Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani, Ketki, and Karan continue enjoying dinner party. Karan drops Kalyani and Ketki home and suggests them to stop fighting. Kalyani thanks him for his dinner idea. He smiles and leaves.

In the morning, KVK/Karan’s manager comes and tells Ketki that KVK wants to have music contract with her and will pay her same as Kalyani with same contract details. Kalyani hears that and thinks she did not discuss this with KVK, then how does he know. KVK calls him and says Karan informed her desire, so he agreed to make a contract with Ketki also. She thanks him. He says Karan is a nice boy and starts praising himself.

Ketki goes to Protima’s office and tells her about her new contract with KVK and says since she did not give her work since a long time she agreed for this contract. Protima says she is free to sing for anyone. Ketki thanks her and leaves. Protima fumes that she gave contract to Ketki to destroy Kalyani and spent a lot on her, but now she is slipping off, so she will now destroy Kalyani with her dirty tricks.

Karan enters Kalyani’s house and sees her calling Megha and maid. He sees no one around and walks towards his room. Kalyani comes out of bathroom and wears bathrobe. She is shocked to see Karan there and locks door. Aaji comes down from outside and asks Karan when did he come. He says just now and says he has to say a story. Kalyani comes and stops him thinking he is telling about her..She takes him out and asks what was he telling. He says nothing and starts joking with her.

Ketki goes to KVK’s office and finds Protima’s music director there who says he is not bound only to Protima and can give music for anyone. He introduces his secretary and praises that he is a brilliant new talent.

Kalyani after song recording walks near stairs when music director’s secretary stops her and requests to help him financially for his mother’s treatment. Kalyani agrees and asks him to come to her house and take money from Shivang. He records their conversation and smirks. He goes home and takes money from Shivang looking at Ketki. Ketki thinks Kalyani got her contract.

Precap: KVK gifts his mom’s bangles to Kalyani. Ketki cries that she has broken fate. Kalyani angrily enters KVK’s office and is shocked to see Karan is indeed KVK.

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