Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani wakes up and finds flowers all around in her room. She gets very happy. She finds a gift from Chirag and a note in which he tells her to say her wish. Ishaani remembers her telling Ranveer that she wants a very simple marriage and wonders where he’s. She asks a wish for Ranveer that all his problems get solved and everything becomes like before. She finds another card from Chirag in which he’s written romantic lines. Falguni comes in and gets surprised seeing flowers. She tells Ishaani she always wanted a husband like Harshad, but Chirag is a step ahead in romance. Ishaani blushes. She gets a call from Chirag. Falguni puts it on speaker. Chirag says her rhymes are bad in poems, but words come from his heart and reach to heart. Falguni tells him he can’t talk to Ishaani before engagement as it’s bad omen. She tells him to talk to her in evening now. He says ok. Falguni tells Ishaani to get ready now.

Devarsh and Pratik are preparing a surprise for Ishaani. Ruchika comes there and Pratik gets all excited. Ruchika talks to Disha and says Ishaani is so lucky, she’s marrying the most wanted bachelor in the town. Disha doesn’t like it but gives fake smile. Ruchika goes on that in wedding and all functions, everyone will say Chirag rejected Disha and marrying Ishaani. She asks Disha whether she doesn’t feel bad. Disha says she doesn’t care and you never know when time changes. Ruchika gets confused. Disha says meaning you new know when you face loss in business. Ruchika says still he’s studied in USA, he will find a job in top company easily. She asks Disha to go to parlor with her, but Disha refuses. She thinks that she never thought about it. If chirag will be sort of money, then Harshad is always there and Ishaani will always be happy. She decides to stop this marriage somehow. She asks her brothers about Ranveer, but they say they didn’t see him since morning.

Ranveer is all tied up and he’s unable to do anything.

Ishaani continues searching for him. She goes to his house and asks Amba about him. Amba says she doesn’t know and even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell. She wants him to stay away from this family who always wants to hurt him. She further tells Ishaani, she doesn’t know what he goes through to bring a smile on her face. Ishaani says it’s not like that, her and Harshad always take Ranveer as their own. Amba tells her she has work and she must have her engagement work too which is more important than finding Ranveer. ishaani says, ranveer also has same importance. She then leaves.

Ranveer imagines Ishaani coming to him crying and freeing him. He tells her he loves her since he saw her first time and requests her not to marry Chirag. He is not good. He never expected love in return of love, but he wants her to be happy and to be with a good guy. He soon realizes he’s still tied and it was just his imagination.

A jeweler comes and gives Chitali same bangle as the one which Ishaani got from Chirag’s mum. She gets shocked seeing bill of only 5000. The jeweler informs her it was fake gold. In fact, they have no real gold. Lord idol in janmasthmi was also fake gold. Chaitali gets confused.

Ishaani is very upset as he can’t find Ranveer. Chirag messages her and tells her he’s going to get ready and he hopes she’s also getting ready. He can’t wait for the evening. Ishaani smiles, but again thinks about Ranveer. She goes near room where Ranveer is and calls him. Ranveer is down with chair. He tries to reach his phone, but is unable to. Ishaani says in message that they always fight, but they are always there when they need each other. This is such an important day of her life and he’s away. She wants him to stand beside her in engagement, hold her hand, and tell her everything will be alright. She gets very nervous without him. She hangs the phone and proceeds towards the store room. Ranveer hopes she opens and sees him.

Precap: Baa tells Chanchal that Ranveer shouldn’t run away. She doesn’t want him to spoil her plan of showing real worth of Falguni and Ishaani to them. Disha hears it.

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