Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shekhar says to Ishaani that if they don’t need you, you should become someone’s need. If they don’t love you, you should love yourself. There is no one in the world who doesn’t have problem, should everyone die here. Seeing others pain one should not be thankless, but thankful; seeing a beggar on street one must thank God that he gave them house to live. Those who don’t have better shoes to wear, one must think about those who don’t have feet. If she loves her family for one percent only she must go to them, and the right to take one’s life only resides with the one who made her be born.
Ranveer comes to Ishaani’s bedroom, thinking about all their romance in the room. He touches the things there, looks at the wind-chimes there her words echo in his mind. Then her last words about hating him echo in his mind, he shuts his ears to get relax. He looks at her photo frame, sits with it in hands. He cries hugging her photo, then puts it on a table and places a flower in front of it. He then brings a lamp and lights it. Ritika comes there and says she can understand his pain, she says Ishaani has left this world but will never leave their lives. If they can save this lamp from going out together, why can’t they save this relation. RV leaves the room. Amba watches this, thinking RV is still in pain of Ishaani, he needs to keep her away from her in anyway.
Shekhar and the judge’s daughter were cozy in bed, in morning. The receptionist calls Shekhar and tells him that a girl is here to meet him and is insisting. Shekhar wonders if it is Peecha Churao, the judge’s daughter gets angry, and asks the receptionist who is it. The receptionist says this is Ishaani Parekh and says sir got her out of the jail. Shekhar’s girlfriend apologizes him saying he can’t have an affair with a girl who was in jail, she must be here to say thankyou. Shekhar tells the receptionist to send him up.
Shekhar comes out thinking some girls are a headache only. He comes to Ishaani in the hall, Ishaani says she came to say thanks to him. He says she could have called him. She says she gave him a reason to live as well. He says if she is done, he was busy inside and heads back to go. She stops him to go inside and gives him some money, saying these are 8,000. He smiles, then asks if she thinks he takes whatever a person puts in his hands; he takes 8 lacs for a case. His girlfriend comes to the door, he changes his tone at once, then says to Ishaani aloud that he can’t take this, he took her case with his own will, his mother said that he will for sure earn love in life. Ishaani asks him to keep this money she earned it in jail and will return the others as well. He looks at his girlfriend who nods, he takes the money saying he will keep them and will never spend them, as it is his most precious earning. He says if he wasn’t a good man, he should have returned them, but will she feel happy if he takes it. She nods. He says he will then keep it. Ishaani leaves, Shekhar looks at the money then his girlfriend and comes inside. She hugs him saying she didn’t know he is so sensitive from inside and recognizes someone’s feelings so well. She goes into washroom, he thinks he hasn’t sent her father a photo. He thinks she called her a good man, he must not be one; then wonders if she is making him really a good person.
Ritika tells Amba that Ranveer is really pained by Ishaani’s dead. Amba says she has to live happily with him, only wiping his tears isn’t enough. Amba says she must now take Ishaani’s place in not only this house but RV’s heart as well. They all know she has been staying with him in a room, but there is nothing like marriage in their life. They are only friends, she will give birth to a baby in a month, the child will get RVs name but does she think he will get a father. She must marry Ranveer now, Ishaani is legally dead so their relation should now be made legal now. They won’t even need to produce Ishaani and Ranveer’s divorce papers in court as well. Ritika says she will talk to Ranveer about it, and one man can do it better. Amba asks her to call him now, Ritika calls Shekhar.
Ishaani was walking on the road, when she finds some boys teasing and misbehaving with a lady. She picks a stick nearby beats both the men from behind and holds their knives at them. She asks the other woman to get into the car, and herself gets the driving seat.

PRECAP: Ranveer runs to kitchen where Ritika was. He shouts her name and there is a fire blast in kitchen, he saves Ritika from it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. today episode is ok…. Ishaani very good…i like ur brave… I am so exited what will happened next, and ranveer, nevr trust rithika….. Shekhar keep it up, good advice ya….

  2. harshitha reddy

    wat d hell z dis prcap……naaku picchi ekkutundi ritika ni chusthe……

    1. sai harish Pathuri

      naak kuda pichi ekkutondhi.. lol

  3. ritika to marry rv……does that mean they r still not married???…….hey, that’s gud……….brave girl ishani………….shikhar, u r charming yaar…….bring ishveer back together again……i m fully irritated with this ritika’s drama….

  4. i hate this precap…… Ranveer rithika va care panratha yethuka mudila, i hate it….. And you rithika what the hell are you doing, ranveer ishaani ya pathi feel panum pothu, ni yen vandu tention yethura…idiot,

  5. i appreciate your brave ishaani…… Very good….. But iritating precap……

  6. Curse you ritika. You are always creating drama in front of ranveer. Thank god that rv is still not married that cheater. Please unite ishveer soon shikhar. Ishaani was awesome today.

  7. such a bakwaas serial… ever seen

  8. hey kavi sariya soniga, enakum pidikala, ranveer rithika va care panrathum pidikala, and rithika ranveer ah care panrathum pidikala, she always hold his face, its to iritating ya….

  9. i am very happy.. Becoz still ranveer not marry rithika, and ranveer you didnt marry her…. She is dushman of your love,

  10. I don’t know y Ritika is trying to take Ishani’s place in Rv’s heart,, ? See how selfish she is even after killing Chirag , how silent she is, she seperated these poor lovers, even after hearing Ishani’s death ; she’s mum, and everyday she is witnessing how much pain is Ranveer undergoing without Ishani,,, but y nobody is atleast worrying to to know wether Ishani is dead or no? And y is nobody atleast trying to take her body? Ranveer juz came back after jailer said him to go!!! Ranveer should have showed more emotions after hearing ishani died, for the girl whom he loved since childhood,, Ishani will be now brave enough to face the world,, I wish if they are together soon,,

  11. Ah!! Thank god that rv and ritika r not married
    this is interestng
    gud job ishani your bravery is admirable…
    Episode was gud bt precap is n0t g0od at all..

    1. Hey that’s true that Ritika haven’t got mangalsutra ,, Yaay wish if RV finds his love soon

  12. hey rosh!!!
    Where r u?
    Post Comment…

  13. Happy to hear rv has not married to ritika..

  14. Rv not married rithika ..but y they r staying in one room…bcoz he give the name for her child..stupid writter…hey any one read the spoilers…shikar starts feelings for ishaani…im happy rv not married tat rithika…i think the fire accident also rithika planing …

  15. Omg..wowwww…..ishaani returns to ranveer mansion for rithika baby shower function..i think its promo seq..

  16. Hai friends , after watching yesterday’s episode I was in dilemma whether to be happy RV not married or to regret RV suppose to be a one woman ,man sharing his wife’s bed and blanket with a characterless woman.
    Even more disgusting that his own mother is encouraging it !!!!!!wow what a free spirited mother I must say. I have seen own husbands some time keep a distant from pregnant ladies and they will be staying with moms. Here comes great RV and his even greater mom.
    There are few great damage this show suppose to he a true love story is doing to our society’s common rules .
    Let me put it in youngsters language
    1. It is cool if you go parites & lust tour get pregnant . People like RV & Manas will marry !!!! Why to bother all the teachings parents have given . What is societies norms after all.
    2. There even cooler mom bless the son to sleep with such females .
    3. You share your wife’s bed with another female it is fun it is called true friend ship dude.
    Actually RV is product of the writer , what imagination you completely ruined the character of RV . Gone the real RV who was one woman man , lived for his love always stood bye her. Look at Ritika she got pregnant from one man straight sleeping on another mans bed without marriage.
    Be it any one self respect is very important .ishani is changing . I’m very happy she is turning out to be very bold. I love to see bold and beautiful woman.ishani you don’t need RV or Shikher . She can stand for her self.
    Girl take the stick and beat that Amba

    1. Nah it’s not like that,, RV is still in the hope that Ishani loved him,, his love is so pure that’s what he is so restless even after six months of Ishani’s seperation,, Ishani broke Rv’s heart into pieces when she said she cannot forget Chirag coz its her first love!!! Did u all forget that? And she said she hated RV so much and will always,, but has she ever said I love you to RV, nah rite? How many times he has asked her?so how can he take that a woman who never said I love you but says only hate him? All her words on tha day was so powerful,,
      When you guyz think Ishani has to move on even after hurting so badly the person who loved her since childhood but not RV who has received hurt only in return??
      What’s the use of hiding all her love and sacrifices and expect for him still run behind her?

  17. Shekar good advce yaar…im so excitd that ranveer has nt married the cheatr..rnveer ishaani is ishaani y did u do like ths so u hv 2 suffr it….RV y did u save ritithika…it so disgusting..i jst hted the precp

  18. are you mad rig? rv doesn’t deserve ishaani. he is an idiot

  19. Hey rv let ritika die..n wow great what kynd of gud values amba hav..she is alowing her son to sleep with a lady without mariage when she is prgnt with sm bastards child..n this amba didn’t let ishaani evn get cls to rv..even they were maried..sharman said ryt..ritika is a charactrles character..actualy wht these cvs wana show us that girls a lyk this?engaged with sm1 else,got prgnnt with sm1 else n maried to sm bakra typ sm1 else..there is nt even 1 % reality this dzn’t hapnd..n in reality no bakra type heros exist..n no 1 accepts such girls..n in this this child is also a part of ritika’s plan..she must be got prgnnt with her own wish so that she can separate rv n ishani..she got engaged to shrman n show herself close to rv delibrtly in frnt of sharman so that she can make him doubt on her n rv’s relatn..then she got prgnnt with chirag just before 2 days of her mariage..n at sangeet day she knew it that sharman ll surely cm aftr her due to illness she was showing off n thn she did hr drama of cnvncng sharman..she knew it that he ll brk mariage aftr knwing this..if she was truely wiling to mary sharman thn she must stayed silent aftr knw prgnncy..bcz staying silent at that time was much gud thn making ishani accept chirag murds n pushing her towards death..thn ol that chirags murdr scene created..if she is so true that she was nt abl to hide her prgnncy frm sharman hn hw she is hiding such a big truth that she killed of planed chirags murder n due to her ishani was about to hang

  20. She got prgnnt so that she can use her child as a trump without child rv shouldn’t accepted her..he accepts her just bcz of that trump card..

  21. N its looking lyk ritika is going to dlvr twins or triplets..

  22. Ritika sould die and ishveer should be 1 again….. love you ishani u r so brave…..

  23. Rosh you are on point,I just love you and your hit the nail right on the head and as for Amba the least said about her the better.

  24. Thanks hannah some it is impossible not get irritated with the writers . I used to like RV a lot see the damage they have done now!!!!!!!

  25. just shocked to see that Rittika is still not married to R.V. Are they are in Live-in Relationship? and Amba is allowing this?. Nowadays the character of R.V just kills me a lot, what has happened to him? how irritating he have became nowadays?

  26. its nyc that ishani has started to move forward in her life…..the character of rv is going down day by day…….and such is his irritating mother amba………ritika deserves some nice punishment for coming destroying these lthose lives….who knows whether she killed mr. jhaveri also???? ……..ur commments are nyc, rosh………i hope some nice twists come ahead…..the story is really irritating these days…

  27. What a mother!!! Agreed her family was wronged by the Parekh family…and she has her grudges against them….but whatever did poor Ishani do to her that she kept her away from RV. And now is allowing nay encouraging this relationship with Ritika…dint realise mothers get open-minded just coz there is money to make by sacrificing ur own child.

    And RV…beginning to lose the respect that this character once had. Ditch the in with another woman who is carrying someone else’s child…and just whine away…what rubbish!

    For all the bravery that Ishani has shown, she sure deserves someone that respects that.

  28. I don’t know why this most stupid serial is still going on ? Why is the author demeaning the delicate feeling” Love”?The most saddenindg aspect of the serial is it telecasts one of the most beautiful and haunting song!Seriously commenting -Director Sir be ashamed of yourself for telecasting such a nasty serial!learn from the directors of IPKKND serial season 1 as how to portray LOVE in its angelic form and not the way you have presented -adirty love saga! Kindly change this kind of theme. All the characters are simply blo*dy and nasty!

  29. I really feel pity for Ishaani,the story which started as one-sided love story of a male protagonist hd already transformed into story of a innocent unfortunate women.Right from the beginning she bore the tag of illegitimate,the only happiness in her life was his father,whereas, R.V was his only friend,,whom she could share her loneliness,then came Chirag,rather he was chosen by her mother and R.V out of his loyalty made her to fall for him, What could she do? as such even if she didn,t loved him, she could not go against her family? Then R.V’s disposal ,his revelation and the accusation against him,shattered her,then followed her father,s death.A women generally confides and trusts her husband,or fiance ,Ishani only did that was it her mistake? and then the deceit of Chirag, followed by R.V,s marriage,.The marriage never gave her happiess, Amba always called her illegimate,misbehaved with her,sometimes, her husband remained mum,even he mistreated her might be out of suspect or whatever? What I suspect did R.V ever paid respect to her? and what about Ishaani’s family? especially about her her mother? how could a mother left her daughter in the clutches of death? how she could blame about her daughter nature? only when she was responsible for bringing Chirag in her life? so,what you people think? Ishaani’s love is more than R.V becoz she was going to embrace death for securing her life, But when R.V was shot,and after he recieved the fake pics that Chirag he doubted her and by the urge of his parents thought that his love was going to cost his life.I swear he would have never taken such drastic step as Ishaani took.

  30. i only want to say that plssss do not make the serial boring and the best couple ever that is ishani and ranveer should shot out everything and remove this ritika from there life coz ishani is only and the only love,wife,world and everything of ranveer…

  31. Anitha I agree Ishani’ s love is greater than RV ‘s love. When RV insulted Ishani infront of every one she didn’t leave him. She is dump , but has a very good virtue . She is girl with a lot of humanity she knows how to keep her dignity even when you are in a relationship
    The tragedy is the great RV called her characterless & illigimate supporting & adoring his adulterous Ritika the so called best friend. What a double standard !!!!!
    It is Ishani’s aashiqui now , she is brainless at times, she has no commonsensce but She has a heart of GOLD. She only lived for others until today first for family then she foolishly almost got herself hanged for RV . He is happily sharing Ishani’s bed.blanket and even washroom with a characterless Ritika with mummy maids blessing.i can’t get over it,
    At this point Ishani’s love is defenitly greater than RV, she is becoming a very brave girl. Go live your life at it fullest let your RV desperately search for you.

  32. I completely agree with rosh.Hey rosh u r sayings r awesome

  33. Totally agree wid Rosh….RV character goin worse dy by dy….n Ishani’s ashiqui z juz awsm n smethin unique♥♥♥

  34. best one, rosh…….ishani deserves more respect than that rv…. he is acting like a brainless character nowadays….what to say about this sp called aashiqui which actually does not exist…. u r really nice ishaani…hats off to you for your love…….indeed, ishani has proved her love….

  35. ranveer aur ishani ko ek kar dijiye tb hi kuch acha hoga serial me ye lov story to dono ka hi hai to alag kyo dikhaya ja raha hai serial me ???

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