Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Protima calls Ketki and asks if she is ready to sing in a producer’s daughter’s wedding. Ketki agees. Protima speaks to producer and says she did his work and wants him to hire her music company for his next movie.

Karan and Kalyani’s car gets punctured on the way to Pune. They get out to check. A speeding car passes by and Kalyani afraidly hugs Karan. Four goons see them alone and start misbehaving with Kalyani. They discuss that she is famous singer Kalyani and they will get huge ransom if they kidnap her. Karan enjoys their talks and laughs. Kalyani asks why is he laughing instead of fighting with goons. He fights with goons and defeats them all. One of them injuries his hand. Goons run away. Kalyani gets worried seeing his wound and applies bandage. Karan says it is morning now and gets into car. He tries to start car, but it does not. She asks what now. He says battery is dead and they need to walk

Kalyani and Karan start walking home and get tired. They sit on park bench. She says aayi must be waiting for her and they need to rush. He asks if she is close to her aayi. She says after baba’s death, aayi is everything to her. She asks about his mom. He says his mom died in his childhood and even his grandparents died. He has father who did not want him to leave him alone, but he had to come here for business, now dad does not speak to him at all. She cheers him up. They both start walking again.

Devaki gets worried for Kalyani and asks Shivang why did not he go with her. He says she did not take him along. Maid says she knows with whom she went and after a bit of drama says Karan. Devika says then she does not have to worry. Meenakshi says Karan is a stranger. Devika says he is a nice man and it shows on his face. Aaji taunts just like Meenakshi and her son’s face say they are fraud. Devika says she means Karan is a good man.

Karan and Kalyani continue walking. Old lady sees them and asks since when they are married. Karan says 1 year. Lady says he should love Kalyani like this and take care of her forever.

In the morning, maid shows Ketki’s pic in newspaper. Megha reads news that famous singer Kalyani’s pregnant sister sang in producer’s daughter’s marriage. Devika and Aaji are shocked to hear this news.

Precap: Ketki tells Devika that even she wants to become family like Kalyani. Kalyani sadly tells Karan that KVK did not meet her yet and if he has problem with her, she will not sing for him.

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