Kaala Teeka 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manjiri says to gauri what are you peeking in the room? Gauri says my wrist is bleeding. Manjiri says oh God. Stay here I will bring medicine. Manjiri goes to take med.
gauri peeks in room. Kali is talking to Yug. She says why are you not ready? What are you doing? He says waiting for you to be mine, wake and sleep to see your face. Kali says you love me so much? He says yes that I can’t even control. Kali says meaning? He says to kiss? Kali says no everyone will be there. Sharmila comes there.. Gauri hides. She says sharmila ruined everything. Anyway I still have time. Sharmila says lets go Kali.
Manjiri comes with med but sees that woman is not there.

Leela says everything is ruined. We are going to bring the girl I hated. Chulbul says maa ji lets go baraat is ready yug is impatient.
Vishwa says to Manjiri your love made kali such a good girl and my love made gauri selfish. She can’t see anything but herself. She says no love and respect for anyone. Not even me.
Manjiri says I think baraat has arrived.

Yug arrives with the baraat. Kali comes downstairs. Yug stands up. Sharmila says calm down my brother. She is your bride she will come to you anyway. The girls bring Kali downstairs.
Gauri dances with other women. Yug holds Kali’s hand. He comes close to kiss her. Kali smiles.
Yug says consider no one is here, no music no people. Just you and me. I love you Kali. He kisses her cheek and says I promised you. Kali smiles. Gauri stands next to Kali. She takes out and injection. Leela sees her. She is about to inject it into Kali. Someone collides with her and the injection breaks.
Gauri says on call, I need another injection it broke. Leela comes to gauri and says you could be seen. gauri says I can open my mouth. Leela says dont threaten me. Gauri says I will manage alone I don’t need you. I have orderd other injection. Go enjoy. Leela says okay.

The wedding is done. Kali does the bidai rituals. Kali says to Vishwa if I ask you something would you give it? He says of course, Kali says forgive Gauri. Kali says please. Vishwa says you could ask anything for yourself. Kali says she is ours too. Kali hugs Vishwa. Sharmila says Kali I will miss you. Kali says I will miss you too. Sharmila says my brother won’t let you. Kali meets everyone. Manjiri makes her sit in the doli, Manjiri says as a mother I request you yug take care of my kali. Be forgiving to her. Yug says I promise. Leela says pick this up. Yug texts her you are my kali nothing can part us now.

Precap-Manjiri says thank you ram ji for giving Kali her happiness. Always keep her happy. Manjiri gets a call. She scarems.. Vishwa.. He comes. Neel too. He asks what happened? Manjiri is sobbing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What is going to happen guys ?
    I m soo tensed .

  2. thank you atiba for updating the episodes… I always wait for your update…

  3. What the hell!

  4. I really hope nothing happened to Kali ,I hope gauri injected herself and leela that disgusting old hag should pay for it. If anything happens to Kali or Yug I done watching this show cause evildoers always win no hope for good in these series

  5. this is stupid….is kali going die …if she die I can’t watch this show…….have guys heard anything about simran quitting a show or something ????really I want to know what happen to kali????

    1. Masz

      I dun think so K… so far no such news like what happened in TEI.simraan,rohan n fenil looks happy in one on location interview yesterday.But Ive really hve no idea whatz gona happen next.Nor spoiler n trailer neither shown so far. ??????????

    2. Hey masz… I read a spoiler ….at the grahapravesh… Kali will be black out… And Yug will slaps gauri because of her Kali in this situation..lets she what will happen next then????

    3. Masz

      TQ so much for de update K.ohhh no black out bcoz of what.i afraid gauri would injected de poison yar… now wil become like snow white n 7 dwarfs.Yup lets wait n watch K!TQ

  6. Thank god nothing will be happen to kali. Iam so happy guys

  7. Not even a month of happiness for them. These people are twisted

  8. What might happened to kaali…something Gauri might have done with kaali

  9. plz atiba update fast kiya kro n….this is my fav serial… plz

  10. Nice to see yug and kali together. Just hope kali is fine and yug saves her from Crazy gauri…..

    Seriously… Gauri needs to get a life of her own.

  11. Gosh … What is that going on this show I’m really fed up…gauri go hell….what is this want?????why he dissapoint the viewers?????can’t have Kali happy for sometime?????why always give favor that b***h gauri…..that’s it I’m quiting…. I can’t be frustrated….

    1. I meant what is this writer want???

  12. maria chenelle

    tq for the update

  13. maria chenelle

    so sweet scene kali n yug.. happy for them

  14. Masz

    Itz really suspense diz time.Hopefully nothing so bad happened to kaali.Yug plz save ur wifey as u promised manjima to alwayz tke care of kaali… I think gauri jha shud be sent to prison like kalyani then only kaYu wil live in peace except leela also start making a crab.

  15. I Seriously dnt understand Wat da he’ll da writers r doing……not even a week’s happiness for kayu it’s so irritating….

  16. i know what will happen to kali…… gauri will attempt to kidnap her but it is still a suspense if she will suceed in her plans ……i saw all this on spoiler page

  17. I hope nothing happen to kali n gauri dies by accident

  18. What will happend next epi ?
    The writer make me feel so heart beat !

    1. Donno…..god save Kali from that evil gauri

  19. Why Leela hate Kaali so much it’s so bad for the old b*t*h like to be doing things this way. I hope Guri and Leela go to jail both of them are horrible humans being I feel bad for Yug because he has no idea that his grandma is evil the directors need to kill Guri power face

  20. OMG….. What’s happened to Kali? Manjari looks distraught while calling Kali name. Hope it’s not as bad as it looks. So anxious to see tomorrow episode.

  21. Uhhhh! I feel like I want to kill that gauri?

    1. yes right ….i read that gauri want to kill kali by injecting poisnous injection

  22. Hey guys kali attacked by an accident she is seviourly injured
    She is in serious condition guys. This is new spoiler guys.guys again this writer betraying viewers I can’t see anything happen to kali guys

    1. yes right

  23. Guys all serials in zee tv always. lying in tragedy story line.in every serial hero and heroine are always separate always evil win. Viewers are seeing serials for refreshing their minds from some tensions and pressure and entertainment. But this zee tv increasing their pressure and tension. They are not entertaining viewers. They are suffering viewers. Why always evil win over good. Why these writer think like that. No one are like in a serial always evil win and always tragedy seens

  24. poonam dhungel

    please us what will happened with kali ,we are so afraid ? is she goes from show . please fastly kali or yug ko ek kardo .

    1. no she is not quitting

  25. Guys iam quiting this show. This show always lying in tragedy way. I can’t bare it anything will happen to kali.I hope yug saved his wife life. Guys anybody give a complaint all serials in zee tv To head of the zee tv

  26. The wedding was nice. Thx writers. keep the suspense going, makes the show more interesting.

    1. Masz

      Agree with u Payal! 🙂

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