Madhubala 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th November 2013 Written Update


he remembers the first day when he saw madhu first ..simple girl ..beautiful looking ,spark in eyes ..i found her from the coal ..she married superstar rk thats why she is heroine otherwise she would have been a simple house wife ..taking care of kids ..picking up glass pieces ..marrying a person who earn merely 15 to 20 thousand rs.
i made her superstar otherwise how a simple girl who spent her sunday in pressing the curtains ..
i made her superstar ..rk ask madhu “u will becomebigger superstar than me..will u ??”
deepali thinks to take advantage and played the music ..
so here kurbaan hua …
rk kissing madhu on hands ,,madhu is shocked with what rk doing .. she is nervous but rk not stopping
deepali happy at madhu’s plight
poori hui har aarzoo ,har dastan meri ..kurbaan hua …

rk:madhu this is a superstar life it ,its drama ..all fake ..entertain people with drama ..and a kiss..
madhu:stop it rk all r looking towards us..
but rk didn’t stopped ,he kissed madhu ..all saying “what rk doing ”
rk :biwi now become a complete superstar ..
madhu all crying ,run away from there
roma try to lessen the tension and take all of then for food
bittuji asking rk how he can do all this with bhabhiji ??
deepali brought a drink for rk and tellshim that she knew he needs it ..
she told him thatu told thatu r happy with madhu’s success but not now ..u r there a same simple man jealous of his wife’s success ..previously i know what u feel ..but now even madhu knows abt ur thoughts..
rk rushed upstairs and ask for forgiveness from madhu ..
madhu replied ..did u know rk u made m remember my past ..that time i didn’t care but now we love na ..
rk said sorry again ..and this the way a superstar behaved but madhu said no ..u don’t know party have a ll our members only ..
i want to live as rk’s wife only nothing else …
rk happy listening to this and want her to keep on saying she want to live as just rk’s wife ..
rk want madhu only for himself,u r mine only ..i have all right to hurt u .to love u ..
madhu relaxed rk and said she is all hers …rk happy ..
but madhu said after few months he has to share her with ..bhool gaye..made him remember abt kid …

part 2..

madhu rk with dr ..dr told madhu that she can see her baby …
madhu said the baby is cute ..
rk asked dr “r u sure this isnot an alien kid ?? why he is not good looking like us ??”
dr replied..i can’t say abt good looks but yes in sense of humour he will be like u ..dr advise rk to take care of madhu ..
madhu askedrk not to tell anyone abt baby so that bady must not have any bad eyes on him ..
rk said “ur market value will reduce ?’
madhu said how many times i told u that first three months r complicated ..
a film maker came..rk thought its for him but maker said he had brought the script for madhu not for him ..

part 3

sikky troubling all ..rk there and told sikky how cum u trouble u one can bear u ..
film producer stevemehta there ..rk introduce madhu to steve and praised steve a lot ..he works like politician ,make a film earns in crores and then make new film after 5 years ..
rk tries to introduce madhu to steve but he said he already knew madhu ..what a great work she has done..
he has script for madhu not for rk …
rk shocked ..

precap :rk saw the script kept on table and said ..script but madhu has said that ???/.

Update Credit to: tabby999

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