Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharman says that a married man told him every woman get dominating after wedding. Chaitali asks Ritesh if she got dominating. Ritesh denies that. Sharman says his papa isn’t even able to tell a truth. Chaitali tells Sharman that she has set a date with a girl, she will wear a white dress and he must also wear a white dress.
The wedding planner talks to baa that she is here and is ready to meet Ishaani. Sharman comes to the lawn, and thinks this is the girl. He speaks to the girl, she thinks it is Ranveer and tries to discuss with him that he must look at everything himself. Sharman says he wants a simple and sober wedding. The girl says weddings must not be simple. Sharman says he already had someone else in his life, if she has a problem with this. The girl says why she would

be concerned about it. Sharman asks is she still ready to marry him. The girl gets angry and asks why would she marry him at all? She is a wedding planner and has come to meet the groom here. RV comes there, Sharman laughs and says there was a wrong number. He introduces himself as the brother of bride. The planner goes to speak on phone. Ranveer wonders if he will be able to marry or not. Ishaani comes there with an angry face, Sharman asks RV to go and speak to her. RV takes Ishaani aside, she was angry but he insists and kneels down, holds her hand and says he loves her a lot, he has loved her since he was nine years of age. Now he wants to live with her in all her lives, will she marry him now? Ishaani says yes she will, she makes him stand and says he is such a drama. She knows everything about him, and wants to know something that she doesn’t know. RV says he has been brought up in front of her, she knows it all. Ishaani says she wants to know about his life before he was nine years, about his village and who was there. Ranveer gets serious and tries to change the topic. Ishaani says she has decided to go to her village after the wedding. RV says there is nothing in the village like that. He gets Manas call and leave for office telling her to handle the planner. Ishaani wonders if Ranveer is hiding something from her about the village or if she is overthinking.
In the office Manas was tensed, RV asks why he came to office today but Manas tells RV that their 5 crore diamonds have got stolen. He says either Manas or RV has the keys to the locker and it was his responsibility. RV tells Manas not to take this personally, worrying will get them nothing. Their diamonds are insured, let polive and insurance company handle the problem. He tells him to go home, they will solve the matter after the function tonight.
In the function, Ranveer and Ishaani enjoy with the family. Sharman keeps on staring at the planner. Manas and Parul’s rituals are also performed by Baa. Amba gives the ring to Ranveer, Chaitali plays with Ranveer’s dragging Ishaani’s hand behind. Ranveer puts in the ring. Ishaani puts in ring into Ranveer’s hand. Ranveer also drags his hand, both laugh playfully. Parul and Manas’s engagement also takes place. Chaitali says that now her Sharman is left only. They all hug each other.
RV notices security guard had stopped Mr. Shah outside. The guards took him outside and asked him to speak here, Mr. Shah says he needs to speak to RV. The guards say a function is going on. RV comes out, Mr. Shah says it is good he came here, his guard has been misbehaving. RV was strict and tells him he asked them to stop him out. He asks Mr. Shah why he has come here. Mr. Shah asks RV that there was a deal between them that he would let him sell the diamonds before informing police. Now how he will sell the diamonds in the market that he had sold him in black. RV was shocked to hear this.

PRECAP: A man stood at the door during function thinking that Ranveer Vaghela! Your past stands at your door, whatever happened in the village is haunting him here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was nice.. Ishaani was looking awesome today..
    hope RVs past will bring some twist in the show.. precap interesting… waiting for a good episode..

    1. Agree with u suga

  2. I guess ashiqui will be seen now.. Ranveer in multiple disorder a challenging role to shakti to impress viewers n Ishaani trying to get him proper wow no problem if this is been dragged just wanna c those 2 lead together!!

  3. Plz anyone explain the precap….

  4. chumma avishamillatha kure twist.. kadha boring avunnundo..

    1. Ur correct ekru

    2. yess..ekta nde shw ale apo ingane twist vannondirikum 🙂

  5. Hahaheheh fans guess was rite… we rock.. waiting for tmrw epi… 😮

  6. ennama neenga ipdi panreengalemaa…. this is like javvvvvuuuu mitttaaaai

  7. Hey does anyone know what’s going on

  8. Nice. Waiting for tommorow episode

  9. wat ranveer past any one clear the concept

  10. Ishveer d precap iz dt during d function a man comes at rvs house n iz standing at d door n says rv vahela !!!! Ur past is standing at ur door n whatever happened in d past u hv 2 pay 4 dt…….

  11. I don’t like this new story about ranveers past and his medical disorder.thats not good per the promo they will show ranveers split personality and he will try to molest one girl and Ishani will see this I don’t know this promo is true or not but if they show this it will harm ranveers character and personality.they can show anything but if he tries to molest girl that’s really bad.i think there is no duplicate of ranveer but it’s his medical disorder so he behaves like that.i don’t find it interesting.

  12. Ranveer already knows about his disorder and wants to hide from Ishani ?i thought only Amba and Kailas know this .hope they show everything a better way without spoiling any character specially ranveers.

  13. Some says its ranveers twin bro or duplicate but how come it’s possible?then why that person was warning to Kailas?whats the secret then?they already showed that ranveers had headache and his father was worried due to his pain that means they are going to show us medical disorder .and what he has done in village that his father was scared.he was just nine year old child when he left village.and ranveer also doesn’t want to tell Ishani about his past.that means he already knows that he has some mental disorder?or any other problem?its not clear yet.

  14. Mujhe lagta hai rajAt ka character bhi past se he aaya h
    Wo kuch pyar khone k baare mein baat kar bhi raha tha

  15. The story is going haywire and have lost interest in watching this serial. Its boring and crap now. Shakti is wasting is time in this serial and will lose his charisma if he does not opt out of this serial. Radhika Madan is ok ok. Not much of interest. Her mood swings keep on changing every now n then. Absolute boring character.

  16. Can anyone tell me the song which played in the background during the gordhaana function??

  17. Manas and Disha were married they have not taken divorce bec she left him and now Manas Parul are getting married then after sometime Disha will creat problem.this way they can drag the serial very well.

  18. Poor story. ….They are dragging this serial by creating non sense problems….enna koduma sir idhu…

  19. Manas ka negative role hai. wahi rv ko kuch kar rha hai. Shayd koi medicine dekar. Like movie bol radha bol

    1. Mujhe bhi yahi thora bahut lag raha hai rahul

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