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Ishaani wonders where has Disha gone, she was tensed as well. Chaitali passes and tells Ishaani Disha is out since morning. Ishaani tries her number, she wasn’t picking the phone. RV comes there, and asks Sunny what she is looking for. Ishaani tells him not to call her Sunny Leone here, Chaitali comes there and teases Ishaani. RV says Ishaani has the characteristics of Sunny Leone. Chaitali spits it is all because of the sharbat she gave to RV, Ishaani asks what? Chatali says he was asking her blessings. Chaitali leaves.
Ishaani forbids him to call her Sunny again. RV smiles that he only calls him Sunny Deole, but will call her Sunny in front of everyone. Ishaani runs after RV with a cusion in hand, Falguni comes there. She smiles and says she must go but they both stop her. RV gets a call and leaves.
He asks Mr. Javeri what is it about. Mr Javeri says RV has been loaded with work in office. He says he has to take care of RIshi’s work. Mr Javeri says he is sending a trustee who worked with him, years ago. Today he is working in a jewellery shop, he doesn’t have an MBA degree but he is trustee.
Falguni says to Ishaani that today she is happy to see Ishaani happy again. Her papa must be happy too. She can even tell others that her daughter is really happy, with her husband. RV hears the conversation and leaves. Ishaani says she didn’t take any wrong decision taking it, and asks about Disha. Falguni says she is also looking for Disha, she is insisting upon marrying Manas.
Amba curses Lakshmi that Ishaani isn’t pregnant. Amba says it is someone else in home, who is pregnant. Lakshmi asks who can it be, Amba watches Parul and points at her. Lakshmi is worried and brings Parul inside. He asks Parul what is going on. Parul thinks she must be talking about college. Parul smiles that all is well, in the college… they stops her saying it is in college. Lakshmi hands Parul the kit, Parul resists but Laksmi forcefully sends her to washroom.

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Parul comes out with a negative test result. Lakshmi cheers and hugs Parul. Parul was annoyed. Amba wonders who else in there in the house. They both come to conclude it is Disha.
The doctor asks Disha why she didn’t get herself tested. DIsha says she didn’t get time. The doctor says her case is serious. She watches the sonography report and tells Disha they can’t do her abortion, her BP and blood tests aren’t normal as well. Disha insists, the doctor asks Disha to invite any family member. Ishaani comes there. The doctor asks Disha if anyone from the family knows about pregnancy, Ishaani says she knows about it and comes to sit. She says she is her elder sister; she can talk to her about her pregnancy. Disha was worried; Ishaani holds her hand and say she is here to take care of her.
Chaitali comes to Falguni and asks why she is taking tension about Disha. Falguni wonders what happened that Disha has changed her mind so soon. Chaitali says Disha is uncomfortable in the servant quarter, and then Amba’s torture. She ask her to call Dsha and fix her arrangement.
Ishaani tells Disha she is angry that she did the mistake, then hid it. She says she found the prescription in her cup board. It is the family who helps one, she she will scold her later and help her first as she has always considered her an elder sister. Disha hugs Ishaani.
Disha tells Ishaani that Rishi posed to love her, someone else told him to do the drama. Ishaani takes her along, to Rishi. RV calls Ishaani, and tells Falguni told him Manas family is coming home. Ishaani was about to tell him, but says she is with Disha and will come home soon. RV wonders why Ishaani was tensed.
Ishaani comes to meet Rishi, he says he told RV he will get him out. When he will know his little sister is pregnant, he will get him out. Ishaani says she came here, just to know the name of person who told him to destroy her sister’s life. Rishi asks she still doesn’t know, he is so charming that people don’t blame him. He says he is her husband, Ranvir.

PRECAP: Chirag says to Ishaani in front of Rishi, he told her not to trust RV.

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  1. Don’t know what is the Chirag intention behind to show Ranveer as a bad person infront of Ishaani? What is the profit he gains? Is this is Mr. Javeri’s plan or what by using Chirag to see happiness in Rithika’s life.

  2. reader's diegest

    Ohh come on …. back to square one, misery with miserable Chiraag and Ishaani …. this is gonna be another chuingum story 🙁

  3. Wat d helll…. bledy chirag and rishi…. hell with dese guys…

  4. omg!!!!……chiraag is such a villain…..! why r u playing with ishaani chirrag?..????kya fayda hoga issue tum he?

  5. Chiraag what is the need of coming to jail when Ishaani is talking to Rishi? Ishaani don’t behave like a duffer again. Use your brain. Keep trust on RV and take his help to sort out all of your problems.

  6. innaiku episode nalla irundhadhu.. aana precap showing Chiraag upsets viewers a lot : ( . don’t know how Ishaani will react? hope she is not a duffer like before..

  7. Ishaani z a dumb.plz don’t make it horrible by bringing chiraag

  8. That was most fvt drama plz dont spoil this by adding more intensity n ishani should trust her hubby instead if that decieving chiragh who left her for money

  9. Chiraag no plz don’t spoil rv n ishani’s life……

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