Meri Bhabhi 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 26th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu and Shraddha working in the kitchen, they share a good bonding. They have a laugh. Shraddha tells she is happy that Kittu is happy with Anand. Kittu gets a call from her mum and she cuts it. Shraddha asks her to pick it up. Kittu talks to her mum saying she was busy in work. Kittu’s mum passes some motherly lines. She tells I’m with Shraddha. Kittu’s mum asks why did she come, then she changed her lines. She asks about Shraddha. Kittu says she came with Anand, she asks about Bobby, Kittu says no. Kittu looks at Shraddha. Her mum asks is everything fine, Kittu says yes. Kittu ends the call.

Mummy is pacifying Papa, he is angry on Shraddha, thinking what could have happened to Shraddha if Anand did not go to her. Mummy says how would she call, she married Bobby against our wish, and what did we do for her. We always complained, he says I love her, what are you saying. She says I know, whatever is happening, its because of us. Our anger stopped her from saying anything to us, we could not feel her pain. He says why did she lie to us, hide it from us, only because I was angry on her. So this means, she should not tell her suffering. She says Shraddha needs us now. Papa says yes, you are right, I’m a bad father. Mummy says no, you are not bad, the situation is worse. We have to bridge the distance.

Dhruv is asleep, Kittu asks Shraddha to go and talk to Papa. Shraddha says I cannot face him. Kittu says lets go, we should manage to live life well. Papa will feel good after talking to you. They both come to Papa. He is happy to see her. Kittu says Shraddha made coffee for Papa. Everyone are there, Papa welcomes her and asks her to sit with him. He says you made good coffee. Shraddha says I’m sorry papa. He says no, its ok, no need of sorry. I made the mistake, but forget the bitter past. He says I want to see happiness on your face. Anand says from today we won’t talk about the past. Kittu says crying is banned in this house. Ishaan talks about Bobby, Mummy stops him. Shraddha feels bad. Ashish says we should get Shraddha separated from Bobby. Shraddha gets sad. Kittu says don’t forget he is Dhruv’s dad. She says she should talk to Bobby once, before getting onto some conclusion. Anand says he didn’t get in touch with Shraddha since one year. Papa stops both of them and hugs Shraddha. He asks her to rest.

Kittu’s mum tells her husband about Shraddha. She gets worried, saying maybe she brought gifts for everyone, papa might be happy, he gets annoyed only if I gift him the sweets, She thinks they have changed my daughter. She argues with her husband.

Mummy comes and asks Zorawar to come inside, he watches the stars and thinks about Shraddha’s wishes. He says he prayed to get back Shraddha, and this became true. But this time has ruined her marital life. Mummy pacifies him. He says yes, you are right. Mummy says no, Kittu is right, we should talk to Bobby, why did he do like this, maybe he will feel he is wrong and want Shraddha back. We should know the reasons. They loved each other a lot, Shraddha
will not forget Bobby. He reminds her of her first marriage, she gets sad. They both go inside the house.

Anand and Kittu have a discussion about Shraddha. They argue somewhat. Anand says divorce is the solution, Kittu says no, we cannot break the relation. She says I know you care for Shraddha, but Shraddha should decide about it. Anand says what will she decide, we can keep Shraddha happy. Kittu says this is not a game, Anand says stop it. Kittu stops Anand and asks him is it to easy to break a marriage for you. Annad gets angry and makes her understand what he means. He cuts a knot which Kittu tries to undo. Kittu cries. He throws the scissor and leaves.

Ishaan and Anand are having a talk about Bobby and Shraddha’s divorce. Ashish says yes. Anand says we have to think about Shraddha. Dhruv hears them talking, that Bobby dies for us. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and tells her everything what he heard. Kittu comes and manages the situation. Dhruv understands. Shraddha cries. Kittu asks Dhruv to sleep. Kittu asks Shraddha to sleep. She smiles. Shraddha asks do you also want that others want, Kittu says no, I believe you should decide it.

Kittu’s mum comes and taunts Shraddha. Mummy argues with her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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