You are my world (Part 12)

thanx pinky.Ep starts with ram talking with mani.

ram:but ishu needs luv & care.She is hapy to be with me.Time wil heal da wounds.
Mani:im going america tomorow,so plz take care of her.
Ram:i will.Good luck 4da journey.
mihir by da way sees romi with a girl romancing.Mihir thinks ram is right romi wil never change.I shud tel this to mihika.
At night shagun comes to ishus room.
sha:i want to talk with ishu is with u,i want to get on with my life.
ishu:wht u want shagun.if there anything wich we can help u.
ram:i talk with pandit ji.i put a date 4 u&manoj weding.

Sha:wht?I never told u.Hw U..
Ram:ur like my sister.Its my responsibility.
Ishu:wow..Ram.Ur lucky shagun,Congrats 4da weding.
next dy mihir cms to meet ishu.
Mihr:sis thnx 4 coming to coffe shop.i Want to talk about mihikas weding.Romi stil romance with girls.We shud stop da weding.
ishu:wht?he’ll never change.ill talk with ram.
at night ishra room.
ram:i am so glad as my bro geting married tomorow.
ishu:i want to talk with u ram.

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