Madhubala 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Doc tells that its again symptosm of stress! He tells Radha that.. if she keeps taking so much stress.. her prob can get aggravated! Doc asks Radha what happened that she has to think so much? Radha stays mum! Madhu says. .nothing like that..and that they will try to ensure Radha is under no stress! Doc says..good else.. in this age its not good to take so much stress…! He asks them to take care of Radha n leaves..!

Madhu is looking at Radha and RK tries to talk to Madhu but Madhu says that if he can keep quiet in front of Radha its better! RK offers meds ad Madhu says..she is with her..n takes the meds..! RK leaves from there..!

RK storms down the staircase and hands some list to Bittu and Bittu tells RK that Sultan has take nover Siky-Dips room! RK is about to barge into ..but Bittu says..its not right .atleast for Auntyjis sake..! Bittu this troubled times they need to work with brain not brawns n need to have lots of patience! RK calms down..!

Dips tells Sikky that.. after ages..enviro s so good! Siky says.. strom came n took their room ..! Dips says..think big.. now this whole house is theirs…! Dips says.. now the view is perfect.. from dining room! Sikky asks how to kick Sultan out of their room? Dips says.. to hell with room! Dips asks to enjoy this situation! Dips says..this amazing buried news that has come to should enjoy…! Sikky asks which skeletions >Dips says.. is a prhase! Disp says..mean tthe fact of new relations…of Sult n RK! Sikky says.. ! Dips says.. what amazing start of RK- Dil Khush Karditta! Sikky back hugs n asks her to make him happy too! Dips says shut up n sends him off to go fetch a new room! Sikky leaves..! Dips smirks!

Sultan is patting Meeras head..! He overhears footsteps..! Sultan asks.w.hy are u here? Its Madhu…! Madhu comes to Sultan and says.. after ages he got his she ok? Madhu asks i mean.. is anything serious? Sultan gets up from the bed.. looks at Madhu.. looks at his mom..n back to her! They walk from the room..!to the hall..! MSutlan asks why are is she here? Did RK ask for comproise of again get him kicekd out? Madhu says. no RK din send..wanna ask.. what i wanted to. .but now that he has raised.. want to say. .all this is mu…! Sultan says. no mu .. n that he is not going out of here.. ! He says…she has full right on this house.. full leagl right..! He says..30 years..she has borne this tortyure… but now its time for justice.. they will live..!

Madhu listen to her n understand! She says…she is sad to see what Sultans mom has gone trhu but not to pull her family here! Sultan says..if Mohan had fulfilled his relation to Meera.. there wont be any Madhu or her family here! HE says..she is worrying for family but his mom was cheated n her family snatched..! Madhu says..she agrees Sultan loves his mom .. n doing all for her. .n there is some big reason. .! She says.. a drunk told him a story .. n he trusts? Who knows this whole story is a fake. . a lie. .n maybe he wants to malign Mohan K..! She asks if he asked anyone eelse? Sultan says.. my mom said.. have seen her scream in fear… cry for her chidl.. hv heard her ntake Maohans name …seen her scream her kids name… He says. no more proof is required afte r this.. isnt this enouf? RK comes and says. .no ..this proof is not enouf..!

Sultan fumes seeeing RK…! He says.. a drunk who has fooeld him entire life … is not enouf… a woman who lost her sense 30 years… ! Sultan says. the man he is calling liar drunk .. Radha has identified..he used tow ork here! RK Thousands do…! He says..either they are lying or Sutlan si making the lie! RK says..its possible…his mom is nuts.. or she isnt his name! Sutlan says.. he is crossing limits.. RK says..he is crosing limits..screaming on RK in his own jhome? Sulta nsays. .this is my home too n will stay here..till his mom gets ..her lost repute. .identify n rights.n all ..! RK asks…everything? What all? The night when Sultan lost all … Rishbala wedding night..! Suddenly .. there was miracle n Sultan got back his long lost mom and that night..he decided that ..he will take revenge on his biggest enemy .whome he hates most! Sultan asks if crap talk is over ?? RK asks Bittu to bring something! Madhu asks RK to clam and RK removes her hand..from his arm n says. .wont be calmer than this on last breath ! He says.. more than him Sultan is in anger..! Bittu brings cheque book and RK takes n signs a blank cheque n gives to Sultan ..n says.. to fill the amount he thinks is his all ..! Sikky Dips watch! RK says.. not to think he is giving money cos he believes that crap story but its for him to take n leave the house with hsi mom so that he n his family can stay there in peace.! RK says..its a request…since there is no one left to impress!

Sultan stares at RK n RK says. not to say that dun take.. charity or money thrown .! Sultan stares at the cheque!

Part 2

Sultan takes the cheque from RKs hand..takes the pen and writes something on it! Sikky tries to peek and see how much Sultan is filling..! Sultan shows the filled cheque to RK n RK turns his face away n says..dun see after giving charity how much i give..! Sultan shows the cheque to RK … with the name.. Meera Mohan Kundra ..! Sultan says..this is the name he wants..and he does not think ..there is any Bank who can give this .. but this is something that RK n his family will give him!! RK- Sultan glares at each other! RK takes the cheque from Sultan and tears it off…! .. They keep glaring at each other!

Part 3

Sultan says.. he has led his own life. .n RK has led his life..! He has no complaints…! Rather its hurting him to find out that he is RKs bro.. ! Sultan rues that in whole wide world..’Ek tum hi mile the’! Sultan says..he came there for his mom …to get her back her reputation, self respect and identity. .to bring this truth out in the open before the world that .. Meera is MKs first wife not Radha! Radha comes n says.its a lie ..! She says.. all this is wrong.. MK was married only once and that is to her.. ! She says Sultan n his mom are lying! All are shocked..! Camera freezes on Sultans glaring face..!

Precap — Radha is in tears and rushes into her room and closes the door! RK and Madhu knock on the door n RK asks Radha to open the door! When Radha does not respond, RK asks Madhu to ask Radha to open the door!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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