Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Goon’s hideout and bhao’s residence
survi and kartik are shocked to see each other. he tries to open the door but in unable to. survi fumbles about her father, while kartik is angry that her father betrayed bhao, who had helped him earn name and respect in the loaclity. She tells him that its the police. kartik is shocked. Survi explains and tells everything about the blackmail. he realises that bhao’s life is in danger, as the police is in the chawl. He tries to scream for help, but his voice is doused in the loud Ganeshtsav. he notiecs an inspector guarding their room from the outside. he gets an idea and explains it to survi. she understands, while outside, srikant leads the police to Bhao’s residence stealthily. Survi isnt comfortable with the plan, and says that there’s risk involved and he might get killed, as they asre young and they are far more experienced than them. But she is unconvinced, while he keeps saying that he can tackle them well. They enter into a verbal spat, and then he asks her to stay away, while he starts spilling water on the floor. the inspector from outside assumes that he is pissing and this irritates him. Kartik says that he couldnt control anymore. This angers the inspector, who is further instigated by kartik, who says that he has his mobile with him, which he can use to alert bhao about their plan. instigated, he enters inside with a gun, while kartik creeps from behind with a log of wood and hits the inspector. Meanwhile, kartik and survi come out, after he manages to overpower the goon’s men and escape.

Meanwhile, Srikant is ushered inside by bhao’s men, along with the police. A sudden gunshot alrams them all. The man who kartik had hit, comes out and holds them both at gunpoint. they freeze in the outer room too. he then places the gun on kartik’s head and threatens to kill him. survi points out that she had told him not to be extra smart. he is scared and asks her to plead the man to not kill him, as she is young and innocent, and her sweet pleads would stop him from killing kartik. She starts crying. the police comes again and then asks kartik what he did, that made her cry. she says that she cant bear this all. Kartik asks her to continue crying, while she says that she isnt acting. the police gets concerned for her, and asks her to quiten down, as he wont do anything to kartik and wont fire. He says that he didnt come to kill anyone here. kartik is relieved and starts bantering. kartik is shut by the man. the police says that they have come here to capture bhao, as they are after him for the past six months, as all the time his men, come and save him. he says that once bhao is in the police car, they would be allowed to go scot free too. Kartik is tensed.

Downmstairs, the people gather around Bhao’s residence, ready to kill for him. the inspector points a revolver at his head and ask the bhao to go out and tell everyone that all is okay. Bhao gets up resignedly and then angrily eyes srikant, who stands having betrayed him. he walks out, and the screaming crowds ask about the gunshot, and ask if there’s any problem. Bhao tells them that it was just a misfire, and asks them to get back to their work. they all disperse. he comes inside, glares at srikant again, and then walks off. Tai is super angry at srikant, asking how could he betray them like this, particularly after how bhao helped them, and disgraces him as a human. Srikant says that he was helpless. tai shuts him up, and says that he wont last long, as the police would be gone as its just a case of a couple of days. srikant interrupts the police inspector who reports the same to his boss over the phone, saying that they have it all under control. srikant points out how tai is threatening him. he says that thats natural, but he neednt be scared as he shall be protected. She angrily glares at them saying that she would ruin srikant, the day she catches him off guartd. the inspector comes and asks her to sit down. she complies. He asks her to go inside and get a wedding, or a function saree, as bhao’s palenquin would move out today. All are shocked. The police comes out with bhao dressed in the saree to act as a disguise, shocking the ladies. the inspector says that he also values his life, and hence he would go quietly with them without causing a stir. tai tells hm that he shall be able to take bhao from here, but what about after that, when his men come and nab him, at one call from her. the police comes and againasks her if she thinks that they are stupid, as they are nabbing him in his den. he threatens her that if any trouble is caused, then they would be killed but only after they finish bhao. Tai and the children are shocked. He asks tai to remain shut for her benefit. he then turns to bhao and asks him to go. One of the children, Aniket rushes the other end, unable to take it anymore. The inspector in a bid to stop him, fires a bullet in his leg, to cut him short. he screams in pain, while tai rushes to him. bhao is enraged. Hearing the gunshot, the crowds get concerned once again. This alarms the police taking care of kartik and survi. kartik asks whats the matter and asks him to go and check out. He asks kartik not to tell whats to be done. kartik asks him to call atleast and confirm if everything is okay, as the inspector himself seems tensed. he says that he cant as its per orders. kartik asks him to call and find out. She asks him not to be tensed, while kartik completely goes berserk. frustrated, the inspector asks him to shut down, as his boss shall handle everything. Kartik hits and pushes him away and takes this chance to escape with survi. He rushes out to find the crowd gathered on the road. he takes a side turn and enters the house.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Bhao rushes to that fellow, and angrily tries to gag him, for hitting his child. A scuffle breaks out in bhao’s residence. Bhao picks up the revolver, and loads it, but just then, another of the goon’s man shoots him point blank in his head from behind. He staggers on the ground. tai screams out in horror. Srikant is shocked. Survi and kartik enter in just then, and are shocked and apalled to see the dead body. lata and the rest of the family members are in despair. kartik rushes to him. Its an intense scene of grieving that follows. tai rushes to bhao and asks him to wake up. The children are apalled, while srikant and the police inmspector stand shocked. Kartik is stunned. crowds throng outside with weapons, enraged and ready to kill for bhao. She starts screaming that they killed the bhao. Finally the crowds break in and collect around. The police is worried, while kartik, survi and srikant are tensed. the police warns them that they shall kill anyone who tries to move ahead. but Bhao’s devout followers say that they shall kill everyone. The police asks them to calm down, as with bhao’s end, bhao’s rein ends too. tai screams out asking if the crowd shall be cowered down due to this simple threat, and forget their devotion to their bhao. She screams that bhao may have gone, but they need to avenge his death, that happened due to the police, and particularly torture srikant so badly till death, that noone thinks about betrayal of a friend ever again. she tells that this was all srikant’s fault, and asks if he is satisfied now, just to get over the debt that he owed them, he killed bhao. She asks kartik to look what his Srikant uncle did. Kartik angrily glares at srikant and survi. he lets go of survi’s hand that he had held so firmly earlier. the polkcie asks her to shut up now. She asks him not to scare him with revolvers, and then instigates the crowd to kill the inspector and srikant too. the crowd starts to get enraged with the throes of revenge. the police warns them not to even think of touching srikant or else all shall be killed. the inspector drives them all off, who are scared of death. tai breaks down into grieving beside bhao’s dead body. the inspector asks a constable to send for an ambulance to send the body for autopsy. he then dials his boss to update him.

An enraged Kartik grabs srikant, and asks how could he do this. Survi tries to calm him down, saying that srikant isnt at fault, but he is furious and in a rage. Srikant tries to explain why he did what he did, as it was just to catch bhao, and not kill him. But kartik doesnt listen. kartik says that due to him, he became an orphan once again today. he says that he made the entire chawl cry, and hence he would have to shed tears too. Srikant stands apalled, while survi eyes them distraught and in despair. kartik is held by the inspector asking him if he is threatening srikant in front of the police, and then tells that he shall train him nicely to become bhao. The constable nabs kartik and take him away while he tells srikant that he wont be happy, after what he did for bhao, and that he shall be punished. Lata is shocked. Survi clutches at srikant. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Amidst heavy rainfall, survi and srikant are captued by tai’s men, while they confront each other. survi begs her to let go of srikant, as he wasnt at fault. Tai says that she grants her wish and wouldnt kill him, but what of the loss that she bore, and asks how would they repay that. tai tells that if not a life for a life, then maybe a leg for a leg. She says that what pain she is feeling right not for her son, she wants her father to feel the same pain for her too, and begins to cut off survi’s leg, while she stands apalled. Srikant screams out, while the sword gives a blow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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