Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishi calling and asking him to meet him outside airport. Once he meets her, she says she is Nishi, his daughter. He is surprised to hear that. She asks why did he leave her mother. He asks her to ask her mother itself. She says she wants to marry. He asks her to go ahead and if she needs monetary help, he will send her money. She says she does not want money. Pam calls him and tells that they are getting late to board flight. Nishi says she loves Jignesh and mom is not approving their marriage as she thinks even Jignesh will leave her daughter like her husband. He asks what can he do. She gives him Ragini’s card and asks him to call her and convince her for marriage. He will not and asks her to go back home. Nishi sadly walks out. He turns back and reminisces his happier moments with his daughter and sees Jignesh trying to console her. Jignesh asks if she spoke to her papa and what did he say. She says she left a decision to him to call her mom.

Neil goes back into airport and meets Pam. She asks where was he. He says he met a girl whom he operated. She asks why is his eyes red. He says he is allergic to dust. She asks if he alright and asks if he is going back to 15 years ago. He takes passport and walks in. She thinks something has happened.

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Nishi reaches home back and emotionally says Naani that her papa is just like other papas. Arav asks if he asked about him. Ragini comes home and asks Nishi why is she roaming instead of taking rest. Sunny tai intervenes and says she did not go to airport or terrace and was at home. Ragini then asks Aarav to switch on his laptop as he wants to send thank you mail to Neil. They all think that she will come to know that Neil is Natchiket and starts giving weird reason like wifi is not working, etc.

Neil reaches home with Pam and directly goes into Suhani’s room. Pam thinks again something has happened. Suhani gets happy seeing him. He apologizes her for not attending his graduation and asks if he can see her degree. She happily gets it. He says he is proud of her and will frame her degree. She asks if he is alright. He says yes and asks what are her future plans. She says she has applied to 3 universities. He selects one and asks if she has a boy in her life. She says no. He says he is both mother and daughter and wants to know. She says he will be the first person to know. Aman comes and shows him pic. He likes it and goes to his room. Suhani and Aman are both ver happy seeing their changed dad and think something good has happened in India.

Neil’s friend Karan and his wife Dimpy reach shopping mall. He says there are a lot of hot girls around. She says they have come with their bald husbands and asks him to get cornflakes. He goes and starts flirting with a girl, says his wife is paralyzed. His wife hears all his conservation and says girl that she is his wife. Girl slaps and leaves.

Ragini and Dr. Aman reach same shopping mall with Sunny Tai. Ragini helps Aman shop his grocery. Karan’s wife does not look at Ragini’s face and praises that couple is taking each one’s help to buy grocery. Karan calls her and is surprised to see it is Ragini. He asks how is she is. Aman joins her back and asks if he knows this couple. She says she does not know them, but they think they know her and leaves with Aman. Karan says Ragini has married again, but Neil has not since 15 years. His wife meets Ragini again and tries to talk about Nachiket. Ragini says she does not want to talk about him and leaves with Sunny tai.

Ragini reaches home back. Naani asks if she will have tea or food. She goes in without answering. Naani asks Sunny tai what happened to her. Sunny says her mood changed after meeting a couple in market. Naani goes to Ragini’s room and asks whom she met. She says she met Karan and Dimpy and says in this vast city, why she had to meet only them. Naani says she cannot get away from her past. She gets irked and says she will not let her past come back.

Precap: Neil calls Ragini over phone. She is shocked to hear his voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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