Doli Armaanon Ki 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi is terribly upset with the family’s reaction to samrat, and says that everyone overreacted. rudra asks how can she trivialise this matter and her indifference towards samrat’s heinous crime. Shashi says that he did so in anger. rudra is furious at her stand. they enter into a verbal arguement, wherein shashi continues to side with samrat. Rudra asks why does she always get back atr urmi, when its due to her that she is still here in this house. shashi says that urmi isnt her enemy and only wants the house to run as always, and that respect should be preserved. she says that she remembers what urmi did for her, and she also agreed to urmi’s dance classes. Rudra says that he always wonders why she did so. Rudra thinks that he knows but cant express that shashi was behind this. rudra asks shashi point blank that she too was involved. shashi starts stuttering, and says that she doesnt know about any of this. Rudra continues to probe. shashi asks what does he mean. rudra asks how come samrat knew, when only urmi and she knew, and urmi didnt tell him about her dance classes. Shashi gets tensed. shashi asks him not to allege her unintentionally, and asks him not to become a detective. Rudra thinks that she cant change.

At the dining table, urmi is tensed that samrat didnt return yet. Tauji asks if she called samrat, when she says that she tried his number but he didnt pick up. Shashi asks her not to do any drama after disrespecting him so much. urmi says that what he did, demanded her anger but she is concerned. tauji says that she too does this. shashi says that she has never done this. tauji brands her as a liar, and then tries samrat’s number. He asks samrat to come back, and says that if he has had his dinner, and responds as if samrat said yes. tauji says that he is in a meeting and asks her to eat. urmi is tensed still.

Late at night, urmi is putting shaurya to sleep, while eyeing the door, where is samrat this late in the night. She is tensed. Shaurya goes off to sleep. Urmi tries samrat’s call but he doesnt pick up, and wonders where he is as its too late. She starts dosing off herself. Finally samrat arrives home drunk and dazed.
Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
The child is crying which frustrates granny and devi. asha and saroj go inside with the baby. devi says that gaurav would come soon and take the child back. Just then, the police come along with the child’s actual parents and say that they are searching for their child. Asha comes out just then and the lade identifies her as the same person who was around her baby. The lady comes and asks where’s her child, and when her child comes out with saroj, she hurriedly takes the child in her lap. she asks asha why did she steal her child. Devi tries to clarify about asha’s mistake. the police refuses to believe it. Gaurav comes, and is surprised and asks whats happening. the police identifies him as asha’s husband and tell himabout asha’s deed. The lady taunts gaurav to be impotent hence asha resorted to stealing a child. devi tries to clarify while gaurav is frustrated. the police asks them all to go to the police station. the priest vouches for the family and its resputation. gaurav apologises on asha’s behalf, and requests them to take back their complaint. all plead with folded hands, and the couple agrees. gaurav thanks them. the police leaves. gaurav eyes asha angrily.

As gaurav comes to his room, tensedly, asha asks if he’s searching for anything as he tensedly surfs around things. asha says that she understands that he is angry and that she did it out of helplessness, and explains why she did so on granny’s demand. gaurav is frustrated. she clarifies why she stole the child at the temple. gaurav is shocked at her stupidity. asha says that granny had threatened her to throw her out of the house. She asks him to help her get a child. he starts smiling and says that a child is the symbol of a couple’s love, and tries to make her understand indirectly how a child is conceived. asha says that she knows that he doesnt love her, hence they dont have a child. He is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As samrat comes to his room extremely drunk, late in the night, he finds urmi asleep. he looks angrily at her. He walks upto the bed and takes off shaurya from the bed, an d carries him in his arms and walks out, down the stairs. she turns around in hr sleep and finds shaurya gone. Samrat places shaurya on another bed in another room, and leaves. urmi is about to go out of the room, looking for shaurya, when samrat comes in. urmi comes to him, and referring to him with the same respect that she used to, asks him if he’s okay as he got back very late. He closes the door eyeing her sternly. Urmi talks to him about shaurya’s absense from the bed. After having bolted it, he eyes her sternly. she asks whats the matter and if anything has happened. He moves to her, while she retreats back. he takes off his belt with a jerk, and rolls it around his hand, while she is quizzical. urmi asks samrat whats he doing, as her eyes refuse to believ whats about to happen to her. samrat continues to hit her hard with the belt, while she screams in horror. She continues to scream, while he beats her mercilessly.

As urmi lies, blood soaked, and in a semi-conscious state, samrat opens the door, and says that now they are even. Samrat tells urmi that she had forgotten her status, and that a wife is always at husband’s feet, and she had forgotten it, and that she should know that wives never speak but only listen. He says that now she would understand whats a husband. Samrat walks out and closes the door on her face, and bolts it. The screen freezes on urmi’s unconscious state.

Precap: As the door opens the next day, all are apalled to find urmi in such a state. As they sprinkle water on her, to get her to consciousness again, she wakes up in horror, screaming still recounting the nightmares and in a state of shock, continues to rant about samrat not hitting her. All are apalled and heart-wrenched at seeing urmi in such a psychological traumatic state. Later, while urmi sits dazed in her room, tauji asks urmi not to ignore this and definitely take a step against the injustice and torture. urmi sits stunned into silence.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I wonder why nobody came to rescue Urmi despite her screaming that early morning?

  2. This story seem to have been written by a lousy writer!

  3. this is stupid
    realy stupid
    now i wil stop watching it

  4. No this is à Good épisode ! After that Urmi will. Send Samrath to jail!

  5. I cannot believe that the writer chose to write this stupid episode the rating will begin falling soon

  6. Maybe this show is showing how you cannot change a person unless they themselves want to change, especially an abusive person. Most of these dramas always have some messed up man, and the woman changes him. But this show is showing indirectly the negatives of arranged marriages, which most drama shows promote. I hope that Urmi takes this guy to court and leaves him, and this should be the end of the show. If they do this it will be good, showing how women don’t have to stand for shit. And fyi Urmi instead of getting dance lessons you should’ve gotten martial arts and self defense classes, that way when this man tried to hit you, you could’ve beat the f*** out of him, all of his pride would go out the window.

  7. Trisha needs to come back and help urmi, garjan and rudra do for samrat and shashi.

  8. After watching this episode my mind is disturbed Iam eagerly waiting for Mondays episode when that Samrat goes to jail.I hate that samrat.Trisha shld come back and hit him in the same belt.
    And from the beginning of episode no one in family members like kanchan,rudra,divakar and urmi’s family members especially her dadi and dad is taking no action on samrat inspite of his continous mental harassement towards urmi nd now its turned into physical abuse. TOLERATING INJUSTICE IS THE BIGGEST CRIME.Only Trisha openly opposed samrat. And Tauji who is supporting urmi nd guiding her in right path.

    1. The actress who play trisha is pregnant that’s why production had to change the story

  9. After this urmi shld divorce samrat nd rudra shld throw out samrat from the house.
    If serial writers going to make urmi to stay with that samrat,I stop watching this serial.

  10. Seriously its time i stop watching this stupid soap,when will urmi stand for herself,we are in 21st century yoo no woman can be tourted like that

  11. I hate you samrat,even in real life u look so evil

  12. It sound like the writer of this soap is like Samrat himself?

  13. i started to wonder the same thing….he’s now promoting physical abuse first am seeing something like this in an indian serials and am really piss

  14. Omg this has left me seriously disturbed

  15. And after sending Samrat to jail, Urmi should take the little boy her son and leave the house (for it will take a miracle to change Samrat’s character; his mind is already set on how & what a woman should be), then proceed to file for divorce.

    I’m still trying to understand what message this series is supposed to pass on to the public/viewers??!!

  16. Ratings won’t drop as this episode many women can relate!! This is a serious issue as to this day many women still faces abuse weather be it physically mentally or emotionally… It’s all too real infant I applaud the writer for dwelling on this topic!! Wake up ppl. Abuse is abuse

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