tell me is it your yes. Shraddha says it means I don’t have a choice. Shraddha says I don’t know its all of a sudden. Kittu says everyone were shocked when mum brought the proposal. Shraddha misunderstands thinking its Kunal while Kittu is talking about Rohit.

Kittu gets Kunal’s call and he sounds very happy. Shraddha smiles. Kunal says I m thinking to marry, I m in love. Kittu laughs and says are you serious, I can’t believe you. Kittu says its great. Kittu tells him that Shraddha is also ready for marriage. Kunal asks what did she say. Kittu says she is shy and ready for marriage. Kunal says I did not think this would happen, now you have to take care of everything. Kittu says yes, I will. Kittu asks Shraddha so is it a yes from your side. Shraddha smiles and hugs her. Kittu says I m very happy for you.

Kunal is happy to see Kamini cook for him. She asks him to eat. Kunal says its strange. Purshottam laughs. Kunal talks to his dad that he is ready for marriage. Purshottam asks did you find any girl. Kunal says yes, Shraddha. Kamini and Purshottam are shocked. Kunal says I love Shraddha and want to marry her, I like her a lot. She is the right girl for me, even you like her right. Kamini gets angry hearing this.

Shraddha talks to Kittu about Kunal. Kamini talks to Papa and taunts them and blames Shraddha for everything. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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