Code Red 28th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 28th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

18 April 2013, Patna Junction:
Two kids (a girl and a boy) are waiting for their train along with their grandparents. The kids jump excitedly as the train finally comes. They have come to receive their parents. Abhishek and his wife are nowhere to be seen so his father decides to check in the coach. The girl accompanies her grandfather inside. They find Abhishek and his wife dead inside on their berths (froth is coming out from their mouths).

Police questions Abhishek’s father. They had gone to Agra to attend a wedding. When was the last time you had a word with them? Abhishek’s father had spoken to his son yesterday night only. I had no idea that that would be the last time when I would be talking to my son. The kids try to wake their parents but in vain.

Sarvesh comes to receive Kabir at Patna Railway Station. He has already fixed appointments for Kabir regarding the case. I was scared what if someone loots you in the train. Two dead bodies were found yesterday. Even the police is not able to find any clue. Some new / different kind of crime is happening here these days. Kabir is intrigued now. He decides to look into the matter.

Abhishek’s House, Kripalghar, Patna:
Kabir comes to Abhishek’s house. He talks to his father about the incident but even Abhishek’s father has no clue. Everything was fine but is all ended abruptly.

A few weeks back:
The kids are not so happy as their parents are leaving them behind but their mother promises loads of gifts so they get happy.

Present: We went to receive them but we had no idea that it will be just their dead bodied instead of them. Police think it was for theft but I don’t find any sense in it. Please help me if you can. Kabir agrees to do everything that he can to help them.

Kripalghar Police Station, Patna:
Sarvesh and Kabir come to police station. Sarvesh leaves Kabir with Inspector Chauhan. The report is still not out but the cause of the death is drugs (poison Khurani). The criminal feeds that poison to people so he can steal away all the costly stuff. Kabir reasons that people only get unconscious after consuming that drug so how did they both die. Inspector explains that the one who eats the more quantity of the food laced with that drug will eventually die. Please write about this in your paper. He relates another case of a guy who took an overdose of drugs but survived. Meet him in the hospital to get more info. Kabir thanks him for his help.

Kabir is disturbed by the whole incident. Maybe the couple trusted a stranger. But this is actually wrong. The society is heading towards doom this way. People will lose faith from humanity. I will have to meet that victim in the hospital first. Sakshi too encourages him to follow the right path with all the right intentions.

Mental Check up (Clinic) Centre, Rajendra Nagar, Patna:
Doc tells Kabir that all the patients who are admitted here are in this condition because of the overdose of same drugs. They were all travelling. Patients often get psychologically ill. Most of them have lost their memory. Some are here since 3 years and even more. none of the patients recall their name or had any proof with which we could identify them. we are everything for them, plus Government takes care of their last rites.

Doc brings Kabir to that particular patient. It sometimes looks like he remembers something but then forgets everything. Kabir tries to talk to the guy, tries to make him recall his name but the guy holds his head as it starts paining. Kabir takes a pic of the guy before leaving from there.

Nayi Aawaz, Patna Branch Office:
Kabir tells his senior about the new case. His senior suggests him to hand over the second case (about that guy in mental hospital) to Sarvesh. I will find out more info about the other case (poison Khurani). You too should pursue the case.

Kabir is at the Railway Station. Kabir meets some people who had met random people in the train or at the station area who offered them something to eat. They all passed out after consuming the food and were looted of their valuables. A lady had even lost her son because of the drug.

Kabir writes an article on the issue. Criminals in train use lot many kinds of drugs like rohypnols, fortwin and many more. some drugs are colourless. Some drugs are used as anaesthesia in hospitals. These drugs are all the more dangerous for pregnant women. They are even sold without prescriptions at times. This particular poison, poison Khurani, is getting very famous these days. Criminals work in teams. These drugs are used not just in food but also in cigarettes and sprays too. they damage body and our nervous system. Such gangs are getting a stronghold in many cities of India nowadays but who will stop them? Someone, in fact everyone, will have to shoulder the responsibility, especially Railway Police in this case!

Railway D.I.G. Office
D.I.G. shares about what all steps they have taken to prevent such crimes from taking place. CCTVs have been installed; a new four-digit Helpline number is also activated to stop such activities. Kabir appreciates it but he also suggests a special awareness campaign by the Railways so people can get alert on their own. D.I.G. likes the idea.

Sarvesh finds Kabir all lost in thoughts. Kabir is thinking how come the criminals (of poison Khurani) are not caught when the crimes take place in trains and buses. There can be some record in trains atleast, if not bus, atleast in the reserved bogies. Kabir thinks of something and heads out.

Kabir takes the details of Abhishek’s travel itinerary (date and coach details) from Abhishek’s father. The kids come there arguing with each other. Kabir talks sweetly to Anuj and Surbhi. They show their exemplary grades to Kabir. Our parents had left us behind for these exams only. They go to keep their report cards next to their parents’ photo as it will make them happy. surbhi even comforts her grandmother not to cry as her parents are up in the sky only (as stars). Kabir gets a call so he has to leave.

Doc tells Kabir that the guy tried to tell his name to the ward boy when he had come to give him his lunch. He was all quiet by the time I came here. You should try once, maybe he will share something with you. Kabir sits down next to the guy. The guy speaks a bit with Kabir’s help. Kabir sums up his fumbling as Madhav hearing which the guy nods. Though he cannot recall where he was coming from or going to but he recalls the date when he was travelling (4th April). He nods his head hearing coach S4. Madhav recalls in bits – army, tea. Kabir links it. Did an army guy give you tea? Madhav nods.

Station Master Office:
Kabir thinks that maybe a single guy is behind both the incidents. If that is the case, then the same name will be in both the lists. Madhav sat in S4 bogie on 4th while Abhishek was in S7 bogie on 18th. I will have to check the complete list of both the respective dates to find my clue. Mr. Yadav (Station Master) hands him both the lists. Kabir finds a name Badri common in both the trains. His seat was near Madhav’s and Abhishek’s seat both the times. He is the man. The ID number in the license mentioned is also same. Kabir calls Sarvesh next. I am sending you a sms now. Please find out Badri’s details from the RTO office. Also send me a scanned pic of him. Sarvesh agrees. Mr. Yadav is watching Kabir keenly. Sarvesh calls back Kabir. I have sent the details to the RTO office but there is a problem. This man got his license made when he was 18 years old. He is 40 now. I am sending it to you now. Kabir informs Inspector Chauhan about the development.

Inspector reaches Badri’s house but it is locked. He enquires the neighbours but they tell him that Badri had sold this house to someone 10 years back only. He doesn’t live here anymore. Those who live here are not at home. They don’t have the address of the people who are presently staying here. Kabir gets to know about it too. Inspector still has a lead through which he can track down Badri. He will be caught very soon.

Badri’s House:
A couple is injecting drugs in various food items one by one. They don’t mind if anyone gets killed. They should only keep getting money somehow. Badri has chosen a different route this time – Patna Raipur route, as police is keeping tight security on Patna Agra route. His wife likes the idea. He guides her as to what to start with (as in offer others first and then choose the next option).

Railway D.I.G. Office:
D.I.G. still wants to confirm it if this man Badri is really the culprit. Kabir wants to see the CCTV footage of these 2 dates, especially of the time when the trains from Agra reach here. We will find our man. D.I.G. agrees to help. He calls CCTV Control Room to do the needful.

Inspector Chauhan is checking all the footages. He spots a man wearing army uniform and zooms in on the guy. He tells Kabir that they have found the man.

Raipur Express:
Badri and his wife are travelling in the train. He shares various fun stories with a family. Their kid too wants to be an army man. The train halts. Badri’s wife offers sweets first (as per the plan) but no one is in a mood for it. Badri calls a fruit seller (their accomplice, Nandan). He buys oranges and shares it with the couple. The kid doesn’t want it Badri lures him to eat so he gains strength to become an army officer. Kabir and Inspector Chauhan (with his team) hold his hand in time. Nandan tries to escape but he too gets caught.

Inspector Chauhan beats Badri. He asks for details of how he killed Abhishek and Sheetal. I boarded the Agra Patna train and became friends with the couple. I offered them halwa.

18th April 2013:
Badri is sharing stories of army life. Abhishek and Sheetal enjoy talking to him. Badri takes out the box of halwa and offers it to Abhishek and Sheetal too. My mother has made it especially for me. I would appreciate it if you eat a little and praise it. they take some initially but he eventually feeds it all to them.

Present: I used to mix drugs in the food. We used to disappear with all the luggage as soon as people used to lose their conscious.

Next day, Kabir goes to Abhishek’s house. He tells Abhishek’s father that the culprits have been arrested. I know it wont lessen your pain but it may give some peace to the soul of the departed. Kabir takes his leave.

The kids are being brought up by their grandparents. Badri has been sentenced for life imprisonment under section 392 (for theft), section 120B (for well thought out planning), section 304 (for wrong intentions of killing people), and section 170 for hiding his real identity and roaming around in the disguise of an army officer, of IPC. He has been ordered to pay a sum of Rs. 2 lakhs. Nandan too has been sentenced for life imprisonment under section 392 and section 120B of IPC. Meena has been sentenced to jail for a period of 10 years. We get a new hope by Badri’s arrest but in reality, this is not a thing to be too happy about. Only one Badri is in jail. There can be n number of people around us who are roaming around us with the bottle of poison Khurani in their hands. Only you can save yourself!

Sakshi says almost all of us or someone we know travel in public transport. We hope for their safe journey when they are travelling. But just think, what if their travel turns into something fearful? This fear is not natural but of the fact that one of our co-passengers can loot us and even go to the extent of killing us. Some 3k cases have come up in the last 3 years so it is important to be alert while travelling.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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