Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
ranvir gets baa’s call, and he says that he remembers her order. He cancels the call. ishaani reprimands him for being such a stone heart. they get in the car and drive off to the hotel.

Scene 2:
Location: Haveli
Baa continues with marriage preparations, being very hasr ahd not sparing the minutests of misdtakes on anyone’s part. devarsh and his cousin sister instigate prateik to face baa, and he blurts out that she is doing wrong with gauri, and that she just fell in love, and that he wont let her do this to them and that he would only marry the girl of his choice, ruchika. Baa gets angry and comes to slap him tight across the face. It jolts him to reality while he had been dreaming this all, and finds baa waiting for him to speak. Prateik changes his entire tone, and instead says that gauri was wrong and that they shall never fall in love. Prateik is reprimanded by devarsh as he comes outside. Baa comes and gives disha her favourite earrings and then gets the truth out from her, in her excitement, that ishaani helped gauri run away. Baa is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel room
gauri and pranav are tensed as to what they would do, now that baa knows veerything. Gauri suggetss that they should die together if not stay together. pranav says that he would do it, if she wants this. he picks up the petrol can, and is about to spray it on themselves, when a knock on the door, startles them.

Later, ishaani and ranvir come to the hotel, and find gauri’s room empty. ishaani presumes that ranvir must have told baa about them. ranvir says that he didnt tell baa anything. Ishaani mistakes it for the fact that he must have told baa about them and reprimnads him for doing this and says that she wont even forgive him ever for what he did. they rush out.

Scene 4:
Location: Haveli
Gauri is reprimanded by her mother asking how dare she do this. gauri defiantly says that she loves him, and that she wont spend life with anyone other than him. Baa says that this matter is now in her hands and if they want to die together, then so be it, and that she would facilitate it right now. she asks chanchal, to get a can of petrol rightaway. She complies. gauri’s mother comes to ask forgiveness from baa, but baa says that gauri is a grown woman and hence she has to live with the consequences of the descisiuons that she takes. ishaani tries to intervene but ranvir stops her. she is tensed. Chanchal, baa’s assistant comes back and gives the can to baa. All are shocked, as baa comes and throws petrol at Pranav, while gauri is apalled and distraught. Baa tells pranav that they cant kill him, and that this is a test of his own love and they shall see if he passes. She gives the matchstick to pranav, while gauri asks her to let pranav live. baa tells gauri to marry romen, and she would spare pranavc’s life. She is shocked. Finally, ishaani’s father comes and asks whats all this. He comes to baa and asks whats all this. Baa is tensed. He says that ranvir called and told him everything. Ishaani is apologetic that she reprimanded ranvir for nothing. Ishaani’s father tells baa, that his life is due to his love, and that he cant let love be defeated like this and wont let gauri have to be deprived of the love that she has with pranav. He says that he would handle roman and his family, and that gauri’s happiness is of utmost happiness to them. gauri says that she doesnt want to get married to pranav now. gauri says that she is tired fighting and running away for this love, and asks him to look at his condition. gauri says that even if she marries pranav, they wont be happy as she would always have to be running with him. Gauri says that she had already accepted her defeat, and just had a momentary weak lapse, when she saw pranav. she says that she wants to live a happy life, and for that she would marry according to baa’s wisehs and that she doesnt want to fight anymore, and asks pranav to leave. ishaani is tensed, while ranvir is boggled.

the next morning, all the girls are getting gauri ready for marriage and ishaani enters asking them to copme down soon. As she is about to leave, gauri asks if she wont help her get dressed today. ishaani comes inside with a tensed face. gauri is tensed finding her sad and sullen. Ishaani asks gauri why she took this stupid step. ishaani tells gauri that she didnt have the strength to fight for her love. she says that she had already won, but still came back. gauri is speechless. sishaani continues to reprimand her. gauri says that she has never loved hence saying this, and that she and pranav love each other and even if they had run away, baa would have found out and tried to destroy everything. ishaani says that she and her father were with them. gauri says that they cant be there every day. gauri says that due to her love, she is risking her love, so that pranav is able to live happily and that their relation wouldnt have had any future. gauri says that pranav would hate her now, but soon it would be healed and then he would settle in life. Ishaani says that she suffered so much and still alone. Ranvir hears this and overwhelmed with grief. ishaani and gauri cry their hearts out as they hug each other. ranvir calls out to gauri saying that baa is calling her downstairs. gauri and ishaani eye ranvir, as he smiles. gauri is taken away, by the other girls, leaving ishaani and ranvir. ranvir says that gauri definitely is a very good girl. She is emotional too. ranvir thinks that he saw a new side to love, that life should go on, for the person tyhat you love and sometimes you have to leave him for their happiness. while gauri stands silently, all around her are happy and cheerful. ishaani is sad too. the family receives the groom and his family.

Deavrsh, prateik, disha and ishaani are told by a collegemate about a particular guy, Chetan mehta’s party, which gets them all very excited, except ishaani. A disintersted ishaani’s eyes fall on ranvir, and they both are tensed for gauri. Ishaani is very emotional as she begins to talk about how hard love is. ranvir eyes her. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Baa is talking to chanchal, about his bahu, ishaani’s mother’s mind finally wandering off on other subjects like literature, from jewellery, and she is actually dwelling into quotations in the praise of her own husband.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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